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10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow)

Are you searching for the best crossbow for hunting? Yes! You have landed at the right platform where you’ll not only find the crossbow reviews but also learn as to how to pick the best one.

Crossbows have origins that date back to the ancient Chinese age. Since that time it was used in numerous wars throughout Europe and Asia. The modern age crossbow is an extremely efficient and powerful weapon. They tend to exceed the power and accuracy or even the high-end traditional bows too.

Among the primary features, which the expert crossbow hunters seek in a crossbow is durability, accuracy, affordability, bow weight, draw weight, kinetic energy and draw length along with speed. This is a combo that is hard to find even with so many options floating on the market.

In this post, we’ll highlight all the details on how to buy the best hunting crossbow.

Let’s begin!

Importance of choosing the right crossbow

We can’t emphasize enough on the fact that to find the right crossbow is extremely important. If you want to be a top-class hunter and want to exhilarate your hunting experience then you need to find the best crossbow for hunting.

One of the biggest advantages of a crossbow is that it is far easier to use in tight corners because the limbs on the compound are shorter. It also means that you can use less draw weight even for the high speeds almost as equal to the heavy draw weights. Moreover, you can opt to buy a crossbow that can outperform the power of a bow because of all those mechanical components.

These mechanical components can bear all the strains that human muscles do in the case of bows. In terms of poundage, crossbows can be a bit of a let-down but not in the case of speed and accuracy. Keeping the crossbows at full draw isn’t an issue at all.

You can keep it cocked for as long as you can during hunting. For this reason, it is an excellent tool for youth and for those who have a sort of disability. Aiming with crossbows is a bit of an advantage as well because it works just like a rifle. Another similarity between a rifle and a crossbow is that you can use a telescopic view for aiming.

Moreover, as crossbows come with more draw weight, they can shoot projectiles at noticeable faster rates as compared to a compound bow. If you are looking for speeds then you should opt for a crossbow because these tools can shoot a target that can travel up to 430 ft/sec. whereas most of the compound bows can hover around 250 to 330 ft/sec only.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Crossbows

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Reviews of Best Hunting Crossbow on the Market

1. Ghost-420 Bow by Barnett

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 1

Quick Specs

› Velocity:420-ft/sec
› Weight: 7.25 pounds
› Draw Weight: 7.6 lbs
› Draw Length: 37.4-inch
› Width: 22-inch
› Kinetic Energy:150 ft. lbs

If you are looking for the best speedy crossbows for hunting then you need to purchase the Ghost 420 Barnett crossbows. The speed of the fire arrow is 420fps (feet per seconds). It is one of the quieter and more powerful bows. The 185 lbs draw weight helps a bow put out more than 150 feet lbs of kinetic energy.

Additionally, the TriggerTech system is using to operate a bow that presents great accuracy and performance at the same time. This advance technology presents all-new-riffle style crossbow. In addition to that, the manufacturer also uses the Frictionless Release technology that offers you free-floating and a unique roller between the sear and trigger.

You can enhance your hunting experience by using 420-Barnett crossbow because it is lightweight and works smoothly. Moreover, Anti-dry fire (ADF) and nock sensors help to keep the loaded spring into the safety bar in place. The ADF and sensors work until the arrows are sets properly and protect the user as well. That is the reason; hunters can use it confidently.

On the other hand, Ghost420crossbow is also offering premium features. These features are consisting of string dampeners, fore-grip, Talon sling, Picatinny rails, a butt rubber pad, and a quiver. The quiver is mounting on the side of the crossbow, which is easily detached by simply pressing a button.

The installation and assembly process is swift and does not require any technical or special knowledge.  


  • ADF trigger system
  • Great accuracy
  • Only bolt assembly
  • Affordable and ultra-compact bow
  • Compatible with Crank Cocking device
  • Trigger frictionless technology
  • Carbonlite riser


  • Quite heavy
  • Stiff draw weight


Crossbow is one of the faster shooting crossbows on the market as compared to other products. With its speed and draw weight, it is even possible to hunt a deer. The manufacturer uses advanced technology that delivers great accuracy and performance at the same time. 

2. Turbo GT Bow by Tenpoint 

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 2

Quick Specs

› Velocity:360-ft/sec
› Weight: 6.5-pounds
› Draw Weight: 175 lbs
› Draw Length: 35-inch
› Width: 17.5-inch to 13.5-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 107 ft. lbs

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials to construct the Turbo GT crossbow. That is the reason; it is much expensive model but offers superior durability. If hunting is your favorite hobby, then purchasing the Turbo GT bow is the best investment.

It has safety wings made of reinforced nylon, which protects you from any shooting mishap. Furthermore, the large size wings keep your finger safe while shooting from the string path. The weight of the bow is 6.5 pounds that present the lightweight crossbow. Tenpoint crossbows are speedy bows for hunting because it shoots at the speed of 360 ft/sec.

The manufacturer presents high-quality crossbow with a camo pattern, which permits you to hunt in multiple areas and in manifold environments.  The ergonomic grip gives you a perfect shot and a great feel.

Your purchase comes with three Pro-view and two Scope, which improve the capabilities of the Turbo GT crossbow. The best thing is … it is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed shooter.

It is easy to assemble and use. Your purchase is a complete package of basic accessories that are required for the hunting. The aluminum rise fitted with Isotaper limbs or D97 cable, and cams powered by MRX.


