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10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting)

Do you love hunting?

Imagine you are chasing your target heartily and went far off your known location. How would it feel that you don’t recognize any site around you, and pivot is not in your hand now?

Of course, nobody would even like to think about this hideous situation. Let’s prevent others from facing it as well. Today’s advanced technology has invented many useful devices. One of them is the Hunting GPS unit. This gadget assists hunters to stay aware of their location while hunting.

However, they are not meant for trappers only. Rather, anyone who is doting outdoor adventurer can get benefit from it.

With their popularity, we can see numerous models belong to different brands and come with numbers of varying features. This huge variety makes it almost impossible for you to buy the best hunting GPS effortlessly. The situation becomes even harder for neophyte consumers.

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie, you can be successful in choosing the best available option because we have collected a list of few first-class hunting GPS units. Our detailed reviews and brief guideline are also provided to highlight vital features.

Read on to know more about them!

Why You Should Have a Hunting GPS?

It is one crucial question that might come in your mind before purchasing a GPS unit. Though many people believe it useless, they aren’t fully aware of its uses.

Here, we are highlighting a few major reasons for which you should get the best hunting GPS.

  • Safety is the most important concern behind buying a GPS unit. It identifies your location and prevents you from getting lost at some unknown place.
  • Few advance GPS units allow you to share your activity back at your home as well. While you stay disconnected from them at an outdoor site, you can share your details with them.
  • You can make a record of all your previous hunting activities with the help of your GPS device. This information can help you in many ways for future hunting plans.
  • It can assist you in pre-planning your hunting adventure.
  • Some complicated GPS units come with an alarm system. It makes your family alert of any hazardous situation you are facing.

Hunting GPS vs. Smartphone

Many people prefer taking their smartphones with them on hunting instead of purchasing specific GPS hunting units. They consider the built-in GPS system of their smart devices can perform this job as well.

Do you think both these devices serve you in the same way?

If yes, then read some major differences between them:

How would you feel carrying your smartphone at some ruthless environment? Running, chasing the target, and passing hurdles, all these activities can expose your device to some breaking threats. Even if your phone doesn’t break, it will get some scratches for sure.

However, this is not the case with the GPS unit. It is made enough sturdy and durable to go well with any type of circumstance. This is the foremost reason that forces you to prefer a dedicated GPS unit over your smartphone.

The second important reason is the dedicated GPS unit contains detailed maps. It can provide you with exact details because this is what it is supposed to do.

On the other hand, your smartphone can only give locations of major highways and famous points only. It is your GPS device that will go in minor details to identify your backwoods position.

Another major difference is connectivity. Your GPS handheld unit doesn’t ask for an internet connection in order to provide you accurate location, but the smartphone does. Are you capable of providing an adequate internet connection somewhere in the wilderness too?

Comparison Table of Best GPS for Hunting

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Note: Please use these as a reference only. Features & specifications are subject to change without any notice. Thanks

Top 10 Best Hunting GPS Reviews

In this post, we have presented the top 10 hunting GPS available in the market. How we have selected them? We have dedicated 100 hours of research to select the top manufacturers in the GPS industry.

After that, we have performed extensive research to spot the top 10 products. We have explored online surveys and reviews. Real customers’ reviews are something that you can actually rely on when picking top products.

So, we have literally gone through thousands of reviews to identify strength and weaknesses of any product. By analyzing all these details, we have ranked them as top products.

1. Garmin Oregon 600 3-Inch Worldwide Handheld GPS

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 1

If you are into GPS systems, then the name Garmin wouldn’t sound something new. The American Oregon 600 has a list of useful handheld GPS features for hunting. It offers a nice display with the remarkable navigational system. It further gives sharing ease, accurate results, and the list goes on.

  • Trustworthy navigational system

The foremost reason for carrying a GPS unit with you is to get correct information about your location. Therefore, Oregon 600 provides accurate positioning by two renowned GPS and GLONASS navigational satellites.

It possesses high sensitivity receiver for these satellites along with HotFix satellite receiver too. They work together to locate your position precisely and quickly. Due to this feature, you can even trust this system to assist you in dense and tricky locations.

