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6 Best Truck Bed Campers In 2022 – The Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Why do you need the best truck bed camper?

They allow you to enjoy the outdoors in a compact space and also provide you with comfort. You might be downgrading from your RV or upgrading from your tent. In either case, you will find out that a truck bed camper offers plenty of value.

Best Truck Bed campers

Primarily you can fit these bed campers to any kind of half-one trucks. You will get plenty of power and size to haul your camper unit wherever you want to go. Many truck camper models are economical because they have a streamlined design.

The chassis of your truck also has a construction to bear the load. For this reason, you can use your half-ton truck as a camper and go to almost any destination. These trucks provide you with a significant amount of ground clearance for traversing the hardest obstacles without even thinking that you will tip over your camper.

Why bed truck campers are so convenient to use?

  • The installation of these types is pretty simple.
  • You can store them in your garage for easy winterizing.
  • Offer a simple solution to extend weekend getaways or family holidays.
  • Outdoor living space is a huge advantage that these units have to offer.

We have developed a list of best truck bed campers reviews and a buying guide to help you out in making the right decision.

So let’s get going with our brief comparison chart first!

Comparison Chart of 6 Best Truck Bed Campers

ProductsPriceBase WeightFloor LengthOverall LengthOverall WidthFresh WaterCassette Toilet
BunduTec Wild$$1630 lbs84-inch151-inch84-inch20 GallonsYes
Phoenix Mini-Max$$$1180 lbs71-inchN/A84-inch18 GallonsYes
Grandby Model$$1095 lbs96-inch144-inch80-inch20 GallonsNo
Hallmark Milner$$$$1212 lbs80-inch140-inch83-inch30 GallonsYes
EarthCruiser MOD$$$700 lbs65-inch140-inch68-inch5 GallonsYes
Juno Camper$$$$2105 lbs101-inch184-inch87.5-inch44 GallonsNo

6 Best Truck Bed Campers Reviews

1. BunduTec Wild Campers

BunduTec manufactures truck campers for adventurers. These truck bed campers have plenty of storage, stylish interior, and additional specifications. The unit design is a stand-alone, which you can detach it from your truck and place it on any favorable campground. 

Why do we recommend it?

BunduTec Wild comes with aluminum finishes that give a very trendy look along with plentiful other features. The overall length of BunduTec wild is 151-inch, width is about 84-inch, and the floor area spreads across 84-inch in length.

As per numerous Bundutec camper reviews, the best thing about choosing BunduTec is that it offers a cassette toilet along with an interior shower that has placed on the backside of driving seat. Moreover, electrical roof and exterior mechanical both jacks enhance its durability and reliability.

Here is an additional reason to recommend it to you, it has a portable pre-wire solar system to save energy. The base weight of the truck bed camper is 1630 lbs. It provides easy maneuverability due to its compact construction. Apart from interiors, the docking station, quick connect hose, and lockable storage is placed externally.

Features & Benefits

  • The compact and folding design makes it portable and permits you to separate it from the truck and place it on any ground for camping. 
  • It has 30 Amp power-cords, power-cord adaptor, 12v outlets, 110V outlets, and 7-way RV plug options.  
  • The kitchen side is equipped with stainless steel, a drop-in 2-burner stove, and 120000 BTU furnaces. You can cook a fresh meal and keep the leftover in the 12vcompressor fridge.
  • There are multiple water options such as water pump, water heater, fresh water tank holder, and gray water tank holder. Moreover, the capacity of freshwater and gray water is 20 gallon and 7 gallons, respectively.
  • There is an option to set your queen-size bed at either the north or south side. You will also get under the bed storage along with privacy shades.   


  • It saves energy because BunduTec Wild comes with a portable pre-wire solar system.   
  • The USB outlets allow you to plug multiple devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  • It comes with an entrance screened door, slider radius windows, and privacy shades.
  • Upgradable by additional purchases such as foldable TV mounts, overhead cabinets, and much more.
  • You can camp at night with its LED lights that light up the camp.
  • The company gives you a one-year warranty.


  • There is no TV or speakers in addition.


In short, BunduTec is suitable for camping on your truck because it provides plentiful services that enhance enjoyment. You can upgrade your truck camper by purchasing additional equipment. The good thing is that it has enough storage areas, both internally and externally. The premium quality materials used in its construction makes it durable and reliable.