  • Constructed with superior materials
  • Comes with accessories
  • Superior durability
  • More convenient
  • Included rope cocker
  • More efficient with safety trigger
  • Ultra-compact assembly
  • Available in three styles
  • Enhanced 360 ft/sec speed
  • Detach quiver instantly


  • Not comes with vibration & noise suppressors
  • Low-quality safety trigger
  • Much expensive option


One of the best things about Turbo GT crossbow is that you will realize how speedy your arrow travels after releasing from the bow. You can use the safety trigger to shoot without missing any hit and improve your hunting skills. The beginners can also use Turbo GT now because the manufacturer engineered it with safety auto-engaging trigger, great kinetic energy, fast speed, and more efficiency.    

3. R20 Crossbow by Ravin

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 3

Quick Specs

› Velocity:430-ft/sec
› Weight: 7.1 lbs
› Draw Weight: 220 lbs
› Draw Length: 34.5-inch
› Width: 6.5-inch
› Kinetic Energy:164 ft. lbs

The use of HeliCoil technology in Ravin along with other features work collectively to produce accurate, comfortable, efficient, and convenient results. This technology also helps to retain the balance perfectly and practically removes the cross torque.

Moreover, the 340 degrees rotation of the cam makes it one of the top crossbows on the market. During the rotation, it retains the perfect level of shooting and drawing and gives you a great hunting experience. On the other hand, the manufacturer uses the Trac-Trigger firing system that provides a precise center of string at the time of bow is drawing.

R20 Crossbow by Ravin is the best crossbow with built-in cocking device, which works with Trac-Trigger firing system. It presents the fully integrated ultra-compact stock designed bow to give you a new hunting experience. Additionally, the built-in Cocking Versa-Draw system has the ability to easily un-cock and cock crossbow. It is easy to use and allows you to shoot with accuracy.

Then again, Ravin uses the Frictionless Flight system with the combination of HeliCoil technology that permits the string and arrow to float freely above the rail. The frictionless system removes the frictions and provides consistent accuracy. As a result, it increases the durability of the cable and string. 

Your purchase comes with six arrows, Ravin nocks, quiver bracket, detachable cocking handle, and grain practice field-points. Additionally, illuminated 100 yards scope and built-in sling mounts. This full-featured crossbow has a rifle-like design that giving you a comfortable way to aim.  


  • HeliCoil construction removes bow torque
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Anti-dry fire technology
  • Comfortable aiming due to rifle-like feel
  • Auto-safety trigger
  • Reduced vibration
  • Ideal for professional hunters
  • Cocking Versa-Draw mechanism
  • Built-in sling mount
  • Safety switch and shorter guide design


  • Greatly expensive crossbow
  • Poor customer service


Ravin R20 is the best value crossbow package that offers 430 ft/sec bolt velocity. This speed of traveling arrow allows you to achieve your hunting goal. The combination of HeliCoil technology and Frictionless system gives you an excellent hunting experience. 

4. Matrix Grizzly Bow by Excalibur

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 4

Quick Specs

› Velocity:305-ft/sec
› Weight: 6lbs
› Draw Weight: 200 lbs
› Draw Length: 33.2-inch
› Kinetic Energy:72.3ft. lbs

The Matrix Grizzly crossbow offers 305 ft/sec speed that is ideal for the beginner in the hunting field. This is the attention seeker crossbow for the small and medium game hunters. The well-balancing designed bow is extremely easy to assemble and use.

It has 5.5 lbs weight that easily carries while shooting. Therefore, the small and medium hunter can easily achieve their goal by using Excalibur bow. If you have any women companion in the field then Matrix Grizzly crossbow also works for them.

The manufacturer uses the finest materials to present a sturdy frame that offers durability and strength at the same time. In addition to that, its narrow has 30-inch limbs that offer a straight path to the arrow.    

Your purchase comes with four arrows so you can start hunting and archery instantly. It has an adjustable scope that ensures the level of accuracy. The draw weight 200 lbs also ensure the kill and provide great hunting experience. Consequently, this budget efficient crossbow is suitable for all the hunters and ideal for hunting, target shooting, archery, and more.


  • Lightweight crossbow
  • Comes with four bolts
  • More durable and well-balanced
  • Adjustable scope provides incredible accuracy 
  • Small size crossbow
  • Removable quiver
  • Most affordable crossbow
  •  Easy to assemble


  • Less efficient
  • No aluminum rails
  • Harder to draw


The use of durable and high-quality materials make Matrix Grizzly crossbow a long-lasting crossbow. It is easy to assemble and use. Nevertheless, it permits hunters to achieve their hunting goal with accuracy.

5. Matrix-380 Bow by Excalibur

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 5

Quick Specs

› Velocity:380-ft/sec
› Weight: 5.9 lbs
› Draw Weight: 260 lbs
› Draw Length: 35.6-inch
› Width: 25.75-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 112 ft. lbs

Matrix-380 crossbow makes its place in the list of the best crossbows for deer hunting. This powerful crossbow is featuring all the basic accessories required to hunt a deer in the field. Additionally, your purchase comes with a rope cocking mechanism that enhances the level of accuracy.

It offers 380 ft/sec velocity of the bow where you can achieve your goal instantly. It offers ergonomic grip, which gives you a comfortable feel. The design allows you to de-cockit easily. The width of the crossbow is 25.75-inch including cocked and without cocked the width is represented as 30.62-inch.

That’s not all. . . Matrix-380 crossbow by Excalibur is the best hunting crossbow that has anti-dry fire scope. This scope prevents light reflection and provides a great level of accuracy. If you feel any kind of problem, the company provides its services to you. Furthermore, it is available in the black color that gives a trendy look to the bow in the ground of hunting.   