  • Durable battery source

The device comes equipped with the best Garmin GPS dual battery source for hunting. With this feature, it provides the latest power solution for your GPS unit. It comes with the option of using rechargeable NiMH batteries along with standard AA batteries.

Therefore, you can use this device according to your convenience and never run short of the power source during your adventure.

  • Legible screen

There is no fixed time for hunting. Yet, most of the people do it during the daytime. With the bright sunlight, sometimes it becomes nearly impossible to see your gadget’s screen clearly. Oregon 600 deals with this problem well.

It contains reflective display technology. Thus, we can mark it as the highly radiant and sunlight understandable touchscreen. It further provides two orientations views (portrait + landscape), and multi-touch opportunity to its users. Moreover, this 3 inches screen is able to withstand significant collisions ensuring its durability.

  • Data sharing

You’ll get GPS, Bluetooth or ANT technology in this device. It assists in sharing data across other compatible units. You can share tracks, waypoints, routes, geocaches, and other large files as well. What’s more? It is data sharing speed that is 50 times faster and requires you to press just Send button.

  • Additional Gains

Besides having basic crucial features, Oregon 600 also contains three-axis electronic compass and accelerometer tilt compensation. It assists in providing information about the direction where you are going regardless of its position.

Moreover, its barometric altimeter identifies any variation in air pressure. It then points out your accurate altitude. It further assists you to have a check on shifting weather situations.


  • Its dual battery feature can continue serving you for a long
  • Other than its worldwide basemap, you can add many other maps of your choice.
  • With the help of software, you can share your trip’s details with your friends.
  • You can easily check the data with its sunlight readable vibrant screen.


  • Its three inches screen might feel small to many people.
  • You might face software crashing problem.


The Oregon 600 GPS comes with many crucial as well as advanced features. You cannot only use its basemap but can download plenty of others too. Data sharing, durable batteries, electronic compass, and effective display are its worthy features. Although, its screen is a bit smaller and software is not very impressive. However, its other attributes made us mark it as one of the best Garmin handheld GPS for hunting.

2. Garmin GPSMAP 64st, TOPO U.S. 100K (GLONASS Receiver)

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 2

This item is also a Garmin product. Being a big name in the GPS industry, manufacturers have made it with a plethora of hunting useful features. They can together assist outdoor adventurers to elevate their trip fun. From faultless display to flexible memory and smartphone connectivity, you’ll get all the best hunting GPS functions in one device.

  • Radiant display

It comes with 2.6 inches colorful screen. The distinguishing thing is its ability to provide adequate display even at bright sunlight. This feature is quite essential for hunters, hikers, and other voyagers who perform their activities mostly during daytime.

  • Dual battery

It comes with a dual battery option. This feature offers versatility to people. They can either use rechargeable battery if it suits them or can go with replaceable AA batteries. This flexibility helps in overcoming power source problems and let you concentrate on your mission properly.

  • Preloaded data

GPSMAP 64st possesses enough preloaded data. It contains worldwide basemap having shaded relief along with TOP 100K. These maps are enough to cover the whole US. Moreover, you will obtain a one-year subscription of BirdEye Satellite Imagery. All this preexistent information can truly help hunters to identify their location.

  • Maps appending

This GPS unit doesn’t rely on preloaded data only. Rather, it comes with expandable memory too. It contains 8GB onboard memory along with a slot for microSD card. Moreover, the process of downloading maps is also made quite simple. Thus, you can append any map in your gadget that exactly suits your requirements.

  • Accurate receivers

The receiver of the GPS unit plays an important role in deciding its worth. Garmin knows this fact. Therefore, they have put the receiver with high sensitivity. It further contains quad helix antenna to ensure its efficiency.

It receives data from both GPS and GLONASS. All these characteristics can help you in a situation when you are present somewhere deep in the woods or mountains. This receiver won’t compromise on its precise results no matter how dense your surroundings are.

