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10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards)

Relaxing on the beach and getting tan while listening to a piece of nice comforting music is a great feeling but riding a wave (bodyboarding) is a whole new level of experience. Not many people can ride a full-size surfboard, but bodyboard can be a compatible option to consider. A bodyboard or a boogie board can make you glide on a wave-like pro in no time at all. We are here to assist you in having a great time at the beach and for that, we have created this guide for best bodyboards that you can find on the market.

These bodyboard reviews will help you out in finding the best product that will fulfill your needs on the beach.

How Have We Chosen Our 10 Best Bodyboards?

We have developed this bodyboard review for you after discussing various factors with the customers who have liked these bodyboards that we mention in our article. We have also interviews with different product experts who understand bodyboards and their functionalities. Moreover, we have also used our online surveys to collect additional information on this topic and provide you with a clear picture.

Overall, to compile this post we have spent over 72 hours in data collection and processing it to create useful information for your convenience to enable you to make the right decision when it comes to buying the best bodyboard for yourself or your friends.  In addition to online surveys and interviews, we also went through approximately 300 customer reviews to examine and assess the views of real users to provide you with maximum reliable information.

All the entries of our list of best bodyboards not only come with their unique brand identity but also have a huge fan base to back it up. In simple words, this article is enough for you to reach a conclusion and based on that you can make a correct buying decision. We are mentioning it not to brag about anything but doing so to clarify what we do to deliver all this authentic information in a concise manner for your convenience.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Bodyboards

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Note: Please use these as a reference only. Features & specifications are subject to change without any notice. Thanks

Top 10 Best Bodyboards Reviews

Below 10 bodyboards are selected according to the key features, prices, benefits, and other useful Considerations.

1. Thurso Surf 42” Lightweight Bodyboard PE Core IXPE

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 1

The 42-inch lightweight bodyboard from Thurso Surf has used PE core foam in its manufacturing. It comes with a slick bottom and double swivel leash and a luxury bodyboard bag. The company has designed it to provide you with outstanding maneuverability at excellent speeds on waves.

Furthermore, it delivers maximum glide and stability for you to have plenty of fun on waters. It is the best bodyboard in the world due to its functionality and price.

Why do we recommend it?

We recommend it because the board has a rigid PE core together with a couple of FRP stringers which makes the board very light and enables it to glide freely on water.

The manufacturer has heat laminated the bottom of the board to make it very responsive when it comes to speed and stiffness. The price of this board is very economical and due to the high-quality materials used in the making, it will provide you with tons of fun for many years to come.

Features & benefits

  • It has a high a durable IXPE deck that measures 4mm in thickness. It also has heated lamination which gives you a cushioned experience and it also reduces any delaminating risks.
  • The company has designed with a specific emphasis on stability to provide you with maximum glide and easy riding. The board will not only perform well on waves but it will continue delivering the same performance for a long time to come.
  • A rigid PE core foam of this board coupled with double FRP stringers makes this board very buoyant and light on water.
  • The slick bottom of this board is heat laminated and is made of high-density polyethylene makes it extremely responsive and stiff.
  • The length of the Thurso Surfboard is 42-inch while its widest point is 21.5-inch wide. The width of the tail is 17-inch and the width of the nose is 12-inch and the thickness of the board is 2 1/8-inch. Both upper and lower surfaces of the Thurso Surf are heat laminated making it a highly durable bodyboard and with slick dimensions, the board is very easy to carry and store too.


  • Durable IXPE deck provides you with a cushioned experience while you ride the board
  • Stability is the primary focus
  • Heat lamination increases the performance and durability of this board
  • Made of rigid PE core foam, featuring double FRP stringers enhances the board’s buoyancy and makes it lightweight
  • Slick dimensions make the board easy to carry and store


  • Not your ideal option for doing those tricks that you love to do on waves
  • Pulling the leashes harshly will damage the board
  • Not as light as PP foam but still pretty light


Overall, this is the best bodyboard that you can find in this price range on the market. Thurso Surf is not only a durable product but it also performs great. Extremely light in weight, the bodyboard is entirely heated laminated and has very slick dimensions.

2. Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 2

The bodyboard from Bo-Toys is very lightweight and it boasts an EPS core and comes at an unbeatable price. It has the capability of high speeds with full balance and control and is best suited for small waves.

Additionally, it features a leach enabling you to maneuver it with ease at all times. It is one of the best bodyboards under 100.

Why do we recommend it?

The Bo-Toys has made the bodyboard with lightweight EPS core and treated with heat lamination technology due to which the board has a high-level impact strength and durability making it very lightweight and exceptionally rigid.

In addition to that, the board also provides the user with increased speeds and maneuverability. It is one of the most durable products that you will find in this price range due to its high-density polyethylene. The bottom of the board is very slick and it has a crescent tail. If you have budget constraint then we highly recommend this product to you.

Features & benefits

  • The board is treated with heat lamination technology which not only improves the strength and longevity of the product but it also improves the performance of the board.
  • It has a durable construction with its high-density polyethylene and can stand the test of time without showing any signs of wearing out.
  • The board is resistant to water and gives a compact feel which is great in almost all types of wave conditions.
  • It is equipped with 60/40 rails which work well when we talk about balance and maneuverability making the board good for performing any tricks.
  • It is available in different color schemes and sizes to suit the preferences of different people and their body types.
  • The board is also equipped with a high-quality leash along with a wristband enabling you to keep the board nearby in the water if in case you fall off it.


  • Heat lamination technology increases the longevity and strength along with its on-wave performance
  • High-density polyethylene durable construction continues for a long time in all types of wave conditions
  • The 60/40 rails improve stability and balance and you can perform plenty of tricks with it
  • A top quality leash with a wristband is placed in the right position to keep your board in access at all times
  • The price is extremely affordable and you get to choose from three different colors and two different sizes.


  • Not suitable for people weighing over 100lbs
  • Despite being heat laminated, the board tens to scratch pretty easily
  • Not very durable as compared to some comparatively high priced products


If you are looking for low prices bodyboard then you should opt for this one but the downside is it won’t be as durable as expensive products. If you don’t visit the beach that much then Bo-Toys bodyboard will turn out to be a great buy.

3. Wave Rebel Oxygen Bodyboard

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 3

The Oxygen bodyboard from Wave Rebel is one of the high-quality products that you will find on the market. It has 42-inch length and is best suited for people who have plenty of experience on waves. This heavy-duty board can handle bulky persons well because it has a sturdy construction. It is the best bodyboard for bug guys.

Why do we recommend it?

The Oxygen bodyboard is available in two different colors: white and blue. The company has made it for advanced surfers who like to do all types of tricks in the waves. It boasts a XEPE deck coupled with EPS core and single FRP stringer. You will also find Pro Slick channels at the bottom of this board.

Oxygen bodyboard comes with a straight fabric leash. The boogie board is very sturdy and it can conveniently take the weight of bulky people. The bottom surface of the board is treated with the latest technologies to provide you with superior glide on the wave.

Features & benefits

  • The board comes with a XEPE deck and EPS core which makes the item durable and extremely lightweight.
  • It also features Pro-Slick bottom with channels that turn out to be very handy in improving the performance of the board.
  • Oxygen board from Wave rebel comes with a straight fabric leash to keep it tied up with you in case you fall off from it during riding.
  • Its wide point is 21 and a half inch wide while the width of the tail is 17-inch. The width of the tail is 12-inch and thickness is 5.4cm. This means that the manufacturer has not built it for high speed. However, it does a great job when we talk about maneuverability, balance, and stability.
  • It has a sturdy construction which makes it an ideal option for people over 190lbs and height of 5.5-foot and above.


  • EPS core and XEPE deck contribute significantly to making Oxygen bodyboard lightweight and durable
  • Pro-Slick bottom with channels improve the wave performance of the board and improves its glide
  • Straight fabric leash keeps the board near you
  • Its sturdy construction and slick design does not help much when it comes to speed but it does wonders in terms of stability and maneuvering
  • It can easily bear the weight of bulky people and the weight of the individual on it does not affect the glide of the board


  • Not the right board for lightweight people
  • Does not work if you are looking for high speeds on waves
  • Oxygen has not designed their bodyboards for the beginners and thus only suits the experienced surfers.