In addition to that, the manufacturer uses the anti-dry-firing system while constructing the recurve crossbow. This system enhances the popularity and usage of the bow because it prevents from firing. You can deliver the arrow at the speed of 380 ft/sec that is the stunning velocity for shooting a deer as compared to other types of bows. It provides 5.9 lbs weighted bow that is the most lightweight bow on the market.


  • Recurve designed crossbow
  • Comes with a rope cocking device
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Included four Diablo arrows
  • Detachable quiver
  • Anti-Dry fire scope
  • Prevent light reflection for accuracy
  • Great customer services


  • Offers poor scope
  • Isn’t equipped with a frictionless system


Excalibur Matrix-380 crossbow is also suitable for small game hunting. It comes with a recurve design that is easy to maintain, assemble, and use. This is the most lightweight crossbow for hunting and offers 112 feet lbs kinetic energy.

6. Ghost 375 by Barnett

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 6

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 165 lbs
› Velocity: 385 fps
› Overall weight: 7.1 lbs
› Length: 36.25-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 125 ft. lbs

We felt that the general feel of the bow was excellent. It didn’t slip from the hands. On our first trial, this crossbow managed to hit a deer on the first shot. The arrow velocity of 385 feet per second is the perfect speed to get a good shot, considering the draw weight.

The entire model and make of the product is durable. We have used the Ghost 375 since a month now and it’s not showing any sign of degradation. While some of the tiny parts on the crossbow such as screws and strings may have loosened, the overall crossbow is perfectly fit. The delicate horizontal line may be a bit difficult to handle because it often bumps with your hand.

The overall weight of this crossbow allows you to use it in almost any condition. It weighs in at 7.1 lbs when unloaded, which is ideal as it is neither too heavy nor too light for hunters to use. The step-through Carbonlite riser makes it easier for you to use as it raises the foot stirrup into the riser. This eradicates all extra bulk and extra weight making it easier to hold on to.

Other than that, the Ghost 375 is definitely a lethal weapon which can be used to shoot big game as well as medium-sized. This crossbow packs in a lot of power due to the features on it. This is why it can easily pierce through the vital organs of these small game animals and make the kill very humane. Ghost 375 is ideal for all hunting purposes.


  • Lightweight
  • Packs a lot of power
  • Extremely durable
  • Only uses stainless steel components
  • Includes a 4×32 scope
  • Ideal for all kinds of game


  • Difficult to take aim


Ghost 375 is a premium product that offers accuracy and durability. The craftsmanship and material design of this particular product makes it worth the while.

7. Tormentor by CenterPoint

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 7

Quick Specs

› Draw weight:185lbs
› Velocity:380 fps
› Overall weight:10lbs
› Length: 33-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 120 ft. lbs

The Tormentor Whisper is perhaps the most silent crossbows out there on the market. This silencing system coupled with the power and accuracy makes it an ideal candidate for small games.

The 200 lbs draw weight with this crossbow is definitely a major feature on this product. This is a large draw weight which is obviously going to make the kill much faster and easier. A larger draw weight also means that the shot fired from the crossbow will have a low straightness tolerance, up to 0.005 approximately.

The frame of the bow is in grey-tone camouflage, although the rail is jet black and aluminum. The best part about using the CenterPoint is that it features integrated string suppressors. So you get a vibration-free shot every time you fire. This means that you will always have a steady hand when firing shots.

The compression fiberglass quad limbs are admirably engineered and made to be highly durable. The limbs are a delicate part of the crossbow as they bend when you draw the shot on the crossbow. This bending can lead to breaking of the crossbow limbs or instability. The fiberglass material used to manufacture this particular part of the crossbow is a highly durable material which can withstand any force or pressure.

Other than all that, the Tormentor Whisper also has a Whisper Silencing system. This system reduces noise and makes for a more silent shot. There may be a bit of an issue in reloading the weapon, so be warned of that.


  • Whisper silencing system
  • Fiberglass quad limbs
  • Vibration-free shot
  • High arrow velocity
  • Low straightness tolerance


  • Reloading may not be easy


The Tormentor Whisper is a great weapon for those who wish to hunt small and average size game. This can prove to be very reliable because some game animals have quick reflexes and sharp hearing. It suits both beginners and average users.

8. Titan SS by TenPoint

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 8

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 175 lbs
› Velocity: 340 fps
› Overall weight: 6.7 lbs
› Length:35-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 95 ft. lbs

The Titan SS Crossbow is a highly customizable, accurate and convenient crossbow. It features an adjustable Fusion S Stock which makes for one of the best crossbows for hunting purposes.

The Titan SS Crossbow has a draw weight of 175 pounds. This is neither too much nor too little. And it fits perfectly well with the arrow velocity. One of the major features of this product is the power output of the weapon. It was able to hunt down a doe on its first try.

The Titan SS Crossbow is also very easy to hold and use. It is light in weight as it only measures around 6.7 lbs in overall weight. It is manufactured using high-grade aluminum. The aluminum works well with the shape of the crossbow and the limbs.

The TenPoint crossbow is also designed in a way that it remains camouflaged even in broad daylight thanks to its sleek structure and careful decoration. The unit also features safety precautions to manage recoil and accidental fires.

Moreover, you can adjust the stock to allow taller users to handle the bow with ease. We love the customization and personalization in this unit. Apart from that, Center Point’s crossbow also has a red dot sight. The sight can be changed later on, but the pre-installed one is good enough.

The customizable double butt plates allow you to adjust the pulling strength of the crossbow. This can be used for adjusting the crossbow when hunting for a different game. The TenPoint is a versatile crossbow which can be used to hunt small, average-sized and big game as well.