  • Wireless data sharing

GPSMAP 64st won’t restrict your fun to yourself only. Rather, it will let you share your tracks, routes, waypoints, and geocaches to other compatible Garmin devices as well. Furthermore, you can also connect it to compatible sensors for getting your vitals.

  • iPhone connection

It is very difficult for many people to stay disconnected from their smartphones even for a couple of hours. Garmin has, therefore, incorporated a feature to get Smart Notification from a compatible iPhone. It makes you roam freely without carrying your smartphone along with GPS unit.


  • The onboard memory allows you to use maps of your choice.
  • Its Smart Notification features keep you alert of important notifications.
  • By wirelessly sharing data to your friends, it further ensures your safety.
  • Its 3-axis compass provides direction information where you are heading.
  • With its barometer altimeter, you can get changing weather details.


  • Its menu might feel difficult.
  • Its screen might appear old-fashioned.


Garmin GPSMAP 64st provides a durable battery, flexible memory, vibrant screen, Smart connection, wireless sharing, and many other incredible features. If you have no problem with its OLD-mobiles like appearance, then 64st can be the best handheld GPS for hunting.

3. Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof GPS

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 3

Is the Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof? It is the most common question that appears in the mind of many buyers. Fortunately, Garmin allows its customers to enjoy waterproof features of this GPS unit as the best waterproof GPS on the market. This device can offer you convenience both in terms of use and price.

  • Effective receiver

Like other units of Garmin, this one also comes with the competitive receiver. Its high sensitive receiver comes with Hotfix for improved performance. Because of these features, it can acquire data even when you are below heavy wraps.

  • Waterproof body

This unit contains a waterproof receiver. It means it can withstand all types of rough weather conditions easily. It possesses IPX7 rating for the waterproof attribute. With this trait, it can even be useful for military purposes.

  • Go back over

Foretrex GPS allows you to go in flow with your adventure without worrying about your location. It is because wherever you go, it will keep track of your path. You would be then able to see your covered path in the form of dotted lines. What else could be more convenient for finding your path?

Moreover, its electronic compass and barometric altimeter will help you in tracking pressure, weather condition, and altitude.

  • Fetching valuable data

Another assisting feature of this GPS is its ability to save data regarding your favorite tracks. You can assess useful information from previous experiences anytime you want. It can prevent you from many mistakes you might make without evaluating older trips.

This Garmin device doesn’t stop here. You can even attach this unit with other wireless sensors. Extract useful information. On reaching home, the user can store all valuable information in their PCs using USB. It allows data sharing between Garmin compatible units as well.

  • Evaluate & share trip details

The Garmin Foretrex 401 GPS allows you to store all your previous activities and analyze it. All you would need is a PC with an internet connection and a few simple steps. You can see your previous activities track using Google Earth. Besides, you can even see routes updated by other Garmin’s customers.


  • Comparatively easier to carry this unit because of its strap.
  • Its waterproof receive will keep performing in any weather conditions.
  • You can roam anywhere in dense forest confidently because of its tracing feature.


  • Its excessive features drain its battery soon.
  • Its LCD is colorless.


This waterproof Garmin’s device comes with extensive features that are simple yet functional. The absence of fancy big screen might be problematic for you. However, its competent receiver, data saving, backtracking, sturdiness, and easy strap style makes it the best hunting GPS under $200.

4. Garmin Oregon 650t 3-Inch Handheld GPS (US Topgraphic Maps)

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 4

Garmin Oregon 650t has taken the features of GPS unit to the whole next level. How about GPS device replacing your camera? This gadget comes loaded with all major features that are a specialty of Garmin Oregon series. However, it didn’t stop here. Rather, it gives ease of taking photos with your GPS unit instead of carrying a separate camera.

  • Capture memories

Oregon 650t helps you in lessening your burden. Who doesn’t like to take pictures of their adventure trip? It comes with autofocus 8-megapixel camera that you can use to take a good quality picture. What’s more? It geotags these images automatically. This feature can be helpful for reviewing any past hunting trip with the exact location.

It even allows you to share photos with friends and online community. If you are planning to take loads of photos, then insert a microSD card and enjoy additional space.