2. Phoenix Mini-Max Camper

Phoenix exactly knows what you want as a vacationer and build fully functional truck campers. If you want a customized camper for your truck bed, then Phoenix is ready to build it for you. The Phoenix Mini-Max comes with a unique design and offers many features that entertain you in the camp.  

Why do we recommend it?

Phoenix customizes camp according to your requirements. Phoenix Mini-Max truck camper is ideal for all full-size, mid-size, and short-size beds. The length of the interior floor is 72.5-inch while the height of the interior comes with 75-inch.

The frame of the Mini-Max is made with aluminum and stuffed with thick polystyrene foam. The manufacturer has covered the interior with fiber panel, protected with a sturdy outer shell, and laminated with CRANE fiberglass.

Apart from that, Phoenix Mini-Max comes with a triple layer of fabric. Phoenix has used a nylon weave at the outer layer and air bubble Mylar style insulation at the center core. Furthermore, the inner layer has heavy-duty packed nylon cloth.

It has a gray tank, cassette toilet, and a freshwater tank. The water heater has been placed in the mini-sized camp as well. When you explore water options you will find multiple water amenities such as freshwater tank 18 gallons, water heater 6 gallons, grey 8 gallons, black tank 5 gallons, and 4 gallons reservoir.

There is no need to worry about storage. The interior has many storage areas where you can place multiple things. It has a cassette toilet that comes with a hot sitting shower. Furthermore, you can also place a queen-size bed that also has a storage area.    

You have three options to choose the appropriate style such as flatbed, chassis mount, and folding slide. The Phoenix Mini-Max truck camper has a wet bath, electric roof lift with push-button, and aerodynamic cab over.

Features & Benefits

  • With customizable options, you can choose wood finishes, fabric, and countertops to give a trendy look to your camp. You can also add roof racks.
  • The company offers a 71-inch floor-length where you can place a small and large size bed easily.
  • Phoenix Mini-Max comes with a 100-watt solar panel, also with a wiring and controller system.
  • The solar charge system and onboard battery make it portable and allow you to take it off from the truck and place it on the camping ground.
  • The heavy-duty insulation makes it practical to use in four seasons because it has both heater and vent. 
  • The cabinet comes in birch color with finishes, but you can customize the cabinet material and fishes like bamboo.


  • You can choose a large 500 watts solar system to save energy.
  • The roof is well constructed, sturdy, and much stronger.
  • The use of high-quality materials makes it long-lasting.
  • There are multiple options accessible to customize the interior and exterior.


  • Phoenix Mini-Max has only one 12v USB outlet.
  • The customization process is very lengthy, and you might need to wait for long.


Phoenix Mini-Max is a nicer option available on the market as compared to others. It is equipped with multiple types of equipment such as toilet, sink, stove, bed, heater, vent, solar system, and much more. They permit you to customize it according to your requirements.

3. Grandby Model

The simple and comfortable interior design of this particular truck bed camper will appeal to you. While there are several truck camper options for the interior, you will find that all the elements in the interior parts have premium quality. Grandby always makes sure to make the truck camper in a standardized way. You will find that this particular model also follows the same standard.

Why do we recommend it?

The major reason for recommending the Grandby Models is because of the variety and quality it shows. You can rely on these models, those are durable and works in almost any sort of environment. It’s also simple, lightweight, and durable which is made to be budget-friendly.

The Grandby Flatbed model offers a single floor plan which has a lot of space and offers a lot of interior options. You can choose from a number of interior designs from their catalog and even make your own adjustments to them.

The Roll Over Couch model and the Side Dinette models offer single floor plans. These models are great for you if you’re looking for a casual place to hang out or occasionally sleep in. We don’t recommend them for longer trips where you might want to rest comfortably. The design and features of these models are definitely not suited for people who prefer comfort.

Features & Benefits

  • It sports an extremely lightweight build. The base model only weighs around 1425 pounds. Even with the extra features, you will not find it to be extremely bulky.
  • The Grandby Models can easily house 3 to 4 adults in a comfortable way. You can easily use a queen-sized cab-over bed or a couch to bed convertor.
  • When the folding is set up, even then you have enough headroom of about 6 feet and 6 inches. So, most people will have no problem getting inside and standing.
  • When the roof is down, the overall height of the truck camper is reduced in a compact size.