  • Versatile
  • Customizable
  • Light in weight
  • Many safety precautions included
  • Ideal for all kinds of game
  • Great camouflage
  • Packs a lot of power


  • The included scope is not very accurate


The Titan SS Crossbow is definitely one of the best crossbows for hunting due to the sheer power it embodies and the customization that it offers. Customizing the pull strength can affect the way in which the shot is fired.

9. Matrix GRZ-2 by Excalibur

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 9

Quick Specs

› Draw weight:200lbs
› Velocity: 305 fps
› Overall weight:5.5lbs
› Length: 33.2-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 72.3 ft. lbs

If you’re looking for a durable crossbow with a powerful shot, then you should look no further. The Matrix GRZ-2 is one of the best crossbows for hunting due to its sheer endurance and power.

The first thing to notice when you buy the GRZ-2 Excalibur is how light and comfortable it feels. The draw weight is significantly high but this does not affect the light weight of this product. This premium quality product features a draw weight of 175 pounds. The weight helps balance out the immense arrow velocity (380 fps).

It is imperative to point out here that too much draw weight can negatively affect the velocity and vice versa. We found the Excalibur Crossbow to be a handy weapon when out in the field.

If you’re concerned with safety, then just remember that this product includes a grip safety function. This reduces the chances of grazing your hand while shooting. It also features an ambidextrous auto safety to keep the device from an accidental shooting. The Picatinny rail contributes to the added safety features.

The manufacturers of this product were careful to keep in mind that this product needs to be versatile. They engineered this crossbow to be ambidextrous making it versatile and easy to use by anyone.

This product also has a 4×32 scope for aiming properly. With this scope, you’ll be able to shoot your bolt through a larger distance. Just remember to tune the strings according to taste. Overlooking the rest, the Excalibur Crossbow is a decent weapon and hunting equipment for you.


  • Light in weight
  • Made ambidextrous
  • Grip Safety function
  • Highly efficient scope
  • Extremely high arrow velocity


  • The camouflage is not very efficient


Most people prefer to hunt in the day time as it is optimal. However, this product cannot work well in the daylight due to the poor camouflage. But you can use it by adding a camouflage cover. Otherwise, it is a rather powerful weapon.

10. Specialist by CenterPoint

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 10

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 185 lbs
› Velocity: 370 fps
› Overall weight:11 lbs
› Length: 33.25-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 128 ft. lbs

This model has a compact body that makes it easy to handle and maneuver. The oversized stirrups make it convenient to handle. That the arrows are well-formed and fit really well is a big plus. The bolt quiver on this model is adjustable and removable which is a nice touch. This product comes with an AR-Style buttstock. It also has a cheek piece that you can adjust. This piece comes with a butt pad and strong foregrip.

One of the most impressive features on this crossbow is the string stoppers that suppress noise. This model from Centerpoint is an improvement on previous models in terms of shape. This and the fact that it is approximately 185 lbs. make it easy to carry and use.

The Specialist crossbow prevents dry fire and comes with a reliable safety feature. This crossbow has a safe trigger mechanism that kicks in on time. This model also has oversized stirrups that are good for fitting with hunting boots of all sizes. The side mounts quiver bracket on this crossbow is ambidextrous making it easier to handle. The arrows for this crossbow are specially designed to assist the performance.

Once shot the arrows, you can observe them cut through the air straight to the target. The velocity on these arrows is about 370 fps and the FPE is about 110 in length.


  • Compact design
  • Arrows are well-formed and dynamic
  • The noise suppressing string stoppers.
  • Quad Limbs
  • Sleek design that incorporates modern innovation


  • The trigger needs to redesigned as it can get stuck
  • Unfortunately, it’s still a little loud


The improved version is definitely better in terms of precision. The scope is acceptable for the price range although it could have been better. Not to mention the fact that it is still a little too loud.

Best crossbow for women – Invader G3 by TenPoint

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 11

Quick Specs

› Length: 37.75 inches
› Weight: 6.6 lbs.
› Draw weight: 165 lbs.
› Speed: 330 FPS
› Kinetic Energy: 97 ft. lbs

The Invader G3 is the new and improved model packed with everything you need. This crossbow is safe to use and light to carry. The narrow shape offers you the best and most accurate shot. This crossbow delivers the fastest time to the date of any model they have put out.

As we mentioned this crossbow comes with the complete set. The good thing is that you don’t have to waste time building a reliable kit. This crossbow includes all the gear that’s necessary for a successful hunting trip.

Now aside from the G3 Crossbow, you get a TenPoint 3X multi-line scope. You also have a reliable ACUdraw Cocking mechanism and a Wicked Ridge three arrow quiver. This quiver is actually pretty cool because it has patented Wicked Ridge instant-detach technology. The three arrows included with this crossbow are 400-grain tough carbon with 100-grain practice tips.

The power stroke for this model is about 13.5 inches in total. Meanwhile, the speed you can achieve with this crossbow is 330 FPS while it has 96 FP. Finally, let’s talk about the self-retracting rope mechanism on this crossbow. This integrated function for self-retraction reduces the draw weight by a whole 50%.


  • Safe, light and fast
  • The integrated self-retracting rope cocking mechanism
  • Instant-detach quiver
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in the USA


  • The cocking mechanism is noisy and distracting
  • The scope could be much better


This is crossbow is undoubtedly the lightest and narrowest model they have produced so far. The ACU draw cocking mechanism is really impressive. This self-retracting rope mechanism reduces the draw weight by about 50% and helps ready the bow for another shot immediately. These are the features that help it rank among the best crossbows for hunting.