It has a robust construction and with that, the Oxygen bodyboard does perform well even if a heavier person is on it. This bodyboard is ready for experienced surfers and it provides them with maximum stability and control over the board.

4. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 4

California Board Company caught our eye with the amazing design. On further testing it out, we found the product to be very little over the budget but a highly convenient purchase. Our experience has allowed it to be on the list today.

Why do we recommend it?

The California board is a vibrant piece to help you with the leisure of bodyboarding. The deck is molded to fit body with ease and comfort. The comfort and grip of this board are customs made for people that would want a more controlled fit for their bodyboard.

Users will love the vibrant colors that the company has to offer. The waterproof core will give the customers a longer life with the product and will satisfy them with their purchase.  The California board may seem to be a little more expensive than the others, but it remains outstanding with the several features.

Features & benefits

  • Users will find the deck of this body boarded molded to fit their body type. The benefit of this feature is that they can easily fit in their body in the designed space and have more control the water while sporting.
  • The design also includes the tail of the body board to be crescent-shaped. This feature will benefit the user to fit their body for more control when the wave pressure is fierce and is ready to take the athlete away from the shore.
  • The material of this body board is high-density Polyethylene gives the users a fair advantage of faster speed and a smooth ride. This material is also known to be hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for anybody who is sensitive too.
  • The board comes with a wrist leash as well which you will benefit from by not having to search around for it separately. The high-quality coil leash will ensure that the board stays with the user at all times. The dual swivel option will allow the leash to move in any direction without having to tangle.


  • A wrist leash comes in the pack which is hard to tangle
  • The polyethylene material allows users to enjoy the fast speed and is hypoallergenic
  • Users can get full control and fit their body to the tail.
  • Body mold is made in the design which ensures that users can fit their body without slipping
  • The core is waterproof which increases the durability of the item


  • There is no bag available to carry it along with the bodyboard
  • There are no handgrips for beginners
  • The weight is only for up to 130 pounds


The California board company has made a body board that may sound very expensive, but it is worth every penny. Each feature that it has brings out many benefits to the users. Ignoring a few little cons, this product turns out to be a very intelligent purchase because of its many features.

5. Morey Big Kahuna Bodyboard

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 5

Morey is a well-known brand with many models in body boards. Each one of them seems to be better than the others. Even though it was expensive, we decided to test it out and found the most amazing results.

Why do we recommend it?

The Morey Mach 10 is one of the boards that we highly suggest because of their features. The board comes in various vibrant colors which make them fun and useful at the same time.

The top and bottom skin are made with high precision which is made to ensure that users can get the best ride on the water and surf the waves with glory. The design is also custom made to ensure that body types can fit into it along with full control of the user. The prices seem to touch the roof but they are worth it!

Features & benefits

  • The board is about 44 inches which is an exemplary size that benefits the users. Large riders can easily use this without having to worry about carrying the wrong size and causing problems in their game.
  • The tail of this item is made in crescent shape which makes it ideal to fight against the harsh waves and make your way into the water. The crescent also allows a body to fit into space easily and have control over the board.
  • The bottom skin of the board is HDPE which is a sleek material. The material used will make sure that the water gliding is smooth and the users can benefit from the easy strokes in the water. The material of the water skin makes it eligible to use on the level of an international sport.
  • Unlike most body boards, this one has channels on the bottom. These channels benefit the users by reducing any dragging underwater. This procedure, in turn, increases speed and makes it fair game for the riders.


  • Uniquely there are channels available on the bottom of this bodyboard
  • The bottom skin is HDPE which is internationally recognized as a very good quality in the body boards
  • The semi crescent tail makes the riding smooth and allows the user to easily fit themselves into that area
  • The size is large unlike what many other boards have to offer; allowing all sized people to enjoy the sport
  • There are plenty of vibrant colors to choose from to ensure style along with usage


  • There is no bag to carry this product around for its safety
  • There are no body molds on this board
  • The semi crescent may not always mean constant speed


Paying a little extra for this body board is worth it because of the features that it seems to have. The Morey bodyboards offer many features that are competitive in the market. Each of the features provides impeccable benefits to the users.

