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10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide)

A backup or rear view camera is the best option for any type of vehicle, let alone a recreational vehicle. It is essential for you to keep an eye on everything that lies behind your vehicle. This innovative gadget comes with modernized technologies to keep your vehicle safe from all corners.

Best RV Backup Camera

For RV owners, it is an especially important device because of the sheer size of the vehicle. You need the best RV backup camera to park your vehicle in tight corners or when you’re driving around in congested areas.

A backup safety camera requirement for every vehicle is essential for you and your vehicle’s safety, in particular, when you’re reversing your vehicle.

Back in the year 2012, more than 300 people were losing their lives due to vehicle backup accidents. Most of them were children and elders. It is the human cost that no one can ignore. In the case of RVs, there is an added problem of tow trailers and weight distribution hitch.

There is virtually no visibility of what is going on behind the vehicle. For this reason, parking and reversing such a large-sized vehicle is very tough, particularly for beginners.

Even if there is not a chance that you’re hurting someone, you might end up damaging property or damage your vehicle. An RV rearview camera can save you from all these problems.

Types of RV Backup Camera

Primarily, there are two different types of RV rearview cameras. One is a wired backup camera and the other one is wireless. Let’s have a brief look at each one of them:

  • Wired backup safety camera systems

If you want to buy a top quality rearview camera for your recreational vehicle, then the wired version is an ideal choice for you. It will provide you with exceptional image quality and you will have high-resolution night visions too.

However, the installation process is not going to be very easy for you. This is especially the case if your vehicle is not wired yet to house a camera system.

We advise you to hire a professional if you don’t want to experience any hassle associated with the inconvenience of DIY trial and error. Installation of backup cameras in long vehicles can even take longer too. In such a situation installing a wireless version seems more legit.

  • Wireless backup safety camera systems

In such a camera system, you don’t require any cables or wires within your RV. However, these systems are vulnerable to interruptions. Some low-quality devices might also give very poor signal quality too.

In recent times, many manufacturers have digitalized their cameras and for this reason, the problem of interferences and interruptions has been dealt with in most cases. But the issue of interferences still prevails.

These wireless units are very easy to install. It can only take a couple of minutes for your installation.

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Comparison Chart of Top 10 RV Backup Cameras

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Top 10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews

Finding a suitable backup camera for your RV is a tiresome task. With more than hundreds of options available, it seems even harder to find the perfect one. Make sure that you choose the high quality and most durable backup camera for your RVs. Check out our best rearview camera reviews with all their traits for helping to choose the right selection for your vehicles.

1. Rear View Safety 770616N

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 1

Rear View Safety presents the backup system along with a side camera for your RV and other vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and buses. It comprises with 7-inch TFT color LCD display and has a waterproof and shock-resistant camera. Why does this matter? This display presents a dash mount and possible grid lines of distances.

This product uses infra-red to increases the night vision, especially on the darkest night. All necessary cables and other related parts come with this system to present a reliable backup safety camera.

  • Three Cameras setup 

This backup system featured with two side cameras and one backup camera. The automatic triggers switch the camera to display the desired views easily. It makes sure to present a complete safety system leaving no blind spot.  

  • Digital image with durability

The LCD colored display presents super sharp digital image because it comes with 800p x 480p resolution. This Rear View Safety camera presents a fully waterproof system, which is an IP69K rating category. This category means that you can use this reliable camera in all weather conditions and it will work fine.        

  • Wide and Mirror View

This is the best RV backup system to present an ultra wide view with a 130-degree angle. This wide viewing angle displays the full view from the behind of your vehicle. The side camera also displays the viewing angle of 120-degree to guide you to the two-sided traffic for your safety.

The multiplexer control allows you to switch between normal images to a mirror image. It allows the connected cameras to use them either as a forward or a backup facing camera.         

  • Auto-Dimming and Infra-red Vision

This camera automatically dims the brightness of the monitor, which is base on ambient light. You can view the wonderful bright display in the day and a dimmer view at night.

The back camera equipped with infra-red 18 lights those facilitate you to see more than 50ft in the night. The side camera comes with infra-red 09 lights which allow you to see through 30ft of night vision.