  • The lightweight build makes it faster, and it does not lag around because of its lightweight.
  • These truck bed frames are customizable for you.
  • The variety of interior features is more than enough for you to feel right at home.
  • The water-proof roof makes it suitable for all environments.
  • These are designed to fit your truck perfectly.


  • While some varieties are shown on the catalogs, they might not be available sometimes.


If you’re looking for variety and comfort, then the Four Wheels Campers’ Grandby models are definitely the best short bed truck campers for you. You can easily adjust yourself and make it homely according to your liking.

4. Hallmark Milner

The Hallmark Milner allows limited customization and personalization. While the Hallmark Milner is definitely a key player in the industry, it is somewhat of an underdog. Honestly, it would not be very smart to expect much from a budget-friendly truck bed camper. But, even with all the minimized features, the quality of the product is top-notch.

You will find it to be comfortable and easily likable. If you’re looking for something compact and not too fancy, and you value comfort over everything else, then you will love the Hallmark Milner.

Why do we recommend it?

The Hallmark Milner is a compact yet comfortable bed truck camper which is made to be attached to large or full-sized trucks. This truck camper is made to be 6.5 feet in height. All of the Hallmark truck bed campers come with a premium fiberglass composite exterior frame which makes it durable.

The durability is remarkable with this special model. The exterior of the truck camper can handle impact from almost any kind of object. You will not find dents or places where the exterior is slightly damaged from anything.

The fiberglass roof is also made to be extremely durable. It can withstand the impact. It is specially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, and even heavy rain. The roof is properly and strongly integrated into the rest of the truck camper, so you can rest assured that it won’t fall or get damaged.

You can get the interior cabinetry customized according to your own choice. You can choose between wood, aluminum or Coosa composite. Although the standard is wood, you can pay a bit of extra money and get aluminum. You can double that amount and get Coosa Composite. We highly recommend the aluminum variantbecause the wood variant can wear out easily.

Features & Benefits

  • The exterior of the Hallmark Milner is extremely durable and offers safety as well as reassurance that you’ll be safe from the weather.
  • The availability of DSI water heaters makes sure you get plenty of hot water in the winter season.
  • 3-way Direct Spark Ignition refrigerators will save your food leftovers for late-night cravings. There are several options available for the cabinetry: wood, aluminum, and Coosa composite.
  • It supports several electrical appliances and devices, which makes it easier to make the truck camper homelike.
  • The potty storage and cassette toilets along with shower plans can be added upon request.
  • All the lighting inside the truck camper is made from LED lights. The interior lighting is luminous and lasts for about 2 years until they have to be replaced.
  • There are several big-view double windows for a better view when traveling or at an exotic place.


  • It features maintenance-free composite roofs that are leak-proof and also weatherproof.
  • The insulated soft-walls will protect you from harsh weather conditions.
  • You’ll enjoy exclusive views from the big-view windows.
  • You can choose your own interior fabric from a catalog provided by Hallmark itself.
  • It features portable toilets for easy usage and disposing of excreting.
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty provided by the company itself.


  • There are not a lot of options available for customization.


The Hallmark Milner is the perfect choice for people who want to have a camper that’s compact and comfortable. You can use this truck bed camper in any kind of weather condition and still be comfortable and unfazed by the weather.

5. EarthCruiser MOD

The EarthCruiser MOD uses a modular interior design which allows you to customize it easily and make it homelike. This is the lightest best truck bed camper you can find in this price range.

The MOD is developed in a way that it helps you reflect your own lifestyle. You can use several modules available. Some of these are pre-assembled kits that can be purchased and used. Or you can build your own modules to make it more customized and according to your own liking.

Why do we recommend it?

The EarthCruiser is the most innovative bed truck model on the list due to the modular design and its features. The interior and the exterior of the truck camper can easily be customized using modules which are available to be used.

The durable EarthCruiser MOD is made from One-Piece composite materials. The base shell is extremely durable and can take on any harsh weather conditions. The versatility of its really shows in the exterior of the EarthCruiser MOD. The exterior is made to be extremely durable and resistant to any and all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

The electrical system provided to the truck bed camper is also versatile. There are several electrical options available for you to use. You can plug in any and all kinds of electrical devices and appliances.