6. Morey Mach 7 Body Board

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 6

The Morey Mach 7 is a name well-known for quality body boards that are both durable and stylish. They are made to suit every type of riding style with absolute ease. With state of the art technology used to make these boards, the Morey Mach is truly the best bodyboard.

Why do we recommend it?

The Morey Mach 7 bodyboard is truly exceptional where it comes to the style, while the shape may be unremarkable, the board is not. It has been designed to provide the perfect amount of flex to the user. It is also suited to users of all levels of expertise.

Moreover, it provides increased control and stability to the user. This is probably the best bodyboard available for adults and is incredibly easy to use. It allows for a smooth ride through the waves. With its mid-range price and quality assurance, this is the perfect body board for novices and experienced boarders alike.

Features & benefits

  • Its carbon tube core provides strength to the structure of the body board. The core allows for easy navigation through choppy waves. Its smooth polyethylene bottom provides a smooth Heat lamination and the seal has made it more durable and versatile. It also doesn’t lose any of its shine and glamour after the first few days in the water.
  • The crescent-shaped tail and fins work to provide a stabilizing effect on the board itself. It also gives the user increased control over the board.
  • Its design works to give the user a very comfortable experience as it cradles and cushions the body so that you can bodyboard for a long time and as often as you like.
  • While the Morey Mach 7 does not come with a pre-installed leash, it barely makes a dent in the stellar reputation because most of the pre-installed leashes provided with other boards are of low quality


  • Incredibly durable design that is likely to stand the toughest of conditions.
  • A crescent-shaped tail that provides the user with a stable and more controlled experience.
  • Comfort is a hallmark of the Morey Mach 7 so that you can bodyboard for longer.
  • Very spacious design augments the comfort of the board.
  • Support weights of up to 180 kg.
  • Provides the best value for money and is the best board in its price range.


  • Not the best board for children.
  • Slightly pricier than some of the other boards available in the market.
  • Doesn’t come with a pre-installed leash to tether it.


So basically with its great design and functionality, the Morey Mach 7 is one of the most recommended body boards and we agree with it. While the fact that it isn’t the best for kids may be a problem, the fact that it has the remarkable performance for all kinds of boarding styles in adults, and all its other features make it a great choice.

7. Body Glove 16509 Classic Peace Out Body Board

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 7

This bodyboard is the invention of two twin brothers in 1953 for both women and men. As bodyboarding is quite demanding watersport, enthusiasts ride in stressful environment punishing waves. For this they require a piece of equipment to succeed thus, the jet pilot comes up with 16509 classic peace out bodyboard.

Why do we recommend it?

If you are in search of the best bodyboards for beginners then our recommendation would be 16509 classic bodyboards from the jet pilot. The reason for recommending this bodyboard is its dynamic design along with the top-notch construction.

Along with the quality, the look of this jetpilot bodyboard is eye-catching since it has roller print graphics. Another reason for suggesting jetpilot peace out bodyboard is its unique tail shape.

For the fact, it dictates movement in a particular direction which releases by maneuvers. If you need full control then buy 16509 bodyboards because the crescent tail allows complete hold over your bodyboard. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and reasonably priced.

Features & benefits

  • Two types of material used in jetpilot 16509 classic bodyboard which is between classic fiber and clad Styrofoam. Due to the presence of a combination of two materials, it increases the durability and longevity of bodyboard from the jetpilot.
  • The contours of this body glove bodyboard are of top quality which includes finger grooves, nose bulbs, and bottom channels. As a result, these contours can enhance the look of the board and help in increasing control, flex, and
  • The jetpilot company has designed its new product that is classic peace out bodyboard in two different sizes of nose and tail. You can choose bodyboard of your choice from 33 in nose, tail 11, max or 37 in nose 10, tail 11.5
  • This bodyboard does not need any kind of further modification for the fact it shows up with the poly straight leash. In this way, you can just strap the poly straight leash to your wrist and you can securely enjoy your ride.
  • Along with other features of the jetpilot 16509 body glove bodyboard, it also contains EPS core that is Expanded Polystyrene Core. If you are a beginner then this watersport then with the help of EPS core first-timers can tackle the waves easily.