  • The LCD displays the distance with grid line to tell how much space left behind you.
  • This waterproof camera is categorized into an IP69K rating to allow you to use it in all weather perfectly. 
  • The built-in speakers and microphone where you can not only hear everything but also can give back respond to your vehicles.
  • Best commercial grade system to present backup system along with side camera for your safety during driving.


  • You can only view the one camera display on the monitor screen at one time.


The Rear View Safety camera comes with one backup and a two-sided camera that displays the image with a mirror view. The infra-red night vision increases visibility in complete darkness and displays the 130-degree view from the camera or 120-degrees view from the side camera. So, this is actually a good option to buy.  

2. 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 2

The 4UCam presents, one of the best digital wireless cameras with a 7-inch display screen that is ideal for your RV, Motorhome, Bus, Trailers, Fifth Wheels, and trucks. The manufacturer claims that it displays a very clear picture and all related information.    

  • LCD Display Screen

This digital wireless camera monitor comes with 7-inch TFT LCD widescreen that has a built-in wireless digital receiver. You will not face any statics and interference problem of the signal. The unit presents high-quality video signals. Now, there is no need for extra wiring or hanging an additional wireless receiver on your dashboard.

  • Multiple Cameras

The package is equipped with multiple waterproof cameras. The frame of the camera is made with heavy-duty metal CCD wireless. The eleven IR high-powered LEDs are equipped with this digital camera to provide a 20ft view in the night.

Do you know the best part? The 4UCam uses the ¼-inch SONY CCD with high-resolution that have an external removable antenna.

This antenna covers the longer range to transmit the signals approximately 300 feet. If you want to use this camera in all weather conditions, you have to add an additional super-charged antenna separately.       

  • Heavy-duty Bracket

The metal case of this complete digital wireless camera manufactured with aluminum alloy and it features a shock-resistant rating of 6.8G-force. It also features waterproof resistance with an IP66 grade rating. Besides, It has a heavy-duty steel adjustable bracket mounted with the digital wireless system.    

  • Easy Configuration

You can configure this 4UCam with an electrical system that has 12V to 24V DC. It is comprised with power cigarette lighter adapter to monitor. There are no additional tools required for its installation. All needed tool comes with this product, as well as complete manual installation instructions.  


  • The case of this product comprises with metal that makes it waterproof as an IP66 and shock resistant rated as 6.8G Force.
  • The SD card also comprises a 4UCam wireless system that allows you to record the video.
  • There is no complex wire connectivity required and that is why it is easy to install.
  • The high-powered 11 IR LED lights are there to increase the night vision and provide a clear visual in darkness.
  • An automatic sun-blocking trait activates when the sunlight directly reaches the camera. 


  • The visual in the foggy weather may show unclear pictures.


The 4UCam manufactured the wireless digital camera that is an excellent choice for you if you’re looking for hassle-free installation. There is no additional wiring system needed for its installation.

The traits that make it one of the top candidates in our list includes antenna system, high-quality casing, commercial grade category rating, clear night vision, and removal of blind spots to present a clear view.

3. Rear View Safety 770613

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 3

This Safety camera has some incredible features like night vision, clear image, weather resistance, and others to make its place in the list of best RV backup cameras.

  • Non-stop services

One of the attributes that make any camera unsurpassable is its non-stop connectivity. Rearview safety is a big plus in this regard. Its backup system comes with IP69K waterproof rating.

Thus, it is capable of giving satisfactory performance across the year, whether it is scorching heat or chilly winter.

What’s more? It contains 18 infra-red lights. With this feature, it is capable of seeing 50 feet distance even in complete darkness. You won’t even need any additional light to acquire a clear image at night. Both these features make this camera able to provide services round the clock.

  • Flawless view with multiple channels

The monitor of this trailer hitch backup camera possesses the pixel resolution of 800 x 400. Moreover, it gives the digital image. Why does this matter? It means this device is going to provide a sharp and clear image of your destined location.

Another worth mentioning fact is its three-channel multiplexer. It indicates that the system can handle at least three cameras. Therefore, you can add two more cameras if you want.