  • Spot your position

Like its other series fellows, Oregon 650t also comes with an effectual receiver that is capable of spotting location even inside deep mountains or dense forests. It receives data from GPS and GLONASS. It provides predictions from HotFix satellite too. Furthermore, its 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter identify your direction, altitude, and pressure.

  • Built-in maps

The Oregon 650t comes loaded with a worldwide basemap with shaded relief and U.S topographic data. It covers the entire US. Furthermore, you don’t only see the maps. You can analyze them by different operations.

  • Share & add data

This GPS unit allows you to share data with other Garmin compatible devices. However, if you are not satisfied with its preexistent data, you can even add more maps and explore your favorite trail.

  • Dazzling screen

This device for GPS hunting makes viewing your required details at bright sunlight easier. It contains reflective display technology. It helps in making the screen brighter to see clear maps at peak daylight time possible. Moreover, its screen even allows gloved operation for few types. This feature is especially useful during winters.

  • Durable power source

Running out of your GPS unit battery is the last thing you would like to face during your adventure hunting. Oregon 650t makes sure you never run out of power source. That’s why it comes with dual battery sources. You can either use rechargeable or disposable batteries depending on your requirements.


  • With its built-in feature, you can capture your memory without holding a separate camera.
  • Its vivid screen makes data visible with no trouble.
  • The unit’s valuable receiver provides all relevant information to know your surroundings.
  • Its built-in maps data cover most of the important regions.


  • Its touchscreen is highly responsive.
  • Due to extensive features, it consumes batteries faster.


The 650t GPS unit comes equipped with loads of features. The most significant one is its 8MP camera. It further offers data sharing and adding option. Strong battery source, bright screen, and accurate position identification are its other benefits. If you are willing to spend a few additional bucks, then this unit is a must purchase the item.

5. Bushnell 360500 Back Track Hunt

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 5

This GPS unit belongs to the Bushnell brand. It is a comparatively simple yet practical device. Besides providing useful data, it is quite powerful as well. This lightweight GPS can offer you the convenience of carrying it at any rough and tough situation.

  • Plan your game

It might be the most eminent feature of this hunting GPS. The unit collects a variety of data and processes it to identify you about animals’ peak time. It will then assist you in deciding when and from where to start your hunting game. This feature is considerably hard to find in any other system. Yet, it can help you in conducting your game successfully.

  • Locate your position

It possesses a breadcrumb feature. With the help of this trait, it traces your location with a unidirectional arrow. Wherever you go during your adventure, this device will get you right back to your initial point.

  • Get valuable information

This Bushnell GPS unit is able to log at least data of 48 hours. It can store and identify almost 25 different locations. It can give you the temperature, elevation, distance, time, longitude and latitude information.


  • Displays data clearly on screen.
  • This device provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and barometric pressure data.
  • It can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Its useful backtracking can give you the confidence of your location while hunting.


  • Its plastic body might not withstand very very rough use.


This Bushnell 360500 GPS unit doesn’t come with decorative features. Yet, it is capable enough of providing everything to label itself as the best hunting GPS for the money. As the basic purpose of hunting GPS unit is to prevent you from getting lost, this device performs its duty pretty well. Moreover, its clear display, durable construction, additional data, peak time identification, and other few features make it a worthy system.


6. Garmin eTrex 20x 

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 6

This eTrex 20x by Garmin is an upgraded version of the eTrex 20 models. This unit comes with extended memory and high screen resolution for clear display. With plain features and a nice display, this hunting GPS is going to serve you adequately to mark your location.

  • Clear display

The most distinguishing aspect of this upgraded model is its display. Its screen is 2.2 inches with the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and 65k color sunlight legible demonstration. The Garmin has handled the small screen problem in this unit quite sensibly. The higher resolution and bog fonts will make everything clear and easy to read.

  • Amend maps

Another remarkable feature of this best GPS unit for hunting is its big internal memory. It is 3.7 GB that is enough to download plenty of maps. The unit further contains a MicroSD card slot. It means you can further enhance it if you want.