  • It allows you to tear through all the coming waves expertly.
  • You can reach top speed because of this hard slick bodyboard.
  • The brand jetpilot gives you long-term warranty so you can replace it in case of damage.
  • It’s premium leash keeps your board joined to you while you are enjoying the sport.
  • Due to its quality, this bodyboard can stay for up to 60 years in water.


  • It might not suit you if you are at an expert level
  • Not able to carry body weight beyond a certain


All in all, measuring 33-37 inches it is small bodyboard, however, lighter in weight than other popular brands. The distinctive crescent tail has the capability of boosting the stability of the water. So keeping all this in mind its performance is admirable and budget friendly.

8. H2O 39” Bodyboard Surfboard for Kids

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 8

H20 brand is a well-known name that contains a lot of experience making water products in its portfolio. The bodyboard for kids is a solid addition to makes its customers satisfy and content with the quality. For having a fun time with your kids the 39 inches surfboard is light in weight and can move easily.

Why do we recommend it?

It is true that when buying baby pool floats most of you look for stylish yet colorful accessories. One of the reasons for recommending this H20 bodyboard is its spectacular color combination. In this way, it can let your kid have more excitement. With its brightly-colored appearance, the traditional crescent tail makes it wider while providing you the firmness and control. If your kid is on a heavier side then you can trust this brand’s bodyboard since its broad in size. Therefore, instead of wasting money on an expansive board that can let you down, get this one from H2O.

Features & benefits

  • The surfboard from H20 company uses a blend of different robust materials that includes a fiber clad deck and phuzion. The bottom is of Phuzion while fiber clad for the upper side, in order to provide you more durability.
  • This surf-style bodyboard measures 39 inches in length that is slightly larger than other bodyboards and weighs 12 ounces. In this way, kids can use it without facing any difficulty in boarding and adjust their weight because of its broadness.
  • Along with other features, there is the presence of smooth skin in the bottom of 30 inches bodyboard for kids. The aim of using smooth skin is to increase the speed of the surfboard for hours on the water.
  • Instead of using other core material, the H20 39 inches bodyboard features phuzion core while maintaining the proper shape. As a result of utilizing a phuzion core, the performance is relatively higher than those of others.


  • You do not have to join the leash plug as it comes with a pre-installed plug for ready to use.
  • In this bodyboard, their instruction booklet is also present to let you know all the precautions.
  • It shows up in 3 different colors and styles you can choose the one your kid likes.
  • Smaller to medium sized beginners who want the thrilling experience can use it.
  • It proffers exceptional value for money that gives your kid years of fun.


  • It comes only in one size, no option for different sizes
  • The H20 bodyboard does not contain any carrying case.


The H20 surfboard recommended for kids who are at entry level plus it is spacious to make accommodation easy. You will appreciate its high performance and overall look. Therefore, if you want to buy new surfboard go with it since it also glides faster on water.

9. California Board Company MMAG Bodyboard

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 9

Among other renowned brands, California Board Company is yet another one for manufacturing top-grade bodyboards. The MMAG bodyboard is a considerable innovation for the younger age group who like to play water sports. Its overall construction has done wisely keeping in view the safety of kids while giving a fun-filled ride.

Why do we recommend it?

This California bodyboard comprises various features in order to deliver top class results. Our reason for recommending the MMAG bodyboard is its crescent tail design for added control and grip.

In addition to it, because of the crescent tail style,drop-knee riders and prone riders can enjoy with maximum stability. On the other hand, unlike other bodyboards, this board is waterproof with an expanded polystyrene core.

Other than this, the weight of California board company MMAGbodyboard is not hefty. Thus, if you are planning to buy your board or 2 years then you can look into our suggestion.