Best cheap crossbow for the money – Fang Compound Crossbow by PSE

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 12

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 155 lbs
› Velocity: 330 fps
› Overall weight: 6 lbs
› Length: 35-inch
› Kinetic Energy: 99 ft. lbs

The compound crossbow from PSE Fang has a minimalist design. This shape makes it easy to handle and set beneath your chin. This model is also very comfortable to grip while you aim.

The PSE compound crossbow is as fast as it is quiet. One feature that we noticed on this crossbow that you don’t even get with the deluxe models is the string stop. This crossbow has dual string stops to fix your arrows securely. This crossbow has been known to find its target even after being shot at least 45 yards away.

The scope on this crossbow actually comes with lines for various distances. It is reliable and accurate as it delivers a clear image from far away. If you use 100-grain tips you should put the lines at 20/35/48 yards for the best result.

Included with the PSE crossbow and powerful scope are the sturdy arrows. These arrows are light to handle but actually, stick the bulls’ eye pretty well. With the new PSE compound crossbow, they actually reworked the trigger. The response time is much better and easier to use. This crossbow is easily assembled and is easy to use.

Now to discuss some of the things that we did not like!

Despite the fact that there was an impressive dual string stop the string would slip off. Maybe there was something wrong with the string but you can address it.


  • Sturdy shape
  • Powerful scope
  • Solid arrows
  • Improved trigger
  • Better response time


  • The limb could be stronger
  • The string keeps coming off


This crossbow comes with a slim design that is easy to fit and set-up. The PSE compound crossbow is also pretty easy to assemble which makes it quite convenient. On top of that good scope allows you to get a decent range. The broadhead arrows hit the target pretty hard. This crossbow is also very fast, quiet and accurate. Basically, it has all of the qualities you would find on the best crossbow for hunting.

Best crossbow for youth – Tactical by Barnett

Best Crossbow

Quick Specs

› Length:33-inch
› Draw weight: 130 lbs.
› Speed: 330 FPS
› Weight: 6.5 lbs.
› Kinetic Energy: 91 ft. lbs

The Tactical crossbow comes with a very strong frame. This bow is very easy to assemble and is delivered almost completely assembled. You just need to go through the instructions to make sure you have everything according to your preference. For best results, you should try the included string wax to the string. This is good not only for maintenance but also for performance.

You can feel it moving but the motion is soundless and peaceful. The trigger also performs quite well as you will find. The shape of this crossbow is quite slim and narrow. You can get a great grip on this crossbow and the fit is quite good. The overall finish of the entire product is also very impressive.

The Tactical crossbow also features an ADF trigger system. This system prevents the crossbow from firing without an arrow. This crossbow is part of a complete kit that includes: 2, 2-inch arrows, rope cocking device, quiver, and a 4×32 scope.

The bolts on this crossbow fire at about 330 fps and it has a draw weight of 130 lbs. This crossbow has a lightweight composite stock and it allows you to add a crank cocking device.

The scope could be improved. After one or two uses to get used to the functions and are able to adjust. This is only because the crossbow is built so well that it can easily deliver arrows on the target. You just have to learn to use the scope the right way.


  • Comes almost fully assembled
  • Decent arrow speed
  • Features TriggerTech
  • Very quiet to use
  • Comes as part of a kit including quiver, arrows, scope and rope cocking device


  • The string could be stronger
  • The red dot could be much better


This crossbow from Barnett is actually pretty good for its price. It comes almost completely assembled and is easy to use. This crossbow is also quiet and the TriggerTech makes the response time excellent with decent speed on the arrows.

Best whitetail crossbow – Whitetail PRO-STR by Barnett

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 13

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 165 lbs
› Velocity: 400 fps
› Overall weight: 6.9 lbs
› Length: 36.5-inches
› Kinetic Energy: 140 ft. lbs

This is a model that is reserved for the most elite and high profile player with accuracy profiles that are off the charts. Barnett currently builds only 7 crossbows under its STR banner. It features an innovative design that adds to the balance of the crossbow and further helps to improve accuracy.

The PRO STR includes string dampeners that cut down on the sound and vibration. This means that if you use it to hunt, the sharp ping will no longer scare away your prey before your arrow gets to it. The reduced vibration also means that there is a decreased chance of you missing because of stray vibrations.

The design also makes it easier to shift weight between arms and thus further provides stability to the crossbow. It comes ready with a pair of 22-inch arrows that are perfectly suited for hunting along with a side-mount quiver along with lubrication was for the maintenance of your crossbow.

Its trigger system is highly sensitive and produces the crispiest and firmest shot. Each arrow is released without friction so that the path it takes is smoother and decrease the chance of deviation.

The trigger gets down to business with its unique free-floating roller that gives you the confidence you need to make the best shot you can. What’s more, is that the spring-loaded safety bar acts as a safety for the crossbow and prevents the release of the arrow before it is firmly settled and thus prevents accidental firing of the weapon.


  • Standout looks and camouflage
  • Comes with a side-mount quiver
  • Free-floating roller
  • Comes with a pair of 22-inch arrows


  • Is quite difficult to assemble with complicated instructions


The Barnett PRO STR is a great crossbow that comes with a side-mount quiver and a pair of arrows. It works to enhance your balance and decreased both the sound and the vibrations of the string. It even has a safety lock that protects you from accidental firing.