  • Safe driving with ample angle

This camera also displays distance grid lines to the driver. It assists in getting an idea about how much safe space you have behind you. In this way, it prevents many bad crashes.

That’s not all. . . It also gives you an option to adjust the camera view according to your choice. You can either go for a normal or mirror image. It will make your camera face forward and backward direction. It further gives you a view angle of 130 degrees that is enough to drive safely.

  • Easy Installation

Despite providing quality performance, it is very simple to assemble this camera. It comes with all essential components. All you would need to do is install them in order to get great assistance to safely pull your RV.


  • Because of its waterproof camera, it gives a clear image even in rain.
  • It creates a sharp image with its high-resolution monitor.
  • With its auto-dimming feature, it adjusts the light according to its surroundings.
  • You can make its camera to face either forward or backward direction.
  • With its mic and speakers, you can exchange communication as well.


  • It might not create a clear image at night if the lens becomes dusty.


This Rear View Safety Camera comes with different features that work together to make driving safe in different circumstances. Few of them are night vision, multiple images, appropriate angle, built-in mic, auto-dimming, and others. Click Rear View 770613 to see, how it helps in hauling RV.

4. Rear View Safety RVS-770614

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 4

For all those users who are concerned about the hitch as well as the back road view, RVS-770614 has the solution. It provides two cameras option along with all other required attributes that you might need while RVing.

  • Double cameras

The dual-cam option makes it one of the best wired RV backup camera, but how? What’s the benefit? It allows you to monitor hitch part as well as the road at the backside. It means you will get an additional view through it that would result in enhanced safety.

  • Lucid display

Both of the cameras of RVS-770614 come with a clear display of seven inches. It is digital as well. Why does this matter? It lets you see all the required views easily. Moreover, the pixel resolutions of this camera are 800×480. This attribute provides you a very sharp and comprehensible image.

  • Powerful cameras

The cameras of this series are very strong. They come with a waterproof rating of IP69K. It means you can continue getting its services irrespective of the outside weather condition. It will capture flawless views and display uninterrupted pictures even during heavy rains. The best part is that they are shock-resistant as well.

  • Night vision with light adjustment

Another valuable feature of this camera is its 18 infrared lights. They are able to display clear view at the distance of 50 feet during night time. With this feature, you won’t need to be concerned about the time when you’re driving your RV.

Furthermore, it contains the auto-dimming feature. It dims the monitor’s light according to the amount of light present outside. If it is the day, it will make the monitor brighter and for the night, it will dim the light. This thing can further add to the ease of driving at night.

  • Transmission of auditory info

Another remarkable trait of this RV towing camera is its built-in mic and speakers. It assists in sending audio information from the back of the vehicle along with the visual ones.


  • Its auto-dimming will adjust the light of the camera according to the light outside.
  • The waterproof body of the camera is able to withstand any weather conditions.
  • It gives you a reference of the available gap with its distance grid lines.
  • You can adjust its cameras to either get a forward or backward image.


  • It doesn’t come with well-elaborated instructions for installation.


This RVS-770614 comes with dual cameras and multiple valuable features. It provides a sharp image, appropriate night vision, multiple views, weather-resistance, and reference grid lines.

It also shows some intellectual behavior to aid drivers in RVing. If you’re curious to know how this system uses its intelligence to offer extended services, click on this model RVS-770614.

5. Backup Cameras by eRapta

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 5

If durable construction is what you’re looking for, this eRapta backup system can be the right option. It further gives the right view angle along with versatility, weather-resistance, and night vision. All these features combined with a good warranty and lifetime support make it one of the best RV backup cameras.

  • Advanced Camera and Monitor

This RV rear view camera possesses advanced features that come in handy in different ways. The monitor screen gives a display of seven inches. Additionally, it displays HD images received from the attached camera.

What’s more? It also includes 50 infrared lights that provide clear night vision even in complete darkness. The camera further comes with an IP69K rating waterproof body. It helps the system in withstanding any type of harsh weather conditions. With the flexible Sunvisor and parking distance guidelines, this eRapta product offers great help for drivers.