Features & benefits

  • There is molded contour deck use in MMAG bodyboard for riders that are new to boarding to enhance the riding experience. This feature benefits in a way that rider can place the hands and elbow in a correct place during the ride.
  • The thumb bulbs are another the name for the finger grip which you can see on the bottom of this board. The main goal of thumb bulb is the provision of hand control and increase power and its durability.
  • The density and polyethylene core undoubtedly makes a huge difference, therefore, California Board Company produce best PE on their boards. It keeps the California MMAG bodyboard stiff and the compact foam renders ideal platform for diving onto thrilling waves.
  • At 33 inches in length and 3 pounds in weight, the crescent tail bodyboard allows a beginner to have full control. If the board is easy to use because of the less weight then kids can handle it without facing any difficulty.


  • It includes coil wrist leash of duel swivel pros-style which makes the board distinctive than others.
  • For the provision of faster speed, it has high-density polyethylene slick bottom channels.
  • The California board company gives a lifetime warranty so that if there is any damage to the board you can get it replaced.
  • The size of this MMAG bodyboard is appropriate for the young age group.
  • Against such features, the price is not high.


  • You might find the sides of this bodyboard come off after a few months of use.
  • The cover might peel off when in contact with the pointed


In short, due to the premium style of the MMAG bodyboard, its performance is desirable with respect to the age group. It also comprises the crescent tail along with EPS core to make it durable and long-lasting. If you are thinking to buy a new surfboard for your kid trust us you will never regret.

10. Wham-O Mach 7 Body Board

10 Best Bodyboards Reviews in 2020 (Ultimate Guide to Bodyboards & Boogie Boards) 10

Bodyboarding is a popular sport of the summers, wherein the waves and the sea prove to be a great source of thrill and exercise. This is a famous water sport in which the surfers usually ride on the crest, face or the curl of the wave. Wham-O has been phenomenal in producing high-quality body boards.

Why do we recommend it?

The Wham-O Mach Body Boardsports a stylish design and color which makes it stand out from all others available on the market. Not only does it provide great comfort and durability, but it has also been ergonomically designed to be versatile.

The board also offers the capability to ride waves in all styles while still having a strong grip on the board and the waves. The bodyboard also sports a stylish and effective which helps to maintain speed and grip on the waves. For added functionality and comfort, the bottom or the end of the board has been made in a crescent shape.

Features & benefits

  • The bodyBoard features a dow core which is thick and made of closed cell polyethylene material, which makes for a sturdy board. This provides all the necessary durability which is necessary for a long-lasting board.
  • An intelligently engineered 8 lb. tc8 polyethylene deck also makes the board a more stylish and controllable product. The board is crack-free and is guaranteed to be crack-free for its lifetime.
  • The bottom of this highly efficient and fun body board is made from hope dense polyethylene slick bodyboard bottom with channels. The bottom has been specially engineered to steer the board during high wave splashes. It also efficiently wards off waves with high velocity and keeps the surfer safe.
  • With this, the surfer or user will feel like they’re more in control of the board and will ensure proper grip. This extra safety feature is a great addition to the board as it ensures maximum control.
  • A crescent-shaped body tail makes for an ideal body board for surfers who are over 160lbs. as it offers a rigid support system for the user. It effectively cuts through the waves and is indeed a special feature of this product.


  • The bodyboard sports a powerful rod stringer which aids in the overall grip and control of the board
  • This bodyboard has been guaranteed to be free of cracks on the surface which ensures its durability and safety.
  • The crescent-shaped tail provides a rigid support system for the user as it is highly effective at what it does.
  • This is an effective body board for people who are over 160 lbs as it has the capability to carry more weight.
  • The bottom side has a fin that has been ergonomically designed to steer the board in harsh and tough conditions.


  • The body board has the tendency to become a bit rigid after a few uses.
  • The fin is made from polyethylene material so it breaks off after several uses
  • You might need an extra strap for a better grip if you’re a beginner.


In our opinion, the Wham-O bodyboard is a great one to buy especially if you’re low on budget. The body board has great features and provides an overall good experience if you’re a bit acquainted with the ocean.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Bodyboard

Following are the main characteristics that you need to consider before buying a bodyboard,

› Size

The size of your bodyboard can enable you to glide on a wave like a pro. If it is too big you won’t be able to control it with ease and if it is too small then you will end up sitting pretty low in the water. There are different sizes of boards available according to your weight and height. Be sure to check them before buying anything.