  • Identify your place

This simple and affordable unit doesn’t stay behind other Garmin’s sets for its receiver quality. It receiver possesses high sensitivity. Besides being WAAS enabled, it contains GPS, HotFix Satellite prediction, and GLONASS support.

With all these remarkable attributes, this set is able to spot your location quickly. It not only provides precise location instantly but also withstands dense forest and heavy mountains.

  • Prior data

In order to prevent users from the trouble of downloading required maps, it comes with a pre-loaded basemap. It is a worldwide map with shaded relief to provide further convenience.


  • Though its screen is small, it provides a clear display with a big
  • Large memory to add maps.
  • Receives data from both GPS and GLONASS.
  • Its screen is sunlight readable.


  • It doesn’t come with compass and barometric altimeter.
  • The basemap is limited.


This eTrex 20x GPS unit besides providing useful information is affordable too. Not only this, but it is easy to use lightweight, and durable too. Though it won’t cost you the hefty amount, it will provide accurate positioning. All these facts make this set best GPS unit for hunting among consumers.

7. Garmin Oregon 700 Handheld GPS

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 7

The Oregon 700 GPS by Garmin is the best hunting GPS that offers two major benefits. One of them is its robust body, and the second one is its extended wireless connectivity. However, you can also enjoy data sharing, accurate receiver, Bluetooth connectivity, and other features in this set.

  • Versatile display

Garmin Oregon comes with three inches colorful display with a touchscreen mechanism. Its unique technology makes it able to see details clearly even at bright sunlight. It further provides multiple viewing modes. One of them is portrait and the other is landscape. It means you can analyze your map with whatever type you like.

  • Multiple sensors

It receives data from both GPS and GLONASS. Besides, it also comes equipped with various sensors. It contains 3-axis electronic compass, accelerometer, and barometric altimeter.

These sensors provide accurate location along with ascent descent details. You can even get your bearing while moving or standing still in one position. It even provides information about Weather changing conditions by measuring changes in pressure.

  • Muscular body

You prepare yourself to face rough situation outside while going for outdoor adventures. How about your gadgets? They should be sturdy too. This Garmin GPS unit is powerful enough to handle harsh outside conditions. It comes with the waterproof IPX7 rating. Therefore, it can withstand hot, humid, dusty, any weather conditions.

  • Extended connectivity

This one of the best GPS for hunting comes with Wifi, Bluetooth, and ANT capability. With this feature, you can share and receive the most updated geocaches.

  • Support system

This GPS unit also comes with Connect IQ feature. It allows you to get connected with online Garin community. You can share your experience there and can analyze different sites by viewing routes of other people.


  • The multiple sensors provide all information regarding your location.
  • Its waterproof body can even serve you during rain.
  • With its wireless connectivity, you can exchange useful information.


  • The clip doesn’t hook it perfectly.
  • The touchscreen is very sensitive.


If you are looking for a GPS unit with advanced features with a durable body, then Oregon 700 is meant for you. Wireless connectivity, multiple sensors, data sharing, and other features together make it a valuable product.

8. Garmin Montana 610

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 8

If you are tired of using GPS units with a small screen, then Montana 610 by Garmin is the right product for you. It further contains additional sensors, accurate receiver, preloaded data, and other useful features.

  • Versatile display

The display of Montana 610 can resolve almost all types of display problems. Many other units come with a considerably small screen. It makes things a bit difficult to read quickly. This device, however, contains a 4 inches screen.

Furthermore, its screen is bright with transflective 65k color TFT. With this brightness it even allows you to see screen content clearly at bright sunlight.

Moreover, its display provides a view in two orientations. Its glove-friendly screen lets users operate its touchscreen panel even while wearing gloves. This feature can especially help during winters.

  • BirdEye Satellite Subscription

With its other advanced features, this Garmin device comes with a one-year subscription of BirdEye Satellite Imagery. It helps in providing a view of any location like you seen in real. However, after one year you would have to pay its fee.

