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15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide)

What arrows should I shoot? How do I know what arrow size to use? As a bowhunter, you need to have the right set of arrows to be successful in your hunting endeavors. But what is a perfect hunting arrow? Is it the velocity of flash-pointing or those needled diameters?

Well, the answers to these questions are simple but finding a right arrow is a bit more complicated.

A good quality arrow will unleash the power of your bow at full strength. This will result in quicker and cleaner kills. You need to choose an arrow that is stiff, straight and of adequate length. These qualities will allow the arrow to maintain its projection right from the bow.

We understand choosing the best quality arrow can be an eschewing task especially with so many options floating in the market. With this guide, you’ll get valuable information on what to look for when buying the best hunting arrows.

And the best part …

We have done all the research for you and have come up with recommendations. So let’s begin our hunt to find a suitable arrow, shall we!

All About Arrow & Types of Arrows?

Types of arrows are based on the materials used in the construction and their design. First of all, you need to understand four different parts of an arrow that are; the point, shaft, fletching, and nock.

Let’s talk about them in more detail.

1. Point

The point of an arrow is its front end. It is the bit with which you hit your target. Now there are different types of points and each of them serves a particular purpose:

  • Bullet points
Bullet Points

These points are useful in both hunting as well as target archery. They are far less destructive as compared to their field counterparts. The end of this point has the shape of a bullet. Make sure that you pick an arrow with a point diameter same or smaller than the stem diameter. Otherwise, it will adversely impact its aerodynamics and you will snag your target.

  • Field points
Field Points

These points are sharpened versions of bullet points and equally good for hunting and target archery. Field or combination points are more focused on saving targets particularly if you use them for target archery. The reason behind that is they don’t penetrate as wide and far as bullets points do.

  • Grabbing points
Grabbing Points

These are also blunt points but there is a small grabbing hook as well. In most cases, hunters use these points for practicing. Other types of blunts tend to bury themselves and you will have a hard time finding them. These points will snag the ground and flip up and allow you to locate your arrow precisely.

  • Broadheads
Broadhead Points

These points have flat blades and you should only use them for hunting. These points will cause your arrow to fly in a different manner because the broad surface area contributes to the aerodynamics of your aero. The best broadheads for hunting are capable of causing large wounds and they are as sharp as any surgical tool.

  • Blunts points
Blunts Points

These points are best for hunting small game. Some of them also come with rubber points that feature large diameter as compared to the shaft. The killing is done by the small spikes that are present on the rubber head. Some other types will only have a blunt end.

  • Bowfishing points
Bowfishing Points

These points have sharp tips and there is an inbuilt barb too. You can use this barb to catch fish using your bow. These points are your best option for Bowfishing.

2. Shaft

This is the steam or the body of an arrow that links the point with its fletching and nock. You can choose from different types of shafts but first, let’s find out what materials are used in their construction.

Arrow Shaft
  • Carbon cover and alloy core

These are the most expensive arrows that you will find on the market. The core of this arrow is built using an alloy with a carbon fiber coating. This combination adds stiffness and gives lightweight to the arrow. This is the best shaft for professionals and Olympians.

  • Solid carbon

This shaft has solid carbon down to the core and features a lot of other interwoven fibers as well. For this reason, it is one of the lightest options that you will find on the market.

However, you will have to compromise on stiffness. It will only bend to a certain level and after that will splinter into numerous sharp splines. These arrows are best for all types of hunters and fall into the expensive category.

  • Aluminum

The arrows with these shafts vary in quality and price depending upon the manufacturing process. In most cases, an arrow with an aluminum shaft will be hollow and lightweight. The diameter and thickness of the circumference count a lot towards the price. These are far heavier than their carbon counterparts but they don’t travel farther either.

The best part is … you can cut them to your required size. These are best for the beginners and their price is on the medium to the low side.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass shafts are the cheapest ones and are best for toys or very low quality or introductory sets of bows. These are suitable for those hunters who don’t take hunting too seriously.

  • Wood

These arrows are cheap and you can dispose of them after using once. It is the basic form of a shaft for an arrow. Longbow or conventional hunters might still use wood for the shaft. But they do tend to break easily and feature feathered fletching for better flights. These are suitable for low powered bows and for survivalists.

3. Fletching

Normally there are three plastic or feathered vanes at the back end of an arrow. Fletching provides assistance to an arrow in flight. You’ll find different types of arrows when it comes to fletching. Some of them have three fletching while others have four fletching.

Arrow Fletchings
  • Three vs. four fletches

Most of the times you will find an arrow with three fletches but these arrows come with four as well. The additional fletch can contribute to speed shooting because it will feature a smoother and more accurate flight as compared to three fletched arrow.

But there is a downside as well … your arrow will have more drag and it will cover less distance.

  • Feathered

These fletches are made of feathers taken from a turkey wing. These don’t offer much durability because they are prone to water-logging. These types usually work best for indoor Olympic archers.