Best beginner crossbow – Sniper 370 by CenterPoint

10 Best Crossbow Reviews in 2020 (Top Rated Hunting Crossbow) 14

Quick Specs

› Draw weight: 185 lbs
› Velocity: 370 fps
› Overall weight: 10 lbs
› Length:36.5 inches
› Kinetic Energy: 128 ft. lbs

Sniper 370 is known for its amazing speed and draw weight. It also provides the user with incredible stability and precision. This is a great choice for serious hunters and big game shooters. It comes with quad limbs that are fitted with a precision CNC machined cam system. This means that once you press that trigger, your arrow is going to get you speeds of upto 370 fps. How amazing is that?

CenterPoint understands that everyone has a different shooting style. This is why they have designed an adjustable stock and a pass-through foregrip that allows you to handle your crossbow as you deem comfortable.

This is a crossbow known for its lithe and maneuverable design that makes it easy to control when you’re high up in the mountains looking for some big game. It is very lightweight, made from highly durable materials so that you can use it for years to come with minimal issues.

It has a narrow, able to axle width of 18” when cocked and of 21” when relaxed. The crossbow has a draw weight of 185 pounds. Keeping safety in mind, CenterPoint has anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanisms that help to keep your safety first. They help to prevent injuries due to the locking mechanisms that don’t allow firing until the arrows are securely placed.

This is a crossbow that comes with a 4x32mm scope, 3 20” carbon bolts and a quiver along with a rope cocker. This further adds to improve the accuracy and precision of every shot you take.

The CenterPoint Sniper comes with a string suppressor that keeps the shots quiet and vibration free so as to minimize outside interference in your shots.


  • Quite strings prevent scaring off prey
  • CNC machined cam system
  • Compact design
  • Highly portable
  • Safety measures prevent injuries from the accidental firing


  • Heavyweight scope
  • Slightly difficult to assemble.


What makes the CenterPoint Sniper crossbow so great that we have added it to our review of the best crossbows? It has a design that is all about the durability and strength of the crossbow. It even has features that make sure that there is minimal or no sound or vibratory interference that can deviate aim in any way.

How Did We Pick?

We are an expert team of outdoor & adventure hunting. We have done a lot of bowhunting in different conditions. Moreover, we also love to try out different tools and weapons that we can use on the field to make a kill. Over many years we have used a variety of bow including compounds, crossbows and recurves. So this piece of content is being written by a panel of experts on bowhunting. In addition to that, we have a number of peers that do hunting too. We have also interviewed them on various crossbows and discussed their pros and cons.

Moreover, we have analyzed a lot of crossbows by scanning through the reviews online for information. We emphasized all the information based on the idea that how people felt after using a particular crossbow. We only emphasized on functionality and efficiency of each of these bows in our list, not our personal favorites.

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Crossbow Parts

In the simplest form of a crossbow looks very similar to a rifle. There will be a horizontal bow present at the front end or stock. This tool will use to shoot a bolt with a rail right on top of its barrel. Due to a lot of involvement in mechanics, there are several parts of a crossbow.

Let’s find out more about the parts


Stock rests against you when you are aiming or shooting an arrow. It can be of wood or injection molded plastic or any other composite material. It is the functional base of your crossbow that is available in numerous configurations.


It is the part of your crossbow where your aiming hand rests. It allows you to take a better aim because of better control. Foregrip also assists in lining your target. You can either opt for a collapsible foregrip or a removable one.

Safety and trigger

The trigger releases your bolt. There are two primary designs of trigger mechanisms. You can either find it under the latch that is holding the string at full draw or a latch that is right behind the trigger. On the other hand, safety is a critical component that will prevent your bolt to fire accidentally. Safety can engage automatically or manually when you cock your crossbow.


In case of a crossbow, this component is also called track or rail. There will be a groove right on top and it will align the string with the bolt. The barrel can generate consistency in all your shots. Different manufacturers use different materials for the construction of barrels. These include plastic or polymer for the crossbows that are not too expensive.

For the higher end crossbows, you can find crossbow barrels made of aluminum as well. These crossbows are lither than plastic and they also stay straight for an extended period of time. In recent times, manufacturers have started to use carbon fibers for the construction of barrels as well.


Limbs are the ends of the bows that are horizontally fixed on the top. The limbs are longer in case of crossbows are compared to recurve bows. The string is connected with each limb that is very heavy. For this reason, a shot of a crossbow has a longer range with a flatter trajectory.


The limbs of a crossbow attach to these risers. These components come in a number of configurations. Risers are critical if you want to hold your crossbow at a particular angle. Manufactures use machined aluminum or its cast counterpart for the construction of risers. You will also find magnesium and carbon risers too.


When we talk about crossbows the cams are the wheels that are present at each end. The string is connected with cams and the cam turns when you pull back the string. Due to these motions, a lot of energy is stored because it bends the limbs.


It partly works closely with the cams to reinforce your crossbow with a lot of power. Cams work like pulleys to keep the string under the barrel when you pull the string back.


This is the part of your crossbow that propels your arrow from the crossbow. A string has a significant role to play when it comes to improving the performance and power of your crossbow. Most common materials used in the development of these strings include natural, synthetic or polyester fiber.


This component is present very close to the string, in fact, it is wound very tightly throughout the string. This serving keeps the string safe from the retention of the arrow spring that is holding the arrow at full draw. When you trigger the rail, serving rides and contacts it. On either side, you must keep your serving centered.

Flight groove

On top of the barrel, there is a grooved track right between the latch and the barrel. Flight groove allows your arrow to be in perfect alignment with the string. For this reason, it has an integral role to play if you want to improve your aim.

Retention spring

The retention spring is the metal bar for holding the bot during flight groove until you release the arrow. It also stops the arrow from slipping out of the bow. Therefore, a retention spring can easily hold your arrow when you are moving from one place to another.