› Construction

Bodyboard construction is very critical too. Most of the time you will find boards made of polypropylene (PP) foam and polyethylene (PE) foam. PP boards are the lighter and more durable as compared to PE boards and they are used in the latest models. PP boards are more expensive than PE boards too.

› Design

Some boards are specifically designed for the new DropKnee style of bodyboarding but it is not very common and beginners should not try doing it. These are not the bodyboard for beginners.

The rear end or tail designs of bodyboards also have significance in their performance. The conventional crescent design is available in the low-end products while the high-end bodyboards come with bat tail which is suitable for experienced riders of the wave. The bat tail design allows them to do all types of tricks on the water particularly in small waves.

› Rails

Rails of bodyboards are also critical. The traditional 50-50 rail configuration gives you more control while the new 60-40 rail configuration does well in maneuverability and control.

› Wide Points

The wide point refers to the widest gap from one rail to the other. Its position with regards to the nose of the board provides you with maximum maneuverability. If it is close to the front then your board will be stable. A wider board is difficult to turn and for this reason, alone bodyboards now come in a narrower shape as compared to the previous years.

› Thickness

Bodyboards come in two different thickness levels: 51mm and 55mm. Thinner boards are not very buoyant and fast but they provide you with control. Thicker boards are fast but are not very maneuverable. They are ideal for small waves.

› Curve

Rocker or the upward curve in the front end of the board effects speeds. A small angled rocker will give you more speed but a bigger angle of rocker will give you more control.

Bodyboarding FAQs

Q. Do all bodyboards come with rockers?

A. When you lay the board down flat on the ground you will be able to notice that there is a small curve from nose to tail in the board, it is known as the rocker of the bodyboard. Not all best bodyboards in the world come with rocker and the flat ones are ideal for smaller waves. Boards with rockers are designed for bigger waves.

Q. Which bodyboard size should I pick?

A. To get the right size, we suggest that you should stand with the board next to you and the top of the board would be around just under your waist which means it should be around naval heights or somewhere there.

Q. What should be its width?

A. We suggest that a board should have its widest point approximately half way down. When you are in prone position, the bodyboard turns from under the elbows and its wide point will be located here. If the wide point is near the middle the board will become more stable and it will do great if you drop knee on it. If you ride prone on this board it will be able to turn aggressively.

Q. Should I choose a bodyboard with channels?

A. The contoured bottom of the bodyboard refers to the channels and it means that water will channel under it. Channels are more beneficial when there are bigger waves but they don’t matter much if you choose to go to waters with smaller waves. Channels can slow you down and create drag if you are in bigger waves. Do not choose a board that has deep channels. Only pick shallow blended options for this purpose if you ought to have them on your board.

Q. On which side of the boogie board should I attach my leash?

A. If you are a righty, then attach the leash to the right side of the deck and if you are a lefty, then attach it to the left-hand side of the board. If you not too sure, then you can use the center of the board too.

Q. How can I attach a leash to my board?

A. If you want to attach a leash to your bodyboard then you can do so with a common household screwdriver. Use a Philips head because it can make a thorough piercing in your bodyboard. You should heat up the tip of the driver because it will make the piercing process easy and it will also seal the hole. After that push the connecting parts of the leash together and tighten it up with the help of a coin.  

Final Verdict

There is a huge variety of alternatives available to you on the market when it comes to bodyboards. We have developed our list of best boogie boards after hours of research and they are also among one of the finest products. All of the items that we have mentioned above come with their own pros and cons and you can choose any one of them based on your demands and desires.

When we developed this post for you, our emphasis was value, price, and convenience. Everyone prefers different aspects associated with a product and give different ratings and weight age to various characteristics. Our recommendation is that you should go through our list and check out other sites with this information too before reaching any decision. You can focus on any feature and buy any product that you think will suit your needs.

We hope that you find your favorite bodyboard and have loads of fun out there in the sun. If you have any queries or suggestions please leave a comment in the section below we will be more than happy to sort you out.

Surf’s up!

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