  • Multiple video inputs

Another remarkable feature is its ability to accept two video inputs. You would need to attach Black AV2 Connector in order to receive a reverse view. However, Yellow AV1 Connector will be used for other video equipment. It can also give you the front video. This system also facilitates you if you’re interested in adding the second camera.

  • Perfect viewing angle

The stand out trait that makes this eRapta product distinct from others is its viewing angle. It is not very wide to misguide you. It is also not too small to give a dead angle. Rather, it comes with 149 degrees lens. It is the most appropriate option when it comes to fulfilling the vision requirements of drivers.

  • Steady signals

Like many other worth mentioning features, this RV rearview camera possesses exclusive cables as well. It contains Standard 4.5mm wire. It means we can trust it for its long life.

Moreover, its copper wire contains a covering of exclusive TinFoil wrapping. It assists in preventing signal loss. Consequently, you will get the product that is going to provide a consistent view no matter what condition comes.  


  • Gives the perfect back view with its appropriate viewing 149 degree angle.
  • It comes with a two-year factory warranty.
  • The camera enhances convenience by providing different video input options.
  • It gives reliable signals with its high-quality cable.


  • You might feel it hard to attach its camera with the mounting bracket.


We have found this RV rear view Camera by eRapta unique in many ways. It not only offers the most appropriate viewing angle, but also multiple video inputs, night vision, weather-resistance, and stable signals. Visit eRapta ER01 to dig more into the incredible details.

6. Dual Backup Cameras and Monitor Kit

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 6

This Dual Camera kit from Coolwoo is the best option for those looking for a good quality versatile product. However, it also offers a very sharp and bright image along with a waterproof body and simple installation.

  • Incredible display

The thing that makes this camera unique from others is probably its display quality. Its monitor gives a pixel resolution of 960 x 576 pixels. That’s not all . . . It contains six layers of filter glasses along with advanced CCD chips. All these boons when combine gives a very sharp and clear HD image.

What’s more? Its cameras don’t lack in providing a premium image as well. It gives a very wide viewing angle that is 175 degrees. It also contains a 12-32 voltage range that prevents any signal loss.

Moreover, this product also contains 8 infrared lights. It helps in giving clear night vision to ensure safe driving during dark times as well.

  • First-class construction

If you’re concerned about its manufacturing quality, then rest assured. This product won’t disappoint you in this regard. Its camera contains fully-sealed Glue filling craft along with an IP168K waterproof rating. Both these features together will make sure to provide you services in any weather condition.  

  • Effortless assembly 

Besides all other amazing features, it is very simple to install this camera. It comes with all requisite components. It includes mounting brackets, connection cable, and screws. All you would need to do is attach the brackets and adjust the angle. It will be ready to provide flawless services.

  • Versatility

Another remarkable feature is its versatility. This camera and monitor kit is suitable for most of the big vehicles. Now, regardless of the vehicle you own, this item is a must-have thing for you.


  • Very simple to install.
  • You’ll get a very sharp and clear image.
  • Its remote and automatic switch makes operating this system very convenient.
  • The camera body can withstand any type of harsh weather conditions.
  • It is suitable for a wide variety of big vehicles.


  • Its viewing angle might feel too wide.


This Coolwoo RV rearview Camera and Monitor kit majorly offers versatility and sharp clear image. It also gives night vision and shows sturdiness. Click Coolwoo Backup Camera Kit to see how it exceeds other competitors.

7. ZeroXClub Backup Cameras

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 7

This is by far our favorite wireless camera. It features a strong and sturdy signal that will not disconnect even at high speeds. We love how the ZeroXClub uses 18 infrared lights and a CMOS sensor that makes it the best RV wireless backup camera.

It even features night vision, a feature that most cameras tend to overlook. We love ZeroXClub, and we’re sure that you will too!

  • Easy Installation

The ZeroXClub is unlike any other brand. Some of the brands tend to make installation so time consuming that people just give up. With the ZeroXClub, RV backup camera installation will hardly take 2 minutes.

Just set the camera up, connect it to a wireless network, activate it, and you’re good to go! ZeroXClub’s digital wireless cameras don’t like to add to all the hassle. They are very easy to use and operate.