The latch mechanism comes into action when you draw your crossbow and want to hold it at full draw. It will keep your arrow taut until you release it with the help of the trigger.


The sight will align your arrow with the target and it will improve your accuracy in shooting. You can either use a scope, a pin and peep, and a red dot as a sight for your crossbow. There is an adjustable pin with a peephole in the pin and peep sight.

The red dots are battery operated and offer a variety of options when it comes to magnification and aiming points. Then there are scopes for crossbows as well. These scopes are designed in a way to take care of ballistic performance along with vibrations of the crossbow.


Sight-bridge is the place where you mount your sight, with good quality and sturdy sight bridge your sight will stay in its place. Some manufacturers connect trigger housing with sight bridges while others place it on stock 

Cocking stirrup

This is the metallic foothold that helps in cocking your crossbow. This component has a hoop shape and is present right in front of your crossbow. You can easily place your foot in this stirrup and cock your crossbow. Another benefit that these stirrups have to offer is to protect the arrow from bending and damaging when you are on the move with your crossbow.


This is a container for carrying your arrows and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can either mount your quiver right on top of your crossbow or underneath it. Some designs also feature quiver attached parallel to the bow. Most of the quivers are designed to hold three to four arrows and also come with a plastic hood to keep the arrows from falling out and keeping them safe.

Important Considerations for buying Best Hunting Crossbow

There are numerous things that you need to consider when buying a crossbow. The particular reason behind that is there are so many brands that have their crossbows floating on the market. Finding the right one that meets all your needs and requirements can be a daunting task. Therefore, you also need to determine all your requirements first before finalizing your purchase decision.


There is a great misconception that better speed means a better crossbow. In some cases, this might be true but it’s not in all cases. Your typical crossbow for deer hunting can offer speeds that range from 360 ft/sec to 400 ft/sec. If you are looking to get the most out of your crossbow then you should look for a crossbow that is around 200 ft/sec.

Crossbows with high speeds also generate a lot of noise. In addition to that fast speed also means that your crossbow is going to go through a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, you shouldn’t go fast shooting crossbows just because you have heard it a lot.


This point is a lot more complicated then you think because choosing the right kind of crossbow based on weight is never too easy. Heavy crossbows offer plenty of stability whereas; light crossbows offer more maneuverability.

You should only look for a heavy crossbow if you don’t move around much or have enough energy to carry one around the field for the whole day.


A crossbow’s let-off is its mechanical relaxation at its full draw. You can calculate this factor in terms of percentage and in most cases it is close to the highest draw weight of your crossbow. For example, if the let-off of your crossbow is at 50%and draw weight is 50 pounds then you will only have to hold back 25 lbs.

Nevertheless, your crossbow’s weight will start reducing when it nears full draw. Let-off is extremely important when you want to draw your crossbow at full for longer periods. Let-off is one of the most important factors to consider.

Draw Length & Draw Weight

On average, the good draw weight of a hunting crossbow varies between 75pounds and 125 pounds. Nevertheless, you can also find crossbows that come with a draw weight of more than 200 pounds. More draw is better without a doubt but you have to keep this thing in mind that some states have illegalized crossbows with a draw weight over 175 pounds. However, if you are deer hunting in Ohio then you can go for draw weights of up to 200 pounds too.

As crossbows have heavy draw weights they also have to deal with the issue of balancing it with their short draw lengths. Due to a short length, crossbows have very hard cams and also feature dramatic curves on limbs. These aspects assist a crossbow in handling the kinetic energy efficiently that it stores.

Axle to axle length

Axle-to-axle length means the length from one cam to the other. Most people don’t give much attention to this factor. It is the overall length of the bow on top of the barrel from end to end. This factor is important for you to consider if you are looking to hunt in tight corners. A wider span will only allow you to hunt in open spaces. Axel-to-axle length contributes a lot to the maneuverability of your crossbow.

Left or right hand

There is not much of an issue when it comes to choosing a right-handed or a left-handed crossbow. It is more of an assumption and nothing else. You can also go for a training session and allow your coach to find it out for you which crossbow you should choose for hunting. Many left-handers prefer to choose right-handed crossbows or the other way around. The important thing is that you must be in good shape and form if you are looking to shoot with accuracy. 

Cam Technology

The compound crossbows that have wheels near their limbs and they are known as cams. By utilizing these cams you can easily draw your crossbows with the benefits of the mechanical pulleys. But you have to keep in mind that these pulleys are no assistance when it comes to reducing the draw weight. These cams enable you to boost the force of your bow that is close to the full draw.

At let off, these cams can quickly reduce the draw weight and they also come in varying speeds of reducing the draw weight. The soft cams have the least amount of bolt velocity but they are also very smooth. The hard cams are extremely tough to draw but they also offer a fast bolt speed.

There are different cam technologies, let’s find out about them.

1. Single cams

This design only includes a cam on one of the limbs. There is a wheel on the other cam. During the draw, the single cam will control the limb’s timing and keeps it synced with the other limb. The nock of your arrow will always remain straight because your this cam doesn’t influence the string stretch. Single cams are slowest but they are most consistent too.

2. Dual Cams

Dual cam design means that there is a cam on each end of the bow. This cam design is faster than the single version. However, you also need to sync both the ends for highly efficient accuracy. 

3. Binary cams

Binary cam is an alteration of the 3-grooved version of a dual cam construction. The cams at both ends are directly connected and rely on each other. As a result, the construction has a freely floating system where you can adjust the cams for altering the timings. It means that you can rectify your crossbow with the help of such a design.

