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10 Best Weight Distribution Hitches In 2022 – Buyers Guide

The best weight distribution hitch (WDH) ensures whether your tow vehicle experiences a smooth and balanced ride on roads and highways. And undoubtedly, it has a significant role to play if you spend plenty of time on the road.

To achieve weight stability and prevent sway, you must tow according to the tow weight capacity of your tow vehicle with a trailer hitch. Otherwise, your tow vehicle will become very difficult to handle and will frequently sag.

Best Weight Distribution Hitch

In this article, we will provide you with details on the purpose of the best weight distribution hitches and their variety. We’ll also review some of the best options that you can find on the market.

Later on, we will also share some details associated with various attributes that you need to consider before buying a weight distribution hitch that is compatible with your tow vehicle.

So let’s get on with it!

Our Top Pick’s

Best Overall Pick
ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch | No Bounce No...
Editor's Top Choice
Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000...
Budget Friendly Pick
Camco EAZ LIFT Elite Weight Distribution Hitch, Sway Control...
ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch | No Bounce No...
Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000...
Camco EAZ LIFT Elite Weight Distribution Hitch, Sway Control...
53 lbs
102 lbs
96 lbs
Tongue Weight Rating
1,400 lbs
1,000 lbs
1,000 lbs
Trailer Weight Rating
14,000 lbs
10,000 lbs
10,000 lbs
Best Overall Pick
ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch | No Bounce No...
ANDERSEN HITCHES | Weight Distribution Hitch | No Bounce No...
53 lbs
Tongue Weight Rating
1,400 lbs
Trailer Weight Rating
14,000 lbs
More Information
Editor's Top Choice
Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000...
Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1000, 10,000...
102 lbs
Tongue Weight Rating
1,000 lbs
Trailer Weight Rating
10,000 lbs
More Information
Budget Friendly Pick
Camco EAZ LIFT Elite Weight Distribution Hitch, Sway Control...
Camco EAZ LIFT Elite Weight Distribution Hitch, Sway Control...
96 lbs
Tongue Weight Rating
1,000 lbs
Trailer Weight Rating
10,000 lbs
More Information

10 Best Weight Distribution Hitch Reviews

We have gone through numerous Weight Distribution Hitches and real user experiences to develop our list of best weight distributing hitch with sway control. The criteria were simple; we made sure that all the entries feature anti-sway because it is an integral part of a weight distribution system.

Furthermore, we considered those products that were highly regarded by the users for their performance and durability. We conducted research of more than 250 hours and went through more than 500 customer reviews to develop our list.

Most of these weight distributing hitches are extremely popular among the users but each of them comes with its own unique characteristics.

Let’s have a look at each one of them with some brief details.

1. Blue Ox BXW1500 SWAYPRO Weight Distribution Hitch

Blue Ox manufactured the BXW1500 as a weight distribution hitch that is responsible to give a balanced and smooth ride and let you tow the greatest capacity. The Blue Ox constructed it by a powered coating of steel and comprises with 2-inch shank, present 8-inch rise, and a 2-inch drop.

The company provides a good sway system, which helps to prevent sway and balancing the trailer’s load. There is no need for drilling; it comes with a clamp-on bracket.

  • Spring Bars Flex

The hitches create an even traveling, provide proper stability, and control both trailer and vehicle. This flex can work as interchangeable parts, which means that this spring bar also works with other spring bars and lift the weight capacity. It helps to control the rides for even weight distribution due to automatic lock in place and can be easily removed.

  • Sway Control System

Sometimes trailers sway by a crosswind, improper spring bar, and bad trailer loading. The built-in sway control helps to provide an even weight distribution that prevents the rides from sway. In addition, a lift bracket is rotating to ensure that the chains are rigid and to protect the spring bars from moving side to side.

  • Essential Components

A system that functions to self-lock the device and there is no need for any clip or pins. The maintenance and assembly of this hitch are quite simple and easy to clean through built-in two grease zerks. The design of this weight distributor clamps on with an adjustable shank.