  • Vehicle Compatibility

The ZeroXClub is a unique product that works between voltages of 12 to 24 volts. And only uses DC power. This makes accommodation easier and almost every vehicle can work with this. Be it a truck, trailer, car, SUV, motorhome, or a 5th wheel. ZeroXClub is the best RV rearview camera.

  • Waterproof

The portable wireless trailer camera system from ZeroXClub is waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting rainwater on your precious lens. Now the lens is waterproof and the entire unit won’t rust or malfunction under heavy rainfall.

  • Highly Efficient

This wireless camera does not malfunction very easily. It works great with just about any vehicle. And can work even at the highest speeds. So even if your car is going 75 miles per hour, the ZeroXClub is sure to handle the situation.


  • Highly efficient wireless RV rear view camera that works on all vehicles.
  • It can work efficiently even at 75 miles per hour.
  • Made for trucks, SUVs, station wagons, 5th wheel trailers, and motorhomes.
  • Entirely waterproof. It does not rust or gets electrically damaged.
  • A great choice for those who are on a tight budget and can’t afford much.


  • Connectivity issues may arise.


The ZeroXClub is one of the most effective models of the wireless backup camera because it offers easy installation, clear night vision, water-resistance safety, and uninterrupted signals. Click here to find out the price of this model.

8. Yuwei Backup Cameras

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 8

We love the Yuwei Digital Wireless Camera. It is partly because of its features, partly because of customer service. The Yuwei portable wireless trailer camera system can catch signals up to 100 meters away, making it perfect for long-distance viewing.

We love how it combines versatility with ease of use. Now you get to enjoy the easy installation and 4 backup cameras!

  • Long Signal Range

The one reason why we’re so obsessed with the Yuwei is that the signals are not only strong and stable but also very wide-ranged. This means that even if the camera is 100 meters away from the receiver, you can still get the footage. We love how it creates absolutely zero interference with other devices.

  • Multiple Certifications

Yuwei isn’t just a talker. It’s a doer. While buying online, there certainly is no way to confirm that you’re getting an authentic product. But with the Yuwei trailer hitch backup camera, there’s always more to learn.

The Yuwei has passed ISO certification. All of their products go through strict Quality Control. And this wireless camera is Rosh, FCC, and CE certified as well. This makes it more lively and reliable.

  • Easy Installation

Normally, travel trailer backup camera installation takes about three hours or so. The Yuwei is a delightful product that combines both ease of use and comfort.

Since the system is wireless, it takes less than an hour to install. This is twice as less as the wired variants. We would recommend the Yuwei if you have trouble installing these devices frequently and want an easier option.

  • Replacement Period

Yuwei’s customer service is up and running 24 hours, 7 days. However, if you do want to get a replacement, you have about 12 months. This makes purchasing easier and more reliable and secures a bond between you and Yuwei.


  • Signals can reach up to 100 meters without any disturbance.
  • Best for motorhomes like RVs and trailer trucks.
  • Get a full replacement and refund within 12 months of use.
  • Certified by ISO, FCC, CE, and Rosh. Pass through strict QC.
  • Only takes a few minutes to install.


  • It may show some pairing issues.


This is one of the best RV rearview cameras to install in your motorhome which has a very long signal range compared to other products. The Yuwei wireless camera has multiple certifications and that proves that it is definitely a reliable choice for your RVs.

9. Furrion Backup Cameras system

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 9

Furrion features a wide range of secure signal system 50 feet at high-speed driving and has an extended range up to 492 feet while steady in the open place. The receiver monitor has a 7 inches LCD screen that displays the recordings. It even functions well in every type of climate, even the most extreme ones. When we talk about a definite backup camera system, Furrion is a great wireless backup camera for RVs and motorhomes.

  • Wide Range Product

The Furrion makes the perfect choice for a long-distance signal system. Its signals can reach up to 492 feet, this is a great range for any camera to have. While using the product, we found that the actual range was slightly less. But that shouldn’t be an issue with this best RV rearview camera, which is the top selling backup camera on the market.

  • Wide Display LCD Screen

The monitor receiver of the Furrion is a massive plus point. It has a 7 inches wide anti-glare LCD screen, which is great for seeing the backside of the RV.

