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10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide)

Is Coyote hunting hard? Best Electronic predator calls are the coyote hunting tool that can make it quite easy.

In recent years, predator hunting and coyote hunting, in particular, has increased significantly. The primary reason is that these animals are both predators and scavengers. They will eat anything that comes in the grasp of their paws. Therefore, hunting for these buggers is essential to trim down their population near your vicinity with farms or high populations.

In most cases, traditional hunting techniques don’t prove to be fruitful. Coyotes are very intelligent animals. You have to exploit their instincts against them. For this reason, you need to have the best electronic predator call when you are out on a coyote hunt. With such a device you will be able to precisely simulate lone, group or distress calls of coyotes or other predators. It is needless to say that you should know how to use a coyote call for excellent results.

So, let’s begin with a brief list of types of best electronic coyote calls!

Types of Coyote Calls! All You Need to Know

There are different types of coyote calls both in terms of technology and the sound types that you can use in your hunt based on your requirements and preferences.

1. Sound types

After going through the following guide of effectively using your coyote calls, you will realize that these sounds can turn out to be very useful in varying situations.

  • Distressed prey

This is the best coyote call sound to use in numerous situations because coyotes are wild beings and they love to eat a lot. You can consider the sounds of foxes, cats, baby coons, rabbits, squirrels, birds, piglets and fawns to draw them out. You can also find the best electronic turkey call in your hunt to draw their attention.

  • Yelps

Most animals hold a very hefty parental instinct when they hear a yelp of a little one of their own kind. This is one of the effective calling types during springtime. Because at that time, the coyotes are living in a pack that is tightly knit together. This is the best time to send some puppy yelps to them using your electronic game calls.

  • Threatening growl

If you are absolutely sure that you are hunting near a pack’s den or in its neighborhood, then you should use a threatening growl. It will lure the aggressive coyotes out and these coyotes will go after the threat to eradicate it. At this moment you will be able to draw them out towards you with ease. In such a scenario you will easily separate the aggressors from the rest of the pack.

  • Other programmed sounds

With technological advancements, the manufacturers of electronic predator calls are introducing more and more sounds in their devices. You will need to get used to them and adequately use your best electronic coyote call in various scenarios if you want extraordinary results. 

2. Technology

As mentioned above, technological advancements have played a significant role in the development of various types of best coyote calls. You can choose any one of them according to your hunting style. The new models are coming with a plethora of features that can be very useful for you out in the woods.

  • Mouth-blownpieces
10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 1

If you are someone who is new to hunting then the coyote mouth calls are going to be very helpful for you. But you need to be experienced with coyote hand calls to get the best results. The best coyote mouth call also has a very lightweight construction and will provide you with plenty of conveniences when it comes to transportation and storage. These are the best options if you want the best electronic predator call under 100.

  • Electronic

Electronic predator calls are rechargeable and can reduce the operating cost to almost zero. You can easily set it in your kill zone and wait for the prey to arrive.

  • Multi-speaker

This predator call will give you a wide range of sounds and calls. Some of the electronic predator calls will also come with aux-out which adds further to the flexibility that this model has to offer.

  • Programmable
10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 2

The units enable you to program your coyote calls via computer. You can also add more or remove the current calls according to your requirements. With this model, you will get a wide range of selection that fits a variety of scenarios.

  • Handheld

This model is best for a hunter that stays on the move. You can easily take it to your favorite hunting grounds and set it up where ever you want.

Comparison Chart of Top 10 Coyote Calls

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Note: Please use these as a reference only. Product warranty, features & specifications are subject to change without any notice as company policy. Thanks

How We Have Selected Our Best Coyote Calls?

We understand what a hunter goes through when using such units. We have used some electronic predator calls ourselves. In addition to that, we have also interviewed different hunters and asked about the products that they use.

To further establish the authenticity of our top 10 list we have also gone through a number of reviews on Amazon about the products that we and our hunter buddies have used. This list has products that are used by real hunters who know what they are doing.

We have carefully reviewed each of these products for your convenience and assessed each of their features so that you understand what to consider when buying. The best part about our top electronic predator calls is that you will find all types of units in it.

Whether you want to purchase an expensive unit or a budget-friendly option you will find it in our list. Electronic predator calls are very useful for all types of hunters regardless of their experience out in the field. All of these units will provide you with a perfect balance of price and features and will deliver the maximum value of your investment.

Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews

1. Alpha Dogg by Primos Hunting

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 3

The Primos Hunting is a trustworthy brand that has used top predator calling technology in Alpha Dogg. It permits you to choose the required sound out of multiple sounds.

  • Durable Material

The manufacturer uses quality material to design the Alpha Dogg to resist in the toughest environment. The rugged plastic material makes it lightweight and provides easy portability.    

  • Sound & Speaker System

It has a speaker system that provides rotating directions sounds such as realistic and dynamic sounds. There are six Expert Hunts and 75 other sounds built-in in this product. It offers 2GB memory where you can store more than 1000 sounds and a USB port allows you to download the sound easily. It comes with a fully powered speaker system that does not produce any kind of distortion. This speaker system has a two-cone speaker, which can cover 180-degrees and a front-facing horn speaker.     

  • Ergonomic Remote

You can also operate the Alpha Dogg with ergonomic remote quickly. The range of this remote is 200-yard. You can operate it with one hand. The remote has full colored 2.5-inch LCD that displays the list of sounds. These sounds are organized by multiple species such as fox, deer, coyote, bobcat, elk, and much more. 


  • 08 AA batteries for base unit & 03 AA batteries for the remote
  • Multiple ports are available like USB cable port, an audio-out port.
  • An ergonomic remote comes with a 2.5-inch colored LCD screen.
  • High-quality plastic material presents a lightweight, durable, and portable machine.
  • Speaker system comes with rotating directions to generate realistic & dynamic sounds.


  • Speakers produce too much distortion sound.


The portable Primos Hunting is useful for predator calls anywhere you’d like to. The speaker system can cover 180-degree and generate multiple sounds such as realistic or dynamic. Plenty of other features such as tripod universal mounting thread, Realtree Max-1 Camouflage, and much more make it the best electronic predator call. If you want to know about the discounted price, please click here.       

2. Gen2 GC300 by Icotec

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 4

The Icotec gc300 electronic predator call gives an excellent value when you talk about performance, value, and ease of use. You will get a better result because it comes with practical features.      

  • No more programming

There is no need to memorize the long sequences of the number or more programming to play a premium quality audio call. You just need to press 01 buttons and the predator call works. It can play two sounds simultaneously for you.  

  • Multiple predator call features

The manufacturer presents the compact, easy to use, lightweight, low power consumption, high range remote and professional audio for calling. The remote has a 300-yard range. The backlist on or off button is specially designed for night hunting. 

  • Perfect for wildlife photographers

This product is becoming more popular among skilled wildlife photographers. The first product of Icotec was presented in 2012 and now it comes with more advancement such as the world’s best call library. The remote comes with latest decoy activation or deactivation buttons.      


  • 4-AA batteries for the caller and 1-A23 battery for the remote.
  • Play two sounds at the same time.
  • Comes with a pause button.
  • Advanced Decoy activation & deactivation button.
  • The greatest multi-species sound.
  • On & off backlist buttons for hunting at night.


  • Some sounds are kind of poor like CottonTail Distress.


The Gen2 GC300 is the best electronic coyote call for moneywith the latest pause button, backlist button, and decoy activation or deactivation buttons. The remote of this machine can cover 300 yards. For further information, please visit here.

3. Shockwave Predator Call by FoxPro

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 5

The FoxPro Shockwave predator call comes with advance FOXPRO innovations. It produces the multiple species sound that is just like a reality call sound. This is a full-featured product that continues works about 3-hour to 7-hours. The 10 AA batteries required for the machine and battery is rechargeable.  

  • Simultaneous sound

The device allows you to play two mixes and match sounds simultaneously during calling sequence. It comes with 100 preinstalled sounds and can store up to 1000 sounds of your favorite species. The supported file format is WAV, MP3, FXP, FLAC, OGC, and 24B.    

  • Maps the calls

This product maps your caller with the predetermined setting automatically. It maps after discharging the firearm. The shockwave equipped with twelve FOXCAST files such as bobcats, red fox, coyotes, crow, and gray fox.

  • Speaker system

The Shockwave Predator Call offers 4 speaker system that is consist of 02 horn and 02 tweeters for delivering excellent quality sound and volume capability. Two extra jacks are available for attaching additional speakers for enhancing the volume.  


  • Multiple connectivities like charge jack, external speaker, and USB port.
  • Rechargeable 10 AA batteries recommended for power.
  • Four speakers such as two horn and two tweeters.
  • The company provides a five-year warranty.
  • Fully featured remote controller.