  • Good sway system for weight distribution
  • Highly compatible with electric brake and surge-break
  • SwayPro allows backing up from 1100 lbs to 1400 lbs
  • This product is perfectly capable to fit in the 2-inch hitch
  • Prevents sway in any weather that provides a proper balance to the vehicle
  • Performs heavy-duty and contains shank as well


  • The installation process is technical


Blue Ox weight distributor hitch can handle tongue weigh about 1000 lbs to 1500 lbs and the lift-bracket position should be mounting regarding 29-inch back as of hitch ball.

The overall length of the shank that is a hole for using hitch ball is 3-inch. This product of Blue Ox is highly compatible with both types of breaks i.e, electric and surge.

2. Fastway E2 2-Point Sway Control Round Bar Hitch

The E2 hitch is popular due to 2-points, steel-on-steel friction which works as prevention and trailer sway helps to give correct and even distribution of weight. The adequate sway bracket aids to keep the trailer in line along with the tow vehicle. It is also equipped with an adjustable shank.

  • 2-Point Sway-control feature

This round bar weight distribution hitch comes with a unique design that is compatible with electric and surge break actuators. There is an integrated built-in sway control that works as 2-point that limits the movements as side-to-side.

The brackets are very helpful to keep the trailer in line by keeping the spring bars in a proper place for a strict system. The steel-on-steel friction aids to reduce the sway because of sudden winds and bumps. There is no need to lift the chain that helps to remove unwanted movement.

  • Spring Bar Flex

This round hitch provides the stability and proper leveling control to the vehicle and trailer by using the Trunnion spring bar flex. There is no drill required but just adjustable brackets adjusted at the frame of the trailer for maintaining even weight distribution.

  • Snap-Up Lever

The hitch is constructed by a power layer of steel that is highly durable as well as resistant to corrosion. This feature makes it unique and more comfortable to use because the snap-up lever helps to configure it easily and quickly by minimizing the lifting required by a jack for the trailer.


  • This product comes with a 10K round bar and 2-5/16-inch hitch ball
  • The anti- sway system of this hitch works greatly
  • E2 weight distributor is compactable with electric and surges breaks
  • Hitch can easily be a perfect fit in 2-inch
  • This is a faster way to distribute weight evenly
  • The backing up is allowed from 500 lbs to 700 lbs


  • The configuration is tricky as compared to other products
  • Sometimes it produces noise during ride


The E2 hitch is durable and is extremely good along with its features. The supportive trailer weight 10000 lbs as well as tongue weight range is 1000 lbs.

The hitch involves multiple weight distribution systems such as WD head, double bracket for sway control, two spring bar flexes, snap-up lever, washer with spacer rivet, and other important installation hardware tools.

3. Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars

The Husky is capable to provide you those pioneer towing products that are prepared under the new technology for satisfying the high-end customers. It is compatible with 12000 lbs gross trailer weight and 800 to 1200 lbs Tongue weight.

  • Spring Bars

The Husky brings this center line TS with spring bars, improved design, using innovative technology and high-quality material in the direction of producing extremely good product and improved the towing experience. Its lighter and spring balls work together for delivering quick, smooth, and more approachable ride.

  • Value and Performance

The Trunnion manner spring bars are for balancing the weight distribution, advanced performance, supreme values, and more clearance products. This smoothness presets high responsive ride, which is a noticeable feature in the market as compared to other products.

  • Additional Mechanism

Husky distribution hitch with sway which no additional hardware is required because the built-in hardware is enough to show the high performance with its value. The hitch ball is pre-installed perfectly, the handles are used to hook up, and the EZ universal adjustable frame brackets are easy to configure and install.


  • The weight of this hitch is much lighter than other products
  • The adjustable frame brackets for easy installation
  • It comes with a combination of features of sway system and distributes weight in a balanced form
  • There is no extra hardware required for enhancing the performance of this hitch


  • The measurement of the shank is not long enough


The Husky delivers a better-quality product in a superior way so that you utilize this lightweight, compact design hitch in your riding. The eye-catching feature is the use of superior innovative technologies and mechanisms in its manufacturing. Moreover, we found Husky 32218 is one of the top rated weight distribution hitches with long term durability on the market.

4. Equal-i-Zer 4-Point Sway Control Hitch

The Equal-i-zer is one of the best sway control weight distribution hitches that make your journey safer. If you are making any maneuver, the Equal-i-zer hitch keeps your trailer with you. The 4-point sway control, multiple trailer compatibility, quality construction, and weight distribution features make it more eye-catchy product.