Normally, in the receivers, the screen is so tiny that visibility is minimal. With the Furrion backup cameras, visibility isn’t an issue. This makes it the most ideal wireless backup camera for the 5th wheel RV and other large motorhomes.

  • Multifunctional and Diverse

The Furrion is a handy and multipurpose device. It works with a 120° viewing angle and has some of the best features. It has Infrared night vision, blind-spot turn signal, motion detect These make the camera intense and durable.

  • Tested and QC Passed

The Furrion Digital Wireless Camera has been tested for vibration resistance. It has also been verified as safe for all climates. This makes it perfect for extreme weather like storms, rain showers, and even snow. It has been passed through strict Quality Control, paving way for the best RV backup camera.


  • A 7-inch widescreen LCD display with increased visibility.
  • It can be read and operated easily.
  • Does not require an additional cable for use.
  • Perfect for even extreme weather.
  • QC verified and approved.
  • Very durable and strong.
  • Signal strength does not dissipate over time.


  • Actual signal range slightly less in open area.


In conclusion, we can safely say that the Furrion is a great choice if the others didn’t cut it for you. It has stronger signals than most other cameras and has a clearer screen. We recommend it for its performance and quality. Find out more about it here.

10. LeeKooLuu Backup Cameras

10 Best RV Backup Camera Reviews in 2020 (Buyers Guide) 10

LeeKooLuu is another brand that we’re proud to have in our list. Their wireless digital cameras have a 7-inch wide display. It also features an IP69K water resistance, which makes it perfect for the harsh weather. Personally, we feel that this is the best RV towing camera for those who like loaded items.

  • Widescreen Display

When we say widescreen, we mean it. The LeeKooLuu has a widescreen display of 7 inches. So you get more visibility than with other brands. Their cameras are high definition and do not blur or smudge easily. We like this design, especially the 150-degree wide camera angle.

  • Waterproofed Camera

The LeeKooLuu is a great camera for storms or for the rain. It has been IP69 waterproofed, making it safe to use in unfavorable conditions. It also has vibration resistance, which means that the camera won’t fall or shake constantly. We find that this is a great feature to have since camera shake is a big problem with most cameras.

  • Wide Viewing Angle

LeeKooLuu’s cameras also have a very wide viewing angle. They can see anything within 150 degrees. LeeKooLuu has a great design, and their cameras have the clearest and most abundant camera quality. We love how this brand has improved so much over the years.

The camera can connect over 60 feet, and has a two-way video input. This increases diversity and performance.

  • Two-Way Video Input

This brand has a two-way video input option. The first is the video input from the first main camera. The second input can be taken from an additional camera (not included). This makes it compatible with just about any equipment.

The LeeKooLuu is a tenacious item with all the goodness of a quality camera. That’s why it’s on the list of the best RV rearview camera.


  • 150 degree viewing angle for a wider viewing range.
  • Can work with vehicles of length up to 45 feet. Signal strength is beyond 100 feet.
  • It features two-way video input to allow you to add another travel hitch backup camera to the system. Versatile and diverse.
  • Waterproofed with IP69 technology. Very durable and resistant.
  • Signal strength is strong.


  • The receiver may show some error for initial installation.


Finally, we can say that the LeeKooLuu is a great trailer hitch backup camera. It’s for anyone who wants to have a safe towing experience and more. Their camera system is an amazing choice, and we would definitely recommend it. Check out the price here.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing The Best RV Backup Camera

There are many brands that have their rearview cameras on the market. Knowing which one is best and choosing one can be a heck of a job. However, we have developed this buying guide for your assistance. In this guide, we will provide you with some of the key features that you must consider before buying an RV backup camera for your recreational vehicle.

  • Types

Based on the connection type

There are two types of RV rearview cameras. One is wireless and the other one is wired camera. The unit that doesn’t require any wires or cables is a wireless camera. A unit that does need wires and cables is known as a wired camera.

Based on monitors

If you categorize the cameras based on monitors then you will find, LCD units, TFT-LCD units, and CRT units. Most of the backup systems of today have LCD monitors. You might see a few CRT models too but the CRT screen will provide you with low-quality imaging. TFT-LCD is the best of the lot and you should prefer them on anything else.