4. Hybrid cams

This construction features two cams with the asymmetric elliptical design. In such a design the top cam is in the driver’s seat and the bottom one will control the power of your shot. This cam construction will allow you to make the adjustment for once in the beginning and carry on the shooting. 


The sight will ensure that your arrow is correctly aligned with your target. They increasingly boost your shooting accuracy. There are three different types of sights that crossbows come with. You can go for a red dot, a scope or a pin and peep if you want. If you are going for long-range shots (more than 50 yards) then go for a scope. For medium ranged shot (35 to 50 yards) you should choose a red dot while in case of a pin and a peephole you should prefer to use it for short ranges (less than 35 yards).


In most cases, you will find a tall or a small tripods rest for your crossbow. This rest allows you to place your stand anywhere you want and fix your crossbow on it. You can easily use your tall rest for standing shots and use the small one for tight corners or while sitting.


If you are looking to use your crossbow while hunting in tight corners then go for a lightweight version of a crossbow that is not too heavy. Portability is also an important aspect if you move around a lot on the field from one place to another.

Having said that there is no issue with a heavy crossbow. If you think you can carry it around with ease or if you don’t move around that much on the field, then go for it. 


The durability of your crossbows relies heavily on its construction. Aluminum construction will make your crossbow a little heavy but it will also last for a good period of time. There are different types of plastic that manufacturers use in the construction of crossbows. The low quality plastic is not going to last very long. Carbon fiber materials are also used and they not only make your bow durable but also lightweight.

Value vs. Performance

There are two types of crossbow hunters; the hardcore hunters and the others do it for recreational purposes. If you are not an avid bow hunter then look for a crossbow that relies on value. Such a crossbow will be good for all the basic stuff.

However, if you take hunting seriously then look for the performance features. Value-based crossbows will be cheaper as compared to performance-based ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How far can a crossbow shoot accurately?

If you are looking to hunt then a good quality crossbow can easily hit up to 80-yards but you need to be right at the top in terms of skills and form. In the case of intermediate skills, you can stick to a target that is 60 yards away. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then only for the targets that are 30 to 35 yards away. If hitting the target is not your cause then you can shoot a bolt as far as 500 yards using a top-notch crossbow. 

2. Are crossbows more accurate than bows?

At long ranges, a crossbow is deadlier as compared to a bow or more particularly a compound bow. Compound bows can only go up to 350 ft/sec in terms of speed while crossbows store more kinetic energy and break the 400 mark barrier with no issue. This means crossbows can easily increase your kill zone significantly.

But you need to be highly accurate with your bowhunting skills if you want any good results using crossbows. If you are mediocre with your bow then a crossbow is not going to do anything to increase your accuracy. On the other hand, if you know nothing else but being accurate then with a crossbow you are the deadliest bowhunter on the planet.

3. Can I use Rage broadheads on a crossbow?

Yes, you can use Rage broadheads with your crossbows. It is clearly mentioned on their website and many of our peers have used Rage broadheads with crossbows too. Some people think that broadheads tens to open up due to the high-speed shooting of crossbows but that is not the case at all.

4. Can you use regular arrows in a crossbow?

Due to the short length, you need to use the arrows with short length as compared to the long shafts of the traditional arrows. But most of the modern crossbows allow you to use arrows and they don’t shoot bolts any longer. These shorter arrows look the same when you compare them with traditional arrows only shorter.

5. What is an advantage of hunting with a crossbow?

The crossbows allow you to hunt in tight corners because they don’t have much wingspan due to the short limbs. You can also use less draw weight and go for high speeds due to the mechanical components of a crossbow. These mechanical components also enable you to enjoy a stress-free hunting experience because your muscles don’t have to deal with drawing weight while reloading.

Therefore, keeping your hunting weapon at full draw is not a big deal. As crossbows have more draw weight they can shoot with high speeds and for this reason, they can shoot up to 500 yards with no problem.

6. What’re the best broadheads for crossbows?

Any broadhead that you use to do compound bowhunting effectively can work equally well in the case of the crossbow as well. It all depends upon your own preferences and skills.

7. How many FPS should a crossbow shoot?

Again it all depends upon the skills of a bowhunter. If you are a skilled one then you can shoot up to 80 yards with high accuracy. If you have intermediate-level skills then anything around 60 yards is a dead target for you. The beginners should not think about crossing 30 to 35 yards range if they want to get anywhere near their target.

8. How much draw weight does it take to kill a deer?

Keep in mind that you can effectively shoot and kill a deer with the help of bow that has 40 pounds of draw weight. 40 pounds draw weight is good enough to kill whitetails. If you are going for a larger game like moose, bear or elk then you need 50 pounds of draw weight on your bow.

The Bottom Line

Finally, it’s time to declare a winner. We’ll say that the Revenant CRT2 (Ghost 420) crossbow from Barnett is the best crossbow for hunting. It features the signature TriggerTech technology that makes you shot as frictionless as possible. This means that your shot will contain more kinetic energy and less of this will waste away in friction. The single bolt assembling makes it highly durable and compatible with a device for crank cocking. The riser of this crossbow is made of Carbonlite and it also features Barnett’s signature ADF trigger system to prevent dry fires.

If you are looking to use a crossbow then you have to keep in mind that these weapons are only good if you know how to hunt with them. You will only get the adrenaline rush for a few shots due to high speed but with the same old level of accuracy, boredom will get the better of you. Hence, you need to be very good in your aim in case of a compound bow if you want to be effective with your crossbow. With high speeds of crossbows, your kill zone will definitely increase.

Time to do some shooting!

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