  •  Poor quality on/off switch on the remote control.


Shockwave predator call provides an auxiliary jack for connecting an approved device like a charge jack and predator decoy jack. You can control the volume of the call by using a compact remote and can also play two mixes and match sounds at the same time. In order to purchase this predator call click here.

4. Gen2 GC350 by Icotec

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 6

When night hunting you can use this Gen2 GC350 predator call machine that has advanced on/off backlist button. You can pause or restart the predator calls. It also has built-in professional 24 calls. That’s not all. . . If you want more, you can access hundreds of other sounds.

  • Remote technology

Icotec manufactures the camouflaged machine for predator call that presents an excellent remote technology. The range of this remote is more than 300 yards and no line-of-sight needed to activate the core speaker unit. It can stimulate an electronic decoy, which you can plug into the main speaker. The remote requires a 12-volt 23A battery.

  • Professional sounds

A particular slot to insert the standard sized memory card allows you to load and play all calls. You can also play customized sounds but keep one thing in your mind you have to follow the compatible formats. These audio file formats are 16-bit or less .wav and .mp3.

  • Swift Connectivity

Gen2 GC350 offers you swift connectivity through a USB connection cable. You can connect it with your personal computer for downloading the required audio call libraries. Many websites offer a free library for the audio call. 


  • Enhanced on/off backlist button for night hunting.
  • New pause and restart button.
  • No line-of-sight needed for the remote.
  • Remote covers 300-yards.
  • Follow .wav and .mp3 audio call file format for download.


  • Low-frequency response and volume.


GC 350 machine comes with a camouflage design and remote technology to make coyote hunting easy. If you are a night hunter and want economical predator caller, check this affordable option.

5. Inferno by FoxPro

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 7

The FoxPro Inferno has a tripod mount located on the bottom of the main unit for easy placement. You can connect FoxPro inferno electronic game call with your computer for reprogramming. The 4AA batteries are used for operating the main unit.  

  • FoxBang technology

Inferno users can keep their eyes focused on the ground by using the FoxBang technology. The technology automatically switches the caller to assignable function. The remote has a mute button, two preset buttons, a volume control button, and much more.

  • Sound and Speaker

The superior quality speaker also comes with the FoxPro product that is known as a horn speaker. There are 75 audio calls configured already and the manufacturer permits you to upgrade call library according to your requirements. It provides 200 sounds capacity to meet your need. 

  • Connectivity

FoxPro predator call offers a great range of connectivity. If you want to add an additional speaker for enhancing the sound, you can attach it with ease. The jack is available for attaching the external speaker. The auxiliary 3.5mm jack and USB port are accessible in this product as well.


  • Both internal and external speakers enhance the volume.
  • FoxPro decoy linked up by auxiliary jack.
  • 75 built-in audio call but you can manually install up to 200 sounds.
  • Sounds are organized by different categories.
  • The Company provides you with a limited 3-year warranty.


  • The speaker is small and made of cheap plastic.


You can integrate this product with your home pc by using a USB port that allows you to reprograms according to your requirements. However, the inferno remote control provides plentiful features with a screen. For more information, click here.

6. Turbo Dogg by Primos Hunting

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 8

Turbo Dogg by Primos Hunting is equipped with 36 sounds and other pre-programmed 04 Expert Hunt. You can operate the main unit of Primos electronic predator calls with a fully-featured remote. Plenty of sounds are categories by species like deer, elk, coyote, and much more.

  • Distortion-free speaker

It is equipped with a horn speaker, which generates an ultra-realistic range of frequency for long-reaching. It enhances the sound projection over the ground due to the rotating speaker. A jack is available for attaching extra speaker for maximizing the sound.

  • Featured remote 

It comes with a full-featured remote that covers 150-yards. The remote has TFT high-resolution 1.75-inch colored LCD that displays the complete sound list used for calling. 

  • Accessible ports

The USB port permits you to download customized audio calls. You can store more than 500 sounds. There is an audio-out port and a decoy port for attaching compatible devices for enhancing the functionality of the main unit.


  • Distortion-free speakers.
  • Easy to operate with a remote.
  • Equipped with 4 Expert Hunts and other 36 sounds.
  • Attach additional speaker by audio-out port.
  • Store 500 sounds as a customized audio call.


  • Remote covers less range.