There are several pre-assembled kits available which are available for different prices. You can purchase the appropriate MOD and then use it for your adventures. Each of these MODs has different features which fit the kind of situation they were built for.

The EarthCruiser MOD also sports a great number of storage options which makes it suitable for longer trips when you might need to keep some things inside.

Features & Benefits

  • It features a base shell made from one-piece composite material. The roof is made from durable materials that can also withstand all kinds of impacts.
  • The exterior shell is durable and strong-build. Durable exterior that can withstand all kinds of weather impacts.
  • The EarthCruiser MOD supports modules that can be used according to need and comfort. You need to estimate before making the decision.
  • You can store a lot of your camping and fishing gear with ample storage space provided with EarthCruiser.


  • It allows you to customize the entire interior according to your liking.
  • There are a variety of modules that you can choose from.
  • You will find it to be sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.
  • There are several electrical devices and appliances which can be used with it.


  • The interior design is not very impressive, and neither is there a choice for you to customize.


This truck camper is highly durable and comfortable for use. You can rely on this truck bed camper to protect you from harsh weather conditions. It is also easily customizable, which makes it better for most people who want a personalized experience.

6.  Juno Camper

The Juno Truck Camper is another versatile truck bed camper that made it to our list of top picks. Juno provides several choices for electrical appliances and devices. The versatility of this model is also seen in the fabric choices.

Outfitters’ Juno provides you with several choices for fabric selection as well as bedding options. Its versatility and reliability are what make it popular among people who own larger trucks.

Why do we recommend it?

The Outfitters’ Juno is a versatile truck bed camper that allows you to personalize and customize several features of the camper. You can easily customize the fabric of the interior by calling or visiting a nearby Outfitters’ store and asking for samples. Once you have the samples, you can pick out the ones you want.

Other than this, the cabinetry is also customizable. You can pick between wood and aluminum. While the aluminum variant costs a tad more, the aluminum is much more reliable. The wood variant is the default fitting on this Juno camper. The aluminum won’t wear out earlier and easier. On the other hand, the wood cabinets may get affected by humidity and swell up.

The Outfitters’ Juno features lightweight construction using one-piece composite material. The weight of the truck camper makes a huge impact on the speed and fuel consumption of the vehicle. The lightweight construction makes it faster.

There is extensive support in the Outfitters’ Juno for a wide variety of electrical appliances and devices. You can easily use the power source to power up the refrigerator and even microwave ovens.

Features & Benefits

  • It is made from one-piece composite material which makes it durable and impervious to harsh weather conditions.
  • The cabinetry is extensive and customizable according to your needs and liking. Therefore you have options to choose from many varieties.
  • It can save you a lot of fuel. The lightweight features can make it easier for you in terms of fuel expenditure.
  • Outfitters’ Juno can save you up to 30% on fuel expenditure due to the lightweight design.
  • It sports a fold-down room in the back for some variants which gives you extra space for guests or plus-ones.


  • The construction of the bed truck camper is lightweight.
  • You can take it anywhere without any fear of damage as it is weather-resistant.
  • It is completely customizable, and it can be personalized according to your needs.
  • It is 8.5 feet in height so the average person can easily find enough headroom.


  • The interior designs are limited and not very premium.


If you’re looking for something fancy that provides various options for customization, then the Outfitters’ Juno is definitely made for you. The Juno will serve you effectively any place you go regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Important Considerations Before Purchasing a Truck Bed Camper

You will find truck campers very comforting if you are upgrading from tents but will find them a bit difficult to handle if you are downgrading from your motorhome.

To make it simple for you, we have developed this buying guide to assist you in making the right buying decision. You must consider these important features before you finalize your decision to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.

Compatibility with your truck

If your truck is big, so will be its towing capacity. For this reason, most of the people who go for truck camping prefer to use ¾ or one tone truck. These tucks can manage with the larger sizes as well. In addition to that, your camper body must also be compatible with the size and shape of your truck.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

The gross vehicle weight rating or GVWR is also called the gross vehicle mass or GVM. This is the max operating mass of your truck and the manufacturer will specify it in the owner’s manual. This includes the weight of all the passengers, engine, chassis, fuel, engine fluids, and accessories as well as cargo.

But it doesn’t include any trailers. But it does include the weight of the truck bed camper that you will install on the truck. Make sure that the total weight of your vehicle after installing all the accessories along the truck camper doesn’t exceed the specified limits in the manual.

Truck Payload Rating

Within the GVWR, manufacturers have mentioned a separate rating for your vehicle. This is known as the truck’s payload rating. This rating includes the number of pounds that you can add to your truck and still remain within the safety limits set by the manufacturer. This rating will let you know what should be the weight of your camper and how much you can accessorize it.

Tires Weight Rating

There is a separate weight rating for your vehicle’s tires as well. You don’t want to overload your vehicle as this will put the tires under a huge amount of stress. You need to check the rating in the owner’s manual for the tires of your vehicle. Just to be on the safe side, even if you have met the safety requirements, make sure that you install tires with greater load capacity.

One of the benefits of soft side truck campers is they are lightweight, and their center of gravity is low as well. For this reason, they are your ideal option for off-road travel.

Power Input/output

There are five different power alternatives that you can opt for. There is a 110V power option which is also known as shore power. You can also go for 12V power from the batteries if you are not going to any RV park.

Another option for you to consider here is your propane or gas generator, or you can always go with your truck’s alternator. Solar power is also there for you to avail of. You can choose any of these power sources according to your needs and the number of electronics and appliances you have in your bed truck camper. You need to make your decision wisely because you don’t need to be out of power to run your appliances. This can add to your discomfort on your trip.

Floor Plan

The floor plan of your truck bed camper needs to be compact and precise while remaining practical. You must be able to use all the space in a proper manner without feeling very congested. Of course, it is not going to be very spacious like a full tent or an RV, but the design should not throw comfort out of the window.

With that being said, your truck camper needs to provide you with enough space in which you can move around with ease. In case if you have more than two family members with you, then the space you will need must be big enough.


The amenities that are essential here include a good amount of storage space. You must be able to store your clothes and other stuff conveniently. Apart from that, the size of the bedding is also necessary depending upon the number of people who will accompany you on your trip.

The number of amenities you need also depends upon the number of days you will be spending on the road. And it is entirely your own choice and preference. However, the truck campers that offer more amenities also come with a hefty price tag, so make sure that you don’t end up overspending. The heating and cooling system also is an important amenity.

If you are off the grid in a place where there is too much heat or cold, then you will definitely need a good quality cooling and heating system. Besides that, you will also need internet access for your work and entertainment as well.

Weather Resistance

Apart from the heating or cooling system, your truck camper must also come with weather resistance features. It must be well built and should be able to keep water out during heavy rains.

This will also allow maintaining its internal temperature well, whether it is the case of heating or cooling. Besides that, the color of the fabric must also stay intact so that your camper truck keeps looking shiny and new.


Manufacturers these days use different materials to make the truck campers as lightweight as possible. However, some also focus on durability more than anything else. There are many available with steel tubing as well as aluminum. Aluminum is lighter than steel but less powerful.

The materials of the tent vary. You need to make your choice depending upon the areas you will be visiting and their weather. For instance, go for more breathable stuff if you are going to a warm region. Similarly, more cover is better if you are going to a rainy part.

Price and Warranty

It all boils down to the final most important aspect of any purchase decision that you make, and that is price. If you are looking to go for the best product that the market has to offer in this category, then you don’t have to consider the price at all.

Similarly, if budget is your concern, then you will make a well-informed decision. But you don’t need to overspend on anything because the best means different to different people. It is important for you to list down all your needs and requirements first and then go for a product that meets all those demands.

As for the warranty, most of the manufacturers offer a warranty that ranges from one to five years. The truck bed campers that come with long warranties also have a better construction. We would strongly suggest you go for the long warranties because these are the products that you should trust to last for a long time. 

The Bottom Line

It’s to declare a winner and Bundutec Wild turns out to be the best overall. It comes at a fairly reasonable price and is equipped with a lot of features. Its base weight is 1630 lbs, and floor-length is 84-inches, which means it offers you a good space to move around. Its center of gravity is 24.5-inch, which is pretty good for your off-road experience. It is by far the best truck bed camper that is available on the market because it doesn’t break your wallet and offer plenty of value as well.

Which of these truck bed campers have you used recently? Do you have any suggestions for us that we should include in this post? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

Happy camping!

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