  • 4-Point Sway Control

The company popular due to the use of a 4-point sway control with superior performance and greater value. It provides you tremendous sway stability that is smooth and highly advanced technology for towing and gives you a safe journey.

  • Trailer Compatibility

The WD hitch Equal-i-zer is highly compatible with multiple trailers like cargo, utility trailer, boat, and horse as well as those trailers that comprise with surge brakes can use it easily and quickly. It is easy to set the appropriate adjustments and very convenient to adjust the angle while hitching and unhitching.

  • Quality and Weight Distribution

This is an American product made using the superior quality steel in its construction. Due to a high-quality product, a lifetime warranty is offered. The compact design of this hitch transfers the tongue weight evenly, stopping vehicles, improving steering, and give a smooth, pleasant, balancing and enjoyable journey.


  • Presents additional comfortable and safer towing
  • This product comes with most stable sway technology
  • Compatible with multiple trailers like cargo, RV, tent camper trailer, horse, etc
  • The high-quality steel increases its durability
  • The usage is very simple and convenient to adjust to any angle


  • It is not suitable with a frame of the aluminum trailer tongue


The innovative sway hitch is built in the USA by using high-quality steel for their customer’s safety. It is highly equipped with hardware that produces high performance with the greatest value and there is no need to add additional hardware.

The spring bars, snap-up lever, sway brackets, WD shank, WD head make it more popular and well suitable for all types of trailers.

5. EAZ LIFT Camco Elite Weight Distributing Hitch Kit

The company EAZ LIFT equipped Camco Elite hitch with an adjustable ball mount and a shank that allows trailers to enjoy a smoother ride. The maximum tongue weight is 1000 lbs. and the gross trailer weight is 10000 lbs.

  • Construction

Camco EAZ LIFT hitches are engineered with high-quality steel processed with innovative technologies. By using this, you can enjoy the comfort of towing in your journey. The hitch-ball is pre-installed in it.

  • Sway Control

The WD hitches come with a complete tool that includes spring bars, chains, hitch-ball, shank, clips, ball mount, and bolt package to adjust the hitches angles. This superior sway prevent system do not create any noise. You can easily move the steering while using this hitch.

  • Key apparatus

The manufacturer offers you to enjoy 5-year warranty along with plenty of hardware that enhances the performance of the hitch. It can be operated with a latching action. You can also adjust the clips and bolts according to your trailer because those are adjustable.


  • The maximum gross weight is 10000 lbs and the maximum tongue weight is about 1000 pounds
  • The construction of steel increases the durability of this hitch
  • It has an adjustable ball mount and adjustable clip hitch
  • The company offers you a 5-year warranty
  • The spring bar allows you to enjoy the smooth and calm ride


  • Need better hardware to configuration and adjusting
  • The after market parts isn’t available in good quality


EAZ LIFT produces high-quality hitches that fully satisfies the users at an affordable price. The sway system allows you to move your trailer side to side by improving the steering. EAZ LIFT 48058 1,000 lbs Elite Kit is one the best budget friendly weight distribution hitch made for a smooth and stable ride.

6. Andersen Mfg 3350 No Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

The Andersen 3350 No-Sway, if you are looking for a hitch without sway and a greaseless system then go for it without a doubt. It is made of high-quality material and used them to add new advancements and technology that make is simplest, and innovative.

  • Anti-Sway

The Anderson hitches are available in 4-inches to 8-inches drop that does not only raise the bar, also sets it. It creates a new level record that gives the popularity of this product in the market as compared to others. This product comes with anti-sway that helps to reduce the role of vehicles during the irregularities over the road.

  • Greaseless System

This product is constructed with superior materials where the bolts and shanks did not need any kind of grease. They work properly and smoothly without grease. This grease-free system also allows the coupler and balls to move as one. It is easy to setup.

  • Motion-Dampening System

The best feature of this WD hitch is that it offers a motion-dampening system. This system helps to decrease the bounces of vehicles and provide you a safer and smooth ride as well. By removing the one pin, it unhitches from your tow vehicle.