Based on rearview cameras

There are three types of rearview cameras. The surface-mounted one is that which you can mount on any flat surface. You can mount these very high and that will provide you with an outstanding field view.

For large vehicles, you should prioritize this camera. There are flush-mounted cameras as well. In this type, the camera needs to place within a hole that you need to make in your vehicle. Also, it should be blended with the surface of the vehicle as much as possible.

You will only see the bezel and the lens from the outside and it will provide you with a nice clean look. In most cases, this camera is close to the ground, so the vantage point is lower than the surface mount camera. Another type is that you can install in the hole of your license plate. Its installation doesn’t require any modifications.

  • User-friendly installation

Another important feature of a backup safety system that you must consider is its ease of installation and user-friendliness. A wired device will be time consuming to set up as compared to a wireless version.

However, with a wireless unit, you might experience some interruptions too. If you do not want to spend too much against installation costs then you should opt for a wireless version. However, be prepared for some interruptions in the reception too.

  • Field of view

The field of view is another important feature that you should consider. Most of the backup safety system cameras that come with a big lens offer a good quality field view. A 1/4-inch sensor can offer 90-degree view while a 1/3-inch sensor can provide you with a 120-degree view. You should prefer a 1/3-inch sensor with a 120-degree view.

With an excellent vantage point, you will be able to see almost everything behind your RV with ease. You can also go for a 210-degree or 180-degree output, but this will be from a fisheye lens and the view will be as if you’re watching from a door’s peephole.

  • Display & Video Quality

In most cases, you should opt for a touchscreen that is equipped with TFT-LCD technology. It is a pinnacle in this area and you should look to buy these. However, these screens also come at high prices as compared to a simple LCD or the old CRT version. CRT is almost extinct, therefore, if you’re low on budget then go for an LCD at least.

  • Mounting options 

As discussed above, there are three different mounting options when it comes to rearview cameras. You can opt for a surface mount camera or a flush mount camera. You can also choose a license plate camera as well. The surface mount camera will provide you with an excellent vantage point and you will be able to access plenty of field view on your monitor.

A flush mount camera will offer a clear view and you will only be able to see the bezel and the lens of the camera that is mounted in a hole. A license plate camera doesn’t need any modification or hole in your vehicle and you can mount it in the rear plate hole.

  • CCD or CMOS Sensor

If you’re to choose between CCD or CMOS sensor, then always go for CCD or charge coupled device. This sensor has the ability to create high-quality imaging results and doesn’t produce too much visual noise. This sensor is very light sensitive.

As they are superior to CMOS, therefore, they are more expensive as well. CMOS or complementary metal-oxide semiconductor is a sensor that needs an excessive amount of light for the creation of good quality images

  • Night vision

For an excellent night vision always look for the systems that come with LED lighting that is present in the camera. This light will enable you to see in the dark when you’re reversing your vehicle. You can also look for infrared LEDs that will provide illuminating results in your monitor for a better vision in the dark.

  • Accessories and Extras

For the extra features, you should look for the waterproof unit. You don’t know when it is going to rain. Therefore, your backup safety camera needs to resist water otherwise you will have to get a new one after a single downpour. Also, make sure that your purchase comes with at least a year’s warranty.

Monitor size is another extra feature that you might find handy. On a large display, you will be able to see clearly what is going on at the back of your vehicle. Most of the purchases come with all installations tools and equipment. This makes installation a very easy process if you’re a DIY savvy.

  • Price

Good quality backup security cameras do range between $100 and $500. There are numerous brands that have RV rearview cameras with different features. Some of them are expensive while others offer good value.

If the budget is not your concern then the Furrion Backup Cameras system should be your choice. The results of Furrion backup camera reviews are overall positive.

You will find plenty of satisfied users of the brand. These are very easy to install if you use Furrion backup camera wiring diagram.

If you’re worried about overspending, then you should opt for the 4Ucam Digital Wireless Camera. It won’t break your wallet and will still provide you with some basic features.