With its distortion-free speakers, you can call the predator without difficulty. You can attach an additional speaker for enhancing the sound projection by the audio-out port. To buy this full-featured device, check this out.

7. Dog Catcher by Primos Hunting

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 9

The Primos Hunting presents the compact and easy operated predator caller, which makes the hunt effective and easy for you. The Dogg Catcher offers multiple functional featured products that are available at an affordable price.

  • Pre-programmed sounds

It utilizes 12 different sounds that are approved by Randy Anderson. These sounds are very close to the real sound and can lure the coyotes and other predators effectively.

  • Compact predator caller

This electronic device is easy to operate, lightweight and compact caller option for you. You are able to play two sounds at the same time and still focus on hunting.

  • Quality remote

A full-featured remote covers more than 150 yards. There are multiple buttons configured on it to provide multiple facilities for your convenience.


  • Remote can cover more than 150-yard.
  • Plays 02 sounds at the same time.
  • Easy to operate.
  • More compact and lightweight.
  • 12 proven sounds are preprogrammed.


  • Limited sounds are available for audio call.


Dogg Catcher by Primos Hunting is an outstanding addition for the hunter’s bag. This compact caller is easy to use, lightweight, and won’t break your wallet. You can operate it by using remote from a distance of up to 150-yards. You can buy this predator call here.

8. HammerJack by FoxPro

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 10

The HammerJack requires 08 AA power batteries whereas the total weight of this product is 2.5 lbs including battery. This is a more compact and useful device for hunting.

  • Dual-amplified Speaker

The HammerJack comes with two amplified speakers. The one horn speaker is located at the front side and other is rear cone speaker. You can attach an additional speaker for enhancing the sound volume. The external two speakers jack is available for this purpose. 

  • Organized sound

You can also download the sounds according to your requirements. Not sure how to call coyotes with FoxPro? You can use more than 200 preprogrammed sound files. It can hold 300 sound files.

  • Different Ports

You can use multiple connectivity ports that increase the functionality of the main unit. A USB port, external 3.5mm speaker jack, and charge jack are available in this product. The USB port is used to reprogram the sounds according to your requirements.    


  • Auxiliary, two speaker jack, and a USB port.
  • Dual-amplified speakers.
  • Organized sound files.
  • The company provides you with a limited 3-year warranty as well.
  • The capacity of the sound file is 300.


  • No slot for inserting a standard sized memory card.


HammerJack is the most efficient and compact predator caller that provides an easy way of hunting. There are plenty of preprogrammed sound files available and you can download the additional file. You can connect it with your PC by USB port to reprogram according to your requirements. Want to know more details? click here.

9. Fusion by FoxPro

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 11

The FoxPro Fusion can play two mixes and match sounds at the same time. It permits you to control the pitch of sound that triggers a better response. The Company provides you with a limited 5-year warranty and presents the best FoxPro sounds for coyotes.

  • Display Screen

You can control the main unit manually and by using a remote. The remote provides an easy way to operate it. A colored display LCD screen displays all related information to you. The information includes sound files, battery indicator, temperature indicator and moon phase indicator. 

  • Powerful battery

It requires 08 AA batteries that are rechargeable. This battery enhances the run time of the unit. You can perform 3 to 7-hour continuous operation easily and quickly. The weight of the product is 2.5 lbs after inserting the battery.

  • Dual-amplified speakers

It is equipped with a dual-amplified speaker system that provides incredible sound to you. A front horn speaker handles the coyote vocalization as well as general distress sounds easy. A rear cone speaker also manages low frequency sound like owl sound, bear growls, and mountain lion sound.


  • Run time of unit is 3 to 7 hour continuously with battery.
  • Delivers clear, crisp, high-quality, and realistic sound.
  • LCD screen to display barometer indicator, battery level indicator, time clock, etc.
  • Easy to use with a remote.
  • Manipulate the pitch of the sound.


  • The user manual isn’t available.


Fusion by FoxPro permits you to add additional sound files according to your requirements. The 100 sound files are preprogrammed and permits to download at least 1000 sound files. You can also play two mixes and match the sound at the same time. Multiple jack or ports are available that allows you to enhance the functionality of the unit by attaching additional devices such as speakers. For further information, please visit here.

10. EDMR302 by Extreme Dimensions Wildlife Calls

10 Best Electronic Predator Calls Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 12

Last but not least. . . In fact, it is one of the best options for you to consider if you’re looking for the best electronic predator call under 100. The EDMR302 keeps things simple because it allows you to use different sound sticks that are interchangeable. Another benefit that this predator call provides you with is that it can play two different sounds at the same time as well.

  • 150-yard wireless operation

This coyote call is capable to handle wireless operations that span over 150-yards. This means that it provides you with an adequate kill zone to work with the coyotes. This way you can easily set up an ambush for your kill.

  • Interchangeable sticks

The coyote call from EDM also enables you to use up to three different predator calls with the help of two separate sound sticks as well. In addition to that, you can also use a variety of calls to lure your coyote in.

  • Disposable battery packs

The receiver uses four AA batteries while the transmitter uses four AAA batteries to operate. This means that you can use your coyote call all day long without any issues at all. You can replace the batteries when you are done with them.


  • Produces sounds up to 120 dB.
  • Remote’s wireless range is 150 yards.
  • Interchangeable predator sticks can be used.
  • Can produce 2 different sounds at the same time.
  • Also comes with 10 preprogrammed calls.


  • Can drain the batteries pretty quick.


You can choose from over 700 sounds from 47 different species. It will easily last for 2 to 3 hours. You can use different types of sounds to lure the coyotes. Overall it is a good budget option for you to consider. You can check out further details on this predator call here.

Facts to Consider Before Purchasing Best Coyote Calls

The best electronic predator calls come in different types that vary from each other in terms of features. In order to find the best unit for your next hunt, you need to understand what you want to achieve with your unit and under what circumstances you will use it. Most of the hunters prefer to use Johnny Stewart electronic game calls because there is so much versatility that you can work with using these calls.

To keep things, simple you need to consider some of the important features when buying the best electronic coyote calls for your next outing. We have listed them as follows:


An important decision when buying the electronic predator calls for your next hunt is choosing the type. You have to carefully make this decision based on your experience in hunting, your style and what your preferences are. For instance, a mobile hunter will find a handheld coyote call much useful as compared to other types. Similarly, if you are close to the den then you might use the threatening growl to lure the aggressive coyotes away from the rest of the pack. It all depends upon what you prefer in a particular situation.

Sound quality

If you want to get your hands on the best electronic predator calls then their sound quality needs to be impeccable. Wild animals are quick to differentiate between a natural sound and an artificial one. You don’t want your sound quality to ruin your hunt because a fake sound will not lure anything out.

You need to have an amplifier if you want to create calls that go for long distances. Amplifiers can also enhance the sound quality of the calls.

Single or multi-speaker

The number of speakers will be more useful based on your location’s closeness to the den. If you are not in their neighborhood and you don’t want to go close to their den then you will need multi-speaker because it will be loud.

If you are close to their den then the single speaker will suffice.  Sometimes you also have to increase the sound based on the requirements. A multi-speaker option will be quite handy in such a scenario


The latest models of coyote call units come with remote controls too. With these remotes, you will be able to control your unit from more than a hundred yards away. In such a manner you will be able to stay hidden from your target.

The controlling mechanism of these remotes should be very simple and user-friendly. Similarly, the range of operation in distance should be good too. You don’t want to setup your predator call unit only to get out of the range where you cannot control it remotely.


The durability of a coyote call is necessary. Sometimes, the animals do tend to find the unit and they might damage it while exploring. The speakers must be adequately covered and the unit must be made of good quality materials.

You don’t want your unit to falter after just a few outings. The battery should also last your entire hunt. A highly durable unit will withstand any type of rash conditions, snow or rain.


It is important that your unit must come with programmability. This feature will ensure that you can change your distress call according to the need of the hour. No single distress call is good for all coyote. Therefore, you need to be conversant at all times and explore various options that your coyote call has to offer.

You should conveniently program it using your computer and access its memory to add more calls or program them as per the needs of your next hunt.


Your unit must be capable to store many calls. This will enable you to pick the right option at the right time or explore different options during uncertain times. In addition to that, your coyote call must also be lightweight and it should be very easy for you to carry. This way it will be more portable.

Performance in bad weather conditions

In poor weather conditions, analog calls don’t work too well. Therefore, you will need an electronic unit to make calls even when the weather is not on your side. Just make sure that your unit comes with the good. The calls should be audible even in windy conditions. It should also stay consistent in rainy or snow conditions too.

Accessories and Extras

There are some accessories and extras also available for you to grab. The most important of all is an external battery pack with a charger as well as extra battery holders. In addition to that, you can also find a variety of predator decoys for your predator call units. Some units can also support additional external speakers to amplify the call. If you want to keep your unit and its accessories safe then you will need a carrying case as well.


Now, you don’t just have to rely on a single brand when it comes to buying a predator call for your next hunt. Because there are many brands that sell numerous units across the country, your choice simply based on the manufacturer is going to be very irksome. For this reason, you have to go through a number of reviews and then make your choice based on your purpose of use and nature of the hunt. Also, make sure that you don’t focus on low priced options because they will not last more than a couple of months.

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Coyote calling tips & tricks…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a coyote to come to a call?

One of the most important coyote calling tips is being patient. It is needless to say that time is an eternal river and you should not swim upstream. Therefore, you need to be very patient with these animals.

Sometimes a coyote will come to a call within five minutes or so. At times they will take 20 to 30 minutes as well. You must give each of your stand work for some time. If you are having a lucky day then you might see a coyote as soon as you give a call.

What are the benefits of having a remote caller?

One of the biggest advantages of having a remote caller is making a call from a point that is far from your position with the help of the remote. Coyotes have exceptional eyesight so if you can keep their focus on the call that is away from your current position will buy you a good bit of time to make a top-quality shot.

You can easily change the sound at will and without making any significantly noticeable movements. The second plus that these remote callers provide you with is to make a range of sounds by just pressing a button. You can do so instantly by having a close look at the behavior of the predator. The variety of sounds that these remote callers have will provide the hunters with a better chance of hunting coyotes at night and in the late season as well.

Can all coyote calls make multiple sounds?

Most of the modern electronic coyote calls come with multiple sounds these days. However, there are traditional models with single sound also available. If you are a seasoned hunter then you can work with the traditional models. But multiple sounds can always come in handy regardless of the experience that you have in hunting down predators. Particularly in the late season, this will be a very handy feature that you can use to stack up some kills.

How far can a coyote hear a call?

Coyotes have a very good sense of hearing. In perfect conditions, they can hear and respond to calls more than a three or even five miles away. However, the conditions must be perfect for such a response. Hilltops and timber can reduce the hearing distance significantly. Strong winds can also heavily impact the sounds too.

Are coyotes aggressive?

Coyotes are wild animals and there are times in a year when they become very aggressive. The aggressive nature of coyotes is on the rise when it’s a breeding season or when they are protecting their young from external threats.

There are only a few incidents where people have been bitten by coyotes while saving their free-roaming companions from an attack. Coyotes are nocturnal animals that are seldom seen in suburban and urban areas. In most cases, they are not a threat because of their small size. But a small child or a pet is a danger in a coyote attack.

What’s the best time to hunt coyotes?

The best time to hunt coyotes is either fall or winter. In the fall, coyotes are very anxious. Their young pups are on their own and you will be more successful with the young naïve ones. In winter, the young one is all furred up and they are sending more time out in the open to find food that is scarce.

What coyote calls work the best?

Prey in distress along with yelps and whines are the best coyote hunting calls to work. Although you need to mix it a little bit as well these two work very well. Coyote calling sequence can work like a charm even if you are having a tough hunting day. They are very omnivorous animals. According to a number of coyote stomach studies, they are known to swallow anything that they can put in their mouths.

So hunger and curiosity are two of the biggest instincts of this animal. The other thing you can exploit is their parental instinct with the help of the yelps and whines. As per some studies coyotes are also known to cannibalize their young. However, the best technique is to mix it up a little bit.

The Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is important to mention that coyote hunting can be fun if you integrate some modern technique without letting go of the old fashioned notion. You have to be prepared for a variety of scenarios if you want to be successful at hunting coyotes.

Keep things simple and don’t get impatient with these animals. It’s just playing around with the animal’s instincts without overdoing anything. There is no single way to draw all coyotes out. Sometimes one technique may prove to be very successful on a given day but it might falter on another.

You will be far more successful when you carefully position your predator call from yourself and setup an adequate kill zone. But investing in the best electronic predator call will be a good way to start whether you are a seasoned hunter or a newbie. Such a unit will allow you to use multiple sounds according to the situation. This unit will also allow you to ambush your prey in a better way. Your success rate will get better as you mix the sounds to keep it natural for the animals and use different coyote call combinations.

Hope, that you have enjoyed reading through this article. If you think that we have missed out on something then let us know by leaving a comment below.

Happy hunting!

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