  • Self adjust sway control hitch
  • The motion-dampening system decreases the bounce
  • The durability of this product is high
  • No need to use grease because coupler and ball move as one
  • The setup of this hitch is easy and quick
  • It doesn’t produce any noise
  • Helps to evenly distribute the weight so you enjoy the smoothest ride


  • Sometimes the system takes time to hookup and remove


The best anti-sway and anti-bounce hitch have 10000 lbs gross vehicle weight ratings and maximum 1000 lbs tongue weight at 2-inch ball. Plenty of superior materials give you a quiet and calm ride. Through modern and innovative technology, there is no need to backing up like other products.

7. Weight Distribution Complete Kit 49903 by Pro Series

If you want to buy a decent quality hitch and don’t want to pay much for it either then don’t look any further. The 49903 weight distribution hitch kit is your perfect choice as it comes with a heavy-duty sway mechanism.

Furthermore, this kit will provide you with everything that you need for safe towing and high performance.

  • Torque sway control

The sway control of this distribution hitch is preinstalled. This means that you don’t have to spend hours in balancing out your hitch according to your tow vehicle. The balls for the hitch and the no sway are pre-torqued and ready to use with the chains and the U-bolts.

  • Complete kit

Your purchase will include all the tools and hardware that you will require to install this kit onto your tow vehicle. You will find the mounting hardware as well as the anti-sway for friction in the package. It means that you won’t have to buy any third-party equipment for installation.

  • Guaranteed durability

Pro Series is confident about this hitch product that they provide the customers with a limited 10-year warranty. Additionally, the welded bar of the hitch and its fabricated head ensure long-lasting performance. You will feel the difference once you install it.


  • This kit will provide you with a combination of performance and safety as well as improved towing
  • The hitch comes with a limited warranty of 10 years
  • The balls for sway system and hitch come pre-torqued and installed
  • Its hitch bar is welded and is equipped with a fabricated head for longer lasting performance
  • Your purchase will include all mounting hardware and you won’t have to purchase any third party equipment for installation


  • The length of the hitch bar is a bit short and the kit will keep the trailer close to the tow vehicle


The 49903 kit from Pro Series provides you with a perfect balance between features and price. It will not break your wallet but will deliver exceptional performance for a good period of time. However, it is the best suited for the tow vehicles that have enough room at the back.

8. Reese Strait-Line Trunnion Style Weight Distribution Kit

If your trailer falls on the heavier side of the spectrum, then this weight distribution kit is a must-have. It is a remarkably powerful system that can support the gross trailer weight of up to 12,000 pounds, or tongue weight ranging from 600 to 1,200 lbs.

  • High Performance & WDS

The dual power allows the drivers to establish firm control over the trailer. You receive stability while towing heavy trailers like never before. It is one of the most robust systems you can install in your trailer tow vehicle. The ‘straight-line’ in the name is for the elimination of any sway with equal weight distribution.

  • Dual Cam System

The dual-cam system amplifies the sway control with twice the power and keeps the trailer in a straight line without stumbling off the path. Thus, the more swaying force the trailer exhibits, the dual cam works rigidly to restrict any swaying and keeps the heavy trailer moving in a straight line.

  • Easy-To-Install

The kit offers dual high-performance sway system, WDS, and Cam System in a single installation. It is a seamless process that might require a hitch ball and shank but makes the process convenient. Overall, for large trailers, it is a time-efficient installation if you follow the manual thoroughly.


  • Dual no-sway system
  • High-performance Weight Distribution
  • Dual Cams System
  • High-level stability and movement control
  • Easy installation


  • Requires a hitch ball or shank separately for installation
  • Not compatible with frames wider than 2 ½ inches


Considering the fact that most of the hitch systems for heavier trailers tend to be costly, Reese Strait-Line (66074) is one of the top notch weight distribution hitch for the money. You are getting a highly-added value for money due to its features that are twice better with dual performance. It is a great selection for straight-line movement of heavy trailers, especially in terrains that are otherwise uncomfortable and full of obstacles.

9. CURT 17007 Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch

Here is a round bar weight distribution hitch that is unmatched in its job of leveling the trailer and distributing the weight throughout the system, including the axles. This kit is great to support trailers weighing anywhere between 