However, if you prefer value over anything else, then buy the Rear View Safety 091406 RV rearview camera. It comes with a good number of advanced features and will not cost you much as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How you can install an RV backup security camera?

Your purchase of an RV rearview camera will include an owner’s manual. This manual contains all the important instructions that you will need to follow for successfully installing your device in your vehicle.

Generally, you just have to link its antennas with the power source. It will make the system to start working. For more details on the installation process, you will need to go through its manual first.

How does Field of view works?

The field of view of an RV rearview camera is a factor that you can determine using different elements. These include the type of lens, its focal length and the size of the image sensor. Like any of your normal camera, a big image sensor means an excellent quality of the picture.

The size of the sensor will also determine the night vision capabilities of the camera. A 1/4-inch sensor can produce 60 to 90-degree field of view. On the other hand, a 1/3-inch sensor can produce 120-degree. You should only go for anything at least 90-degrees.

However, there are a good number of affordable options available on the market that can produce 120-degree too.

For this reason, 120-degree field of view and 1/3-inch sensor are the two elements that you must consider before purchasing a good quality backup safety camera. If budget is not your concern, then you can also go for a wider field of view option including 180-degree and 210-degree.

However, the devices that can produce this field of view come with a fisheye lens. These will produce an image as if you’re looking through a peephole in your door. For this reason, they can be a source of accidents and you should not opt for them.

How Much Will Installation Cost For A Wired Backup RV Camera?

If you’re going for a wireless option, then installation cost is not going to matter a lot. However, you have to bear this cost in case of a wired version of the backup safety camera. Without any prior experience, you cannot install this camera on your own.

You will definitely need some professional expertise for this. The cost to hire such a service will range between $80 and $150 per hour. The cost will also increase with the increase in the number of cameras that you want to install.

Can I Use A Wired Backup Safety Camera System On My Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel?

Yes, you can use a wired backup safety system camera in your 5th wheel or travel trailer. If you’re not good with this stuff, then we recommend that you hire a professional for this. If you have plenty of experience in DIY projects, then installing a wired camera in your travel trailer or 5th wheel is not going to be an issue for you.

Just make sure that you clamped all the wires properly. The camera itself needs to be waterproof due to rain and wet conditions. You will need a connection kit for this installation. In this kit, there will be a couple of male ends.

One of them is for installation on the trailer and the other one is for the installation on the tow vehicle. There will be female end wire that will be coiled and it will connect both the other wires.

Where you can mount your RV backup safety camera?

When you’re mounting your camera, make sure to keep it towards the driver’s side. It is important because the signal needs to travel between the truck and the camper.

There will be a clearer path for the signal to travel. There will be less distance between the monitor and the camera too. You can mount it on the bumper for a good view.

However, sometimes the bumpers of RVs are not that high off the ground. Mounting the camera with some height means that you will need a good vantage point while you’re reversing your vehicle.

Most of the OEM backup safety cameras are mounted at about 9 feet from the ground. Such a vantage point provides an excellent view. You must choose a spot by yourself that you think provides the best view when reversing.

In Conclusion

The durable and reliable backup safety system cameras save your lives from accidents by providing grid line view, infra-red night vision and much more. It is necessary for you to buy a rearview camera for your safety.

It increases the confidence level of drivers and keeps everyone safe. The list of backup cameras we have included is also ideal for vehicles other than RV such as buses, trailers, pop-up campers, cars, and motorhome.

The winner of this roundup is the Rear View Safety 770616N. It is the best RV backup camera because it comes with a backup safety camera and a side camera to increase visibility.

The 7-inch LCD displays the ultra-wide view from backside 130-degrees or from the side about 120-degrees. The system comprises 18 IR LEDs, which allows viewing more than 50ft. Besides, the side camera has 09 IR LEDs presents an excellent vision in the dark for 30ft.

What’s more? This camera system has a built-in microphone and speakers. The speakers provide the aural information along with visual and the microphone gives command back to the vehicle. The auto-dimming trait automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor screen according to day or night.

The LCD also displays the distance with the gridline to tell how much space is left behind the driver. The waterproof, shock resistant and other features make this product the most popular on the market as compared to other products.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, just leave a comment below.

Have a safe RV Journey!

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