  • Additional sensors

The Montana 610 comes with 3-axis compass and a barometric altimeter. These additional sensors help in identifying the direction at which you are moving. It also provides you details of your pressure. You can even find changing weather conditions with this information.

  • Precise location

The receiver of Montana 610 is highly accurate and receives data from both GPS and GLONASS. Additionally, its HotFix Satellite predictor assists in speedy and accurate prediction.


  • The large screen makes viewing maps easier.
  • Its bright display makes checking maps at daytime easier.
  • You can even operate this unit while wearing gloves.
  • With its barometer altimeter, you can even know Weather changing conditions.


  • Its body is bulkier.


This Garmin device possesses a larger screen and heavy body. Besides, it contains a functional receiver, free subscriptions, sensors, and other traits that can make it one of the best hunting GPS units. If you are looking for some big GPS unit, and willing to pay a good amount, then go for this set.

9. Garmin 750T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS with Topo U.S. 100K

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 9

This Garmin GPS unit contains sophisticated features. It has basically combined many features of smartphones as well. These features are wireless connectivity, camera, and data sharing option.

  • First-class receiver

Its receiver comes with high sensitivity and captures data from both GPS and GLONASS. It means there are very low chances that this unit will betray you.

  • Connect wirelessly and Get community help

The device comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. With this feature, you can share very useful information with others. With its Connect IQ feature, you can customize your device to enjoy your favorite features.

  • Preexistent data

It comes with TOPO US 100K maps. Therefore, you can see each and every place on your device.

  • Camera with torch

It contains 8MP camera with LED torch. With this feature, you can now perform extensive functioning by just carrying a GPS unit with you.


  • With its 8MP camera, you can take pictures without carrying a separate camera with you.
  • Its strong body is able to serve you for a longer time period.
  • Its preloaded topo maps can be a source of great help.


  • Bit expensive.
  • It comes with a single battery source.


This one of the best Garmin handheld GPS for hunting comes with elite features. With this device, you won’t even need to take your camera out for taking pictures. This GPS unit will do it for you. It also provides other important features to identify your location, direction, and pressure around you. However, its price range is considerably at higher side. If the price is not a problem, then this set can be a perfect choice for you.

10. Bushnell Bear Grylls Edition BackTrack D-Tour Personal GPS

10 Best Hunting GPS reviews in 2020 (The Best GPS For Hunting) 10

This colorful Bushnell GPS unit is a comparatively simple device. It offers basic backtracking feature along with other details.

  • Breadcrumbs Feature

This feature follows your footsteps and creates an exact map on the device so you can return to your beginning point without worrying.

  • Location storing

This device is capable of marking and storing up to five different locations. Moreover, it can track data for almost 48 hours. Therefore, you can enjoy your whole day trip by tracking all its details.

  • Weather resistance

The weather resistance makes it useful in case there is rain. Think of the situation if you’re lost in the wilderness and your GPS device stop working. Now you’d have realized the importance of its weather resistant feature.

  • Data tracking

It provides backtracking to your initial position. It also provides informative data like temperature, altitude, distance, latitude and longitude data.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Its backtracking feature helps you in getting back your initial position.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It provides a number of data to help you identify your surroundings.


  • You can’t erase any data from its memory at the field


This Bushnell GPS unit is one of the best outdoor GPS units, It’s comparatively simple yet eligible to provide all basic GPS functioning. Therefore, if you are looking for some plain and affordable option, then this unit is meant for you.

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Important Things to Remember Before Buying Hunting GPS.

In this section, we will discuss a few major points that can be deciding factors for your product’s value. You should pay attention to them when you go out to buy the best GPS for hunting.

♦ User-friendly

Your hunting GPS should be user-friendly. Though all devices are supposed to provide this trait to some extent, GPS units should be highly friendly.

It is because while hunting, you should put your whole concentration on your target only. How would it feel if you need to put adequate effort to operate this unit only? It will make you frustrated at the end. Therefore, you should check for input, navigation, and other operational methods to make sure of its user-friendly attribute.