  • Plastic

These fletches are stiff and more long lasting as compared to their feathered counterparts. With plastic fletches, you have many options. There are low profile ones that offer less wind drift whereas high profiled ones offer more.

Plastic is waterproof and there is no issue of water-logging as well. These tend to become best for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

  • Shaped

You may also find shaped vanes or fletches. These fletches look like the blades of a fan. With this, your arrow is going to get better in-flight spin for extra stability. These are expensive as compared to the regular vanes and can offer a slight difficulty in application. Mostly these are used in competitive archery.

4. Nock

It is the little groove at the back end of an arrow with which you can fit the arrow on a string. You can also find a range of nocks. Some of them are glued on the arrow while others are stacked within. Some manufacturers also thread them within the shaft so that you can remove them. It is best to go for a nock that blends well with the shaft you are using.

Arrow Nock

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Important Facts About Best Carbon Arrows

Carbon arrows have gained plenty of popularity in recent times. And there are some important facts that prove their worth.

♦ High speed

High speeds are crucial for hunting. Due to their relatively small diameter, carbon arrows shoot at high speeds as compared to the aluminum or wooden arrows.

♦ Less wind drift

With carbon arrows, you will have to deal with less wind drift and for that reason, your accuracy will increase. If you are shooting outside then it will matter a lot. If there is a strong wind blowing then getting those perfect shots is not going to be easy.

♦ Very Stiff

One of the best features of a carbon arrow is that it is very stiff and doesn’t bend at all. The stiffness of an arrow is important for both professionals and beginners. You cannot use a bent arrow. Carbon arrows are thin but hard and stiff.

♦ Lightweight

Carbon arrows are very light especially if you compare them with aluminum. Their weight is perfect because it is neither too light nor too heavy. Due to this feature, these arrows are fast and travel the distance too.

♦ Expensive

Carbon arrows are more expensive as compared to their wooden and aluminum counterparts. So if you are a beginner at archery then you need to work with other arrows before you start investing in these costly options.

♦ Gain & lose velocity

Carbon arrows tend to gain and lose velocity pretty quickly. Now, this is an aspect that you can ignore if you are shooting a close by targets. If you are shooting at targets far-off then carbon arrows will not work for you. Due to their streamlines diameter and less weight, they can gain velocity quickly but wind resistance affects them fast.

♦ High accuracy and penetration

Carbons arrows tend to provide you with a high level of accuracy because you have to deal with less wind drift. In addition to that, the high speed along with small diameter contributes further to increase the penetration level of carbon arrows too.

Comparison Chart of Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

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Note: Please use these as a reference only. Features & specifications are subject to change without any notice. Thanks

10 Best Carbon Hunting Arrow Reviews

1. Maxima Red by Carbon Express

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 1

Carbon Express has a range of best carbon hunting arrows for all kinds of bowhunters. The company has been around for many years and it keeps on delivering high-quality products. Similar is the case with the Maxim Red. These fletched arrows are made of top quality carbon material and provide a solid performance.

  • Precision Nock

One of the best features of Carbon Express arrows is the precision nock. And the best part … it’s their standard feature. It allows you to have total control on your arrow release. The result will be better shaft alignment along with consistent accuracy in every shot.

  • Dynamic Spine Control

The company has used high-quality carbon materials in the construction of these arrows with state of the art and patented technology. It enables the arrows to fly better. Different carbon materials are used for more control flex of arrow.

  • Authentic Straightness

Carbon Express has checked the straightness of these arrows with the help of laser tests. It is for this reason these arrows are 1/10,000th of an inch straight with +/- 0.0025-inch differential measurement.

Now, this is not an average measurement which most of the companies provide to their users in the arrows. Due to stiffness these arrows will provide more accuracy and will also work with heavy bows as well.


  • The Maxima Red arrows feature precision nock that allows you to release your arrows with better control.
  • Carbon Express has used cutting edge carbon materials in the construction that allows better spine control and your arrows will fly better.
  • With real straightness, this arrow can work well with heavier bows too.
  • The diameter of these arrows makes them aerodynamic.
  • These arrows attain a frictionless flight with a solid impact.


  • You need to cut these arrows to your required length.


The Maxima Red arrows are the best arrows for hunting and target for people with varying skill levels due to their stiffness and straightness. However, you have to cut them to your preferred length before you use them. They are not ready to use straight out of the box.

2. Hunter Pro by Golf Tip

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 2

Gold Tip is another one of the brands that are well known for their high precision arrows. The Hunter Pro arrow set has 12 pieces of highly straight and thin arrows. These are best for long range target shooting because they can travel at high speed and have a good flight.

  • Genuine Carbon Tech

The material used in the manufacturing of the Hunter Pro arrow set is 100% carbon. The arrows feel very light but still, pack a punch. The combination of strength, stability, and speed makes them best for any type of hunting conditions.

  • Remarkably Accurate Straightness

These arrows come with remarkably accurate straightness of up to 0.001-inch. This means that all your shots are going to land where you want them to.

  • Precise Alignment of Nock

The2-inch vanes hat come with these arrows. The GTO nock with bushings will provide your nock alignment. Another handy feature is that the nocks come pre-installed and you don’t have to work your way with them when you take your arrows out of the box.


  • The Hunter Pro comes with an exceptional straightness factor for high accuracy.
  • These arrows have almost perfect alignment due to the bushings and GTO nocks.
  • Hunter Pro arrows have genuine carbon construction.
  • The diameter of these arrows is 0.300-inch.


  • If you prefer to use those nocturnal light-up nocks then you won’t be able to use them on these arrows.


These arrows from Golf Tip offer good performance at a convenient price. However, the nocks of these arrows are pretty small and you cannot take them off either.

3. Maxima Hunter by Carbon Express

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 3

Another one of the Maxima range from Carbon Express makes an appearance in our list. These arrows are slightly cheaper than the Maxima Red arrows and they are an upgrade to a classic design.

  • Dual Spine Weight Forwarding

The iconic feature of these hunting arrows is the DSWF technology that fuses different carbon materials together. This means that Carbon Express has integrated two different spines in one arrow. It will allow the arrow to manage energy in a better manner and recover quicker.

This fusion also improves the speed performance and your arrow will spin 20-percent sooner. The overall outcome is high accuracy in your shots.

  • Excellent Straightness

This is a pretty standard feature in all Carbon Express arrows. They make sure to laser check all their arrows for outstanding straightness of up to 1/10,000th of an inch. There will be no deviations from the target in any of your shots and the arrow will travel faster as well.

  • BullDog Nock

BullDog Nocks is another standard feature of all Maxima arrows. These nocks keep your arrow’s shafts safe from any impacts caused by nock-ends. This is an excellent feature that gives you more control in your release.


  • Available at a very convenient price.
  • Due to the DSWF technology, the arrow travels at an extra speed and stiffness.
  • Its camouflage Mossy Oak pattern keeps the arrows well hidden. Your target will never see them coming.
  • With the help of laser technology, the straightness of these arrows is ensured for impeccable accuracy.


  • These arrows don’s come assembled and you have to cut them to your required length before use.


The Maxima Hunter arrows are a better option for professionals and are only better to use for close range shooting. The camouflage pattern makes the arrow very difficult to find in case you miss.

4. Bloodline Arrows by Easton

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 4

Easton is another company with a long history of making top-notch arrows for bowhunters. The best Easton hunting arrow is Bloodline and it has a spine span of 0.400-inch. The diameter of these arrows is 0.302-inch. This means that these arrows are excellent for high penetration.

  • High Speed &Penetration

The Bloodline arrows are swift and offer high penetration. This is only possible because of the small shaft diameter and extremely lightweight carbon materials used in the construction. The arrow also features +/- 0.003-inch straightness as well as weight tolerance of +/-0.2 grains.

  • N-fused Fibers

In addition to the high-quality carbon materials used in the construction, there are N-fused fibers that make the arrow sturdy. It means that these arrows are not going to bend after target impact. There are preinstalled nocks as well which means these arrows are ready to use straight out of the box.

  • High Durability

Most thin arrows don’t offer much rigidity. However, this is not the case with the Bloodline arrows. These arrows are hard enough to deliver a powerful blow with high penetration and accuracy. The Easton H nocks tend to break after a few shots but they still remain functional to the most extent.


  • The arrows come with HP inserts and 2-inch Blazer vanes.
  • N-fused nanotube fibers increase the overall durability of these arrows.
  • The high strength carbon used in the construction of these arrows provides them with extra strength and power.
  • The thin construction and lightweight of these arrows make them fly well for long distance.


  • The H nocks are of low quality and they tend to break very easily.


One of the primary reasons why this arrow has featured in our list is its flight ability. It is one of the best options for you to try in target hunting conditions.

5. Maxima Blue Streak by Carbon Express

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 5

The Blue Streak arrows from Carbon Express features the DSWF technology. It means that these arrows also offer high speed and good precision. These arrows are the best option if you are using crossbolts.

  • BuffTuff

The exterior of these arrows has BuffTuff construction. It provides the exterior with inserts that are precision-milled. This construction has a significant role to pay when it comes to added power and superior consistency.

  • DSWF Technology                                                              

The DSWF technology again comes in to play its role. With this technology, Carbon Express has infused two different carbon materials within one arrow. Therefore, this arrow is going to be very stiff and offer excellent strength.

  • Diamond Weave

Another excellent feature that sets this arrow apart from the competition is its diamond weave. This weave features on the rear shaft section. Carbon provides the extra stiffness while the weave provides the arrow with spine consistency making them the best bolts for crossbows.


  • R2 vanes make them suitable for crossbolts.
  • Your arrow will retain its speed and will spin 20-percent sooner. For this reason, this arrow will provide excellent accuracy with a good impact.
  • Diamond weave and BuffTuff features keep the arrow stiff and sturdy. They both add to the overall repeated consistency in your shooting.


  • The arrows don’t come with field tips.


If you are not an avid bowhunter then these arrows will work pretty fine for you. These are not your regular crossbow arrows. The small size makes them useful arrows for short distance shooting.

6. Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 6

The Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrows promises you versatility, durability, and strength in any hunt. You’ll be surprised as to how much these arrows will survive through all the ups and downs in your hunting experiences.

  • Straightness tolerance

The straightness tolerance of the arrow shows how much the arrow can deviate from the original bull’s eye. With a straightness tolerance of +-.003 inches, this carbon arrow has a reputation of going straight under all circumstances.

  • Draw length

The penetrating arrows normally have a draw length between 28 inches and 34 inches. The Gold Tip Hunter XT boasts a draw length of 31.5 inches making it one of the best arrows for compound bows.

How does this help? With a draw length of 31.5 inches, you can easily pull this arrow from the nock to your neck with ease. This is optimal as it can then be used by people whose arms are shorter as well. And with this average length, the arrow will still have a lot of impact and pressure once it hits the target.

  • Inner diameter

The inner diameter of the arrow is a surefire way of knowing exactly how efficient the arrow is. With a larger diameter, the arrow will have a lot of impacts.

With a larger diameter, the arrow’s straightness decreases and hence, its hit ratio decreases significantly. However, the inner diameter is kept at 0.246 inches that offer a lot of strength as well as accuracy during hunting.


  • You’ll get a forceful impact with this arrow.
  • Average diameter keeps the flight accurate and straight.
  • Perfect for people with short height.


  • Difficult to handle


The Gold Tip Hunting Arrows XT is definitely one of the best arrows for target shooting. Accuracy is the iconic feature of this model. Although it is accurate, it is somewhat heavy making it difficult to handle for people who are physically not very strong.

7. Full Metal Jacket by Easton

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 7

With the Full Metal Jacket from Easton, you can forget about the arrow is going to break or miss. Easton is a well-reputed name and surely, it lives up to its name with this product.

  • High-strength carbon core

Carbon cores are an ideal feature which most enthusiasts wish for. The Easton Full Metal Jacket boasts a high-strength carbon core with a thick 7075 alloy metal jacket.

Arrows break and sometimes, they do not endure the impact of harder surfaces due to the lack of a carbon core. But the carbon core paired up with a thick alloy metal jacket makes this arrow practically indestructible.

  • Shaft weight

The shaft weight of the arrow is a crucial aspect of hunting arrows as it determines reliability and ease of use. The Easton Full Metal Jacket offers a shaft weight of 10.2 grains making it one of the best arrows for crossbows.

For starters, the lesser shaft weight allows you to better handle this arrow. While this is easier to balance and keep straight, it makes the arrow less forceful than the others. With a lesser shaft weight, the arrow also has a tendency to flip or get unbalanced if not shot correctly, as this reduces the straightness tolerance.

  • Arrow weight

The problem with heavy arrows is that you need a lot of strength in your arms to get the kind of force you need them to have. And the problem with light arrows is that they tend to break easily and meander whilst in the air. The ideal weight will make for a perfect hunting experience.

An ideal arrow weight should be around 400 grains in order for it to qualify as one of the top arrows for bow hunting. This particular carbon-core arrow weighs in at 340 grains. The ideal arrow weight makes for a rather well-balanced and manageable arrow.


  • Ideal arrow weight
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Great penetration ability


  • Wear out early


Good penetrating power and low straightness tolerance feature make Easton arrows one of the best arrows for elk hunting. Just remember to use them as early on as possible. We wouldn’t recommend storing them for a long time.

8. Maxima BLU RZ by Carbon Express

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 8

The Carbon Express Maxima is a great option for amateur archers. The arrows have features that play around with kinetic energy. These features make it scientifically fun and pretty accurate to use.

  • Kinetic features

One of the best mechanism of these carbon arrows is that they pay attention to kinetic energy. These features include the arrow being light in weight. The lightweight feature allows the arrow to flow with the wind easily in the direction of the target. The lightweight feature additionally takes part in increasing the accuracy of the arrow.

  • High tech carbon

While the accuracy is affected by the weight of the arrow, the body depends on the carbon used. Carbon arrows generally are a good idea as they are more durable and have better features in them.

The Diamond Weave carbon material allows the body to maintain a strong balance and be more durable. The carbon shaft has a stiffer end than usual. The stiff end helps in separating the arrow flex with the shaft. High tech carbon makes them the best arrows for hunting and target.

  • Matched set

One of the best things about these arrows is that you get a set of 6 and that too matched. Instead of having different types, you get a full set of the ones that are best in the market.


  • These arrows are light in weight which allows them to break through with the wind easily.
  • Their weight and carbon allow them to have a balanced body and become more accurate.
  • The high-quality carbon gives it a strong spine and a stiffer shaft.


  • The size of the vanes may not be very suitable.
  • Consistency may affect after every usage.
  • They do not penetrate very strong.


Keeping in mind their features, they are suitable for light duty targets and objects. Professional bow hunter may not find them as efficient as amateurs.

9. PileDriver by Carbon Express

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 9

This arrow is a great option for people that are into professional bow hunting. It is a slightly advanced set of arrows which makes it a great option for people that are looking for heavy duty bow hunting. They come in two different sizes which makes them more versatile. Their bright green color is the perfect day and night time arrow color.

  • Penetration

Penetration is vital to hit the target with accuracy. If an arrow has all the important features and bad penetration, it is useless. Hence, it is important for a good arrow to jab in the target easily.

The grain weight of these arrows is quite heavy. This feature helps in penetration by attaining maximum kinetic energy and eventually knock down the target easily.

  • Construction

Without the right construction, the arrow may ruin your hunting. Fortunately, the construction of this arrow is very specific. The special design of the spine ensures consistency in speed and accuracy throughout the process of shooting.

The material of the spine is a composite material that makes it suitable for repetitive performances. A four inches vane make it more suitable for the balance of weight on each side of the arrow.

  • Extras

These arrows come with a couple of extras which are very important. One of the best things is that you have the option to choose between two different lengths. These arrows come in a pack of six. There are also inserted moon nocks and 6 universal flat cocks that come with the package.


  • These arrows have heavy-duty construction for heavy duty hunting.
  • The spine is consistent and performs accurately for the repetitive purpose.
  • The arrows have long vanes to keep the balance.
  • Strong penetration ability.


  • The arrow design is not consistent in a single pack.
  • They are not very lightweight.


These arrows are a great choice for professional bow hunting and heavy-duty hunting. However, only professionals can enjoy them to their advantage.

10. ICS Hunter by Beman

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 10

The Beman ICS Hunter classic arrows come in several different sizes which makes it very versatile. From the construction to the quality, every part of these arrows combines to make it the best for hunter out there.

  • Construction

The construction of these arrows makes them suitable for both heavy duty and novice purposes at the same time. The carbon used in the construction is made of high quality and ensures that the weight of the arrow stays balanced.

  • Tolerant

The Beman hunter classic arrows may not tolerate your child’s tantrums, they do tolerant the straightness of your shot by +- .003 inch. This feature makes them perfect for repetitive use and gives them a chance to be the best.

  • Vanes

The vanes play the biggest part to keep the balance right. They have a design to ensure that the arrow stays accurate and consistent.


  • The vanes make them consistent and upright.
  • These arrows are more tolerant than their competitors
  • High-quality carbon makes it durable.
  • They come in various different sizes to match the archer body.


  • These arrows are not for professional hunters.


The Beman arrows are a great option for people that use arrows for archery or bow hunting as leisure. However, they do have a few qualities that make them professional.

Traditional Wooden Arrows For Hunting  

Wooden arrows have a long history. They date back to when archery was born and that is about tens of thousands of years ago. Carbon and aluminum arrows have appeared just a few decades ago and they are nothing but just a flash in the pan when you have a close look at the history of archery.

Wooden Arrows

Traditional or conventional archery is all about wooden arrows. You don’t want to show up with your carbon arrows alongside a longbow. This is something just ridiculous. Longbows only work well with wooden arrows and this is the stuff that traditional archers love to death.

Why wooden arrows?

Our ancestors started hunting with bows; they used arrows entirely made of wood along the tip. First, the tip got sharpened but later on hunters start using bones and stones as an arrow’s tip. As of now, hunters use metal, iron and bronze tips.

However, the arrow shaft stayed the same way (made of wood) for a long time. It is one of the best materials to make an arrow. Wood is readily available and it is cheap as well. The only thing that is difficult to do is the straightening of a wooden arrow.

Features of a wooden arrow

Wooden arrows come with a number of features. After all, there is a reason that arrow shafts have stayed the same way for a long time.

  • The materials used to make wooden arrows are cheap.
  • Wooden arrows are fairly durable.
  • These arrows are relatively easy to make because you only need the right set of skills to make one and don’t need any technological involvement.
  • If you are able to find straight wood then your arrow shaft will also turn out to be straight.
  • You can easily make them heavy or light based on your needs and requirements.

Comparison Chart of Best Wooden Arrows for Hunting

Table could not be displayed.

Note: Please use these as a reference only. Features & specifications are subject to change without any notice. Thanks

5 Best Wooden Hunting Arrow Reviews

1. Shooting Arrows by Huntingdoor

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 11

The pack has 6 high-quality hunting arrows from Huntingdoor and these are 31-inch in length. These arrows are best for draw weight that range from 40lbs to 60 lbs.

  • High-quality wood

Huntingdoor has used high-quality wood in the construction of these arrows. The handmade arrows are straight and offer exceptional accuracy. The best part is that these arrows are ready to shoot straight out of the box.

  • A-803 Arrowhead

The construction of the A-803 arrow tip involves metal. The weight of this metal piece also contributes to the overall weight of the arrow by 150 grains. This metal tip allows the arrow to penetrate well within the target by contributing towards the overall aerodynamics.

  • All set for multipurpose hunting

They work well with all types of compound and recurve bows and are equally useful for target practicing and standard hunting. Its preinstalled pheasant feathers also contribute to carrying the arrow through long rages with ease.


  • The use of high-quality wood makes these arrows long lasting.
  • You can use them for the compound, recurves and longbows.
  • The thin diameter of these arrows allows them to travel and penetrate with ease.
  • It’s 3-piece fletching of turkey feathers also contributes significantly to increased flight projection.


  • These are not for non-avid bowhunters.


You don’t have nock or fletch anything at all, just unbox the pack and start shooting. The Huntingdoor wooden arrows are useful for a variety of hunting but not for professional hunters.

2. Shooting Arrows by Bcslinek Archery

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 12

Bcslinek Archery is known for their wooden arrows and for this reason they are quite popular among the traditional archers. These shooting arrows from Bcslinek are made of high-quality wood and they offer excellent performance on the field.

  • Varying arrow lengths

These arrows are available in varying lengths. You can choose any of them ranging from 29-inch to 33-inch. However, all of them come with the same diameter as the shaft i.e. 5/16-inch. Whether you are looking for a short ranged shot or going for a long range shot, these arrows will not disappoint you.

  • Precut and preinstalled

Irrespective of the length you have chosen, all the arrows come precut and preinstalled. Many traditional archers don’t have any issue in installing nocks and fletching to their arrows. But adding to the convenience you can use these arrows right after you have bought them.

  • Handmade to perfection

Handmade shafts are dipped on three separate occasions to provide three different coats of lacquer. This means that these arrows can stand the test of time and moisture or insects are not going to damage them.


  • The fletching and nocks are preinstalled and you don’t have to do anything to get your arrows ready for your hunting campaign.
  • The 100-grain broadhead delivers a powerful blow and provides momentum to your shots.
  • Turkey feathers of fletching keep the arrow properly projected during a shot.
  • The arrows are available in five different lengths so you can choose any of them based on your preferences.


  • The broadhead is a bit too cheap.


It is better to go with these arrows if you are an experienced professional. These arrows require frequent maintenance after every shot. If you keep them this way, your Bcslinek arrow will last for a long period.

3.Target Arrows by FlyArchery

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 13

If you are looking for price convenience when buying your wooden arrows then Target Arrows from GlyArcheryis the best option. These arrows are not compromised on quality despite being low on price. The handmade purity of any good quality arrow is right there. Furthermore, the field point is already glued on as well as the nocks.

  • Vintage style suitable for hunting purposes

These arrows come with a vintage style that makes it suitable for different kinds of hunting conditions. You can use this arrow for target practicing as well as hunt training along with backyard shooting. Now you can practice and perfect the art of archery with your FlyArchery arrows.

  • Suitable for a variety of bows

Another excellent feature of these target arrows is that these go well with a variety of crossbows with drawing weight ranging between 30lbs to 70lbs.

  • Top notch straightness

The FlyArchery arrows are made using high-quality handmade skills and for this reason, these arrows offer almost perfect straightness. As they are made for practicing purposes therefore, FlyArchery has made sure that they don’t compromise on shaft quality and straightness even at a length of 32-inch.


  • The pre-glued nocks and field points make them ready to use.
  • They come with 3-piece of five-inch fletching made of a turkey feather.
  • The vintage style of these arrows makes them best for any hunting practice scenario.
  • These arrows go well with compound, recurve and longbows.


  • These arrows are only suitable for archery practice.


If you are new to archery then these arrows will get you going. You can do all the practice you want and train yourself with these FlyArchery arrows. However, these are no good for the bowhunter on the field doing some real shooting.

4. Target Arrows by Huntingdoor

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 14

You can use them for multipurpose hunting scenarios. You can either use them to train yourself and learn new skills in archery or you can take them out on the field as a pro.

  • Preinstalled and ready

Like most of the hunting arrows from Huntingdoor, these arrows are fully equipped and ready to use. The nocks are preinstalled; the shaft is precut and pre-fletched and the field points are pre-inserted. There is nothing you have to do to get these arrows ready for shooting.

  • Hand spined

Being wooden, Huntingdoor has hand spined these arrows. These will work well with the bows that come with a drawing weight right between 40lbs and 60lbs. The shaft of these arrows is 31-inch in length with 5/16-inch diameter and offers excellent straightness.

  • Excellent performance

These arrows offer excellent performance due to their construction. While using these arrows you will not have to deal with a lot of hand shock but will still get enough speed for shooting.


  • The handmade wooden arrows are suitable for a variety of hunting conditions.
  • These arrows go well with all recurve and longbows.
  • The arrows are pre-installed field points, pre-nocked, pre-fletched and pre-cut.


  • These arrows come slightly warped and you have to straighten them out yourself.
  • The strings on the fletching also tend to unwrap all by the archer.


You need to be fully trained at archery if you want to work out some of the issues with these arrows. For instance, you need to know how to work a warped arrow or what to do with the fletching if it comes off.

5. Shooting Arrows by Junze

15 Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 15

These shooting arrows from Junze are another good option if you are looking for a decent set of arrows at a good price. The field points of these arrows are glued so does the nocks. These arrows can work well with most types of traditional bows.

  • 30-inch shaft

The 30-inch shaft is good for different types of hunting conditions. You can use these arrows for both long range and short range hunting. These can work well with the bows having drawing weight between 30lbs and 65lbs.

  • High-quality shaft material

Junze has used Indonesian Ramin for the construction of the shaft. The shaft diameter is 11/32-inch making it ideal for mid-range shooting. You will be able to pack a punch in your shot when you are on the field. It doesn’t warp easily but you will need to take care of it and properly maintain it for longevity.

  • Natural feather fletching

Junze has used natural feathers in the construction of the fletching because the natural feathers work well when it comes to improving the flight projection of an arrow. This fletching will collapse and flatten but will not alter the flight after release.


  • These arrows feature natural feathers for fletching which will improve the flight of your arrow.
  • Suitable for any hunting scenario.  
  • The shaft is good on the field for both short range and long range hunting.


  • The fletching tends to peel off because it is natural.


This is a good quality arrow to use for a variety of hunting purposes. However, you need to understand how arrows work and how to maintain them. These arrows are not for beginners.

How We Have Picked?

We have spent more than 100 hours collecting information for this entire guide of best arrows. The research has enabled us to find and review some of the best arrows for hunting on the market. We love hunting and of course, we have friends who also love it. This has allowed us to assess each of these products in detail and also discuss them with our peers.

We have taken designs, materials used in the construction and customer reviews in consideration for an in-depth analysis. We have included some of the best brands in this industry and these products are best suited for a range of hunters varying in skills from beginners to professionals.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Hunting Arrows

There is a huge list of brands and various properties that you have to consider before buying. The number of available options can become overwhelming and you can easily invest in the hunting arrows that you might not want at all.

To avoid overspending and have the best bang of your buck it is important that you take into account some of the important aspects associated with hunting arrows. In this buying guide, we have enlisted all these aspects with their brief details for your guidance:

Overall Weight

When you are searching for the best hunting arrows the most important features that you need to consider are momentum and speed. Both these features are directly linked with the weight of an arrow. You might hear some controversial arguments in bow hunting where people compare slow and heavy arrows with light ad faster ones. As per the law of physics, heavy arrows will penetrate more as compared to light arrows.

Super light arrows don’t pack that punch because they lack the momentum. If you are hunting at close ranges then it’s better to go for a heavy arrow. For long-distance shooting, a mid-weight option suits you better. It will deliver the power due to the momentum along with speed. Make sure that you choose a hunting arrow that weighs more than 400 grains.

Drawing weight

For a perfect shot, a comfortable drawing weight is an absolute requirement. If you have chosen the adequate weight then you will easily make up to 25 shots. If the drawing weight is not right, your hands will feel the strain after 8-10 shots.

Arrow spine

The spine of an arrow has an incredible impact on the accuracy level of your shooting. Arrow spine is a static measure of your arrow’s shaft deflection when you shoot it. With the help of an arrow spine calculator, you can calculate it in inches when the shaft bends during the suspension. After that, you can multiply the figure with 1000.

The more pronounced spines or better bend deflect more. Therefore, you should use them with the bows that have low weights. Static or rigid spines are for bows with heavyweights. You can look for spine measurements before buying to make your comparisons conveniently.


The shaft’s diameter is integral in determining an arrow’s flight projection. There is a larger surface area on thicker shafts and there will be more wind drift to handle. On the other hand, the thin arrows have to deal with minor drift because of the small surface area.

For this reason, if you shoot a thick arrow in windy conditions then it will veer off the intended projection and the result will be an unwanted shot. But you must keep in mind that the thin arrows tend to break easily and they also bend on impact.


Length has a significant contribution in determining the flight of an arrow. Short arrows offer less flight in comparison to the long ones. Short arrows also put the shooter at risk.

As the arrow is parallel to your sight, you might end up overdrawing it straight into the bow hand. For this reason, you have to ensure that the length of your arrows goes well beyond the bow rest (more than an inch).


Fletches are crucial in providing the arrows with stability during the flight. You can find feathered or plastic ones on the market. However, feathered fletched or vanes are not weatherproof. Therefore, you can use plastic vanes because they are durable and weatherproof as well.


FOC or Front-of-Center is all about the accuracy of an arrow relative to distance. The balance position of the arrow can make a huge impact on its trajectory curve. High FOC means better in-flight stability but it will drop the trajectory as well.

Low FOC means better trajectory but the flight will be erratic. In hunting, 10% to 15% trajectory will be enough for accuracy in long distances.


An adequately flying broadhead is critical for bow hunting. The compact broadheads including both fixed and mechanical blades are excellent for aerodynamics. This can also have a positive influence on the impact of power and weight.

Penetration and balance

You must consider the level of penetration and balance that an arrow has to offer for various hunting purposes. If you are looking for excellent penetration in your shots you will require a heavy arrow. It is ideal to choose 8 grains to 10 grains per pound drawing weight.

If you are shooting long distances then you need to go for thin arrows that are heavy. These arrows will have enough momentum for good penetration and will tolerate wind drift as well.


1. Aluminum

In the 1940s, aluminum arrows made their appearance and since then they are preferred due to easy to craft. Moreover, these arrows are very sturdy if you compare them to their wooden predecessors. Aluminum arrows also provide you with exceptional rebound capabilities too. These arrows are not directly influenced by wind or moisture and they don’t experience any air resistance either.

2. Carbon

On the other hand, carbon arrows weaved or wrapped with tough materials to avoid splintering. These arrows also offer a straight flight with great momentum. As a material, carbon is pretty sturdy and durable so the arrows have these properties as well.

3. Hybrids

These days many manufacturers of arrows use carbon and aluminum in the construction of their arrows. The hybrid arrows are fast, light and offer excellent energy transference. They have a carbon shaft that has an aluminum coating on it. If you’re looking for better performance then you need to invest in hybrids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What weight should I use for my arrows?

The rule of thumb is that you should go for a heavy arrow if you want to shoot at close ranges. Of course then for long distances, you will need to go for medium weight arrows. Thinner arrows do travel a lot quicker but they lack momentum and for this reason, their impact lacks the power punch. Therefore, you should go for a hunting arrow that weighs at least 400 grains.

What is the best brand for hunting arrows?

Carbon Express is the best brand for hunting arrows hands down. You can find a huge variety of arrows from this brand and they vary in terms of weight and length.

Furthermore, Carbon Express makes one of the most durable hunting arrows that stand the test of time. These arrows offer excellent penetration because they have very good draw weight and spine readings. 

What does arrow grain mean?

Arrow grain is the unit of measurement of its weight. The weight of an arrow or any other projectile for that matter is measured in grains. You must bear in mind that ‘gram (g)’ is an entirely separate weight measuring unit and must not confuse it with a grain (gr). A gram is a metric unit while grain is a British system unit which is based on the weight of barley’s grain.

What grain of arrow should I shoot?

You must keep in mind that with the increase of draw weight the arrow spine or rigidity also needs to increase. You should use an arrow that is at least 5 grains per pound of draw weight. This means that if you are using a 60 lbs bow for shooting then you should use an arrow that should not be less than 300 grains.

Remember! 300 grains does include the weight of broadhead and field point too.

How do you know what size of arrows to use?

Due to aerodynamics long arrows are better to use as compares to shorter ones. For the purpose of safety, you need to look for arrows that are longer than the draw length of the archer.

At full draw, an arrow should be more than 1-inch beyond the riser’s back. For this reason, the ideal length of the shaft should be longer than 2 to 3 inches from the reach.

What happens if your arrow is too light or tightly spined for the bow?

If your arrow is going to be too light or too tightly spined then the movement will be extreme which is also known as archer’s paradox. This will ultimately result in the poor flight of the arrow and lack of accuracy.

It is better to err on the stiffer side where the arrows are too heavily spined. Therefore, make sure that the spine strength of the arrow closely matches with the draw weight of the bow.

What are the best arrows for target shooting?

The Hunter Pro arrows from Gold Tip along with Maxima arrows from Carbon Express are one of the best arrows for target shooting. Both these arrows have a very thin diameter to offer. Due to their medium weight, both these arrows can deliver a power-packed punch as well. These are two of the best when it comes to long-range shooting.

What spine arrow should I shoot?

The arrow spine heavily relies on the draw weight of your bow. These both need to be perfectly balanced. If your bow’s draw weight increases you should also increase the spine of your arrow. Per pound draw weight the spine needs to be 5 grains at least.

The Bottom Line

Now it’s time to declare the winner, the Maxima from Carbon Express is one of the best hunting arrows that you can find on the market. The best feature that the arrows have is their carbon construction. This means that these arrows are very lightweight but still can deliver quite a punch. These include precision nock, spine control, exceptional straightness, and plastic vanes.

An important thing to look for in the best quality arrow is to match its spine with your bow’s draw weight. Don’t forget to consider the diameter and length of your arrow. Always look for midweight arrows because these will offer speed and momentum. All these aspects have a significant role to play in the overall performance of an arrow in bowhunting.

Happy hunting!

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