There are different devices with either touchscreen or keypad as an input method. Both come with their own benefits and detriments. You should choose between them according to your suitability.

♦ Display Quality

The screen display of your GPS should be of high quality. Firstly, it should be large enough to provide an easy view of the provided information. Secondly, the data appear on the screen should be clear and easy to interpret.

Considering their small size, you might need to trade off the screen size with the weight of GPS. However, many manufacturers deal with this clash by making the font bigger and clearer by adding additional technologies. One such method is transflective technology that can make your screen brighter enough to see easily even at sunlight.

♦ Satellite Reception / Data Source

There are two systems from which your device can extract data. One of them is from GPS, and the other one is GLONASS. For those who are unfamiliar, the GPS is a US system and it is the most famous one. The second GLONASS is the Russian system. Though it is not very popular, it gives accurate results at high altitudes.

In the market, you will see many devices taking data either from a single resource or both. You should opt for the second choice. It is because we never know when any uncertainty happens. What if the system goes down for some reason? Or you can get a location on time? In order to avoid such mishaps, a device with both satellites as the data source is reliable.

♦ Topographic Maps

How your device takes information from GPS? It is just in the form of a few numbers of sequences. Are you capable of interpreting these numbers? You need some good maps to understand this information. Therefore, after a reliable receiver having first-class topographic maps are equally important.

Many GPS units are available in the market with built-in maps. Here, you might encounter some trouble. Sellers label them as the worldwide maps, but do you actually know how many details they are carrying? Many maps only cover major highways and trendy spots. It is because they provide general information only.

However, for your hunting GPS, you should look for a device with detailed maps. The more information your map will have the more safe and confident you will be.

♦ Type of compass

The hunting GPS normally comes with two types of compasses. One of them is electronics and the other one is differential. Both of these items assist in providing you the right direction.

However, the electronic compass surpasses the fact that you won’t need to move in order to get your direction. You can even obtain information while standing still at your position.

♦ Power Source

It is another important aspect that demands your thorough consideration. How are you going to use your GPS without a power source? Therefore, you should look for a device with a long-lasting power source. Therefore, at least you can get its services for a whole day of your hunting.

There are two battery options. One of them is rechargeable and the other one is replaceable.  The system you can mark as the best hunting GPS should have both battery sources. Thus, you can choose the battery type according to your convenience.

♦ Accessories and Extras

The basic function of the GPS unit is to provide you an accurate location. But, we can incorporate additional features too that can make them even more convenient for you. These accessories include wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Altimeter, 3-axis compass, Barometer, and others.

All these additionals will make your trip easier and comfortable. Therefore, if you get a chance to buy a unit with these extras, then go for it. Otherwise, you can be okay with a simple device too.

One renowned accessory is a subscription to satellite image database. Few devices provide this for free as well. The list of additional features for GPS unit is long. But, the most important thing is its durability. It should be powerful to face harsh weather conditions and rough uses.

♦ Manufacturer/price

As we have already mentioned, the manufacturer’s reputation plays a significant role in deciding its value. We can see a number of brands selling electronic equipment. With their increasing number, it becomes difficult to identify trustworthy brands. You should spend enough time searching for big and reliable manufacturers. The price range of your selected device depends entirely on your budget and preferences. However, the good news is you would not need to spend a big amount to purchase them.

The Bottom Line

The GPS unit for hunting is a very valuable tool. It helps you in identifying your location when there is no help around. Besides hunters, it can be useful for military people, climbers, and other people working at some unknown place. Because of this fact, we can declare it as one of the life redeemer tools.

This simple device isn’t going to cost you a big amount, but it can definitely save your life. Considering its noteworthy role, you should pay attention to purchasing one functional set for yourself.

In this write-up, we have provided a list of top 10 best GPS for hunting. You can see by reading their reviews that they belong to different categories. You will get to see different sets like expensive, low-priced, simple, complicated, and convenient GPS units. We have added these varied devices on our list. The reason was to help you in picking your required option easily, as we all know everyone has unique preferences. Don’t forget to pay attention towards its all significant features carefully, and you would never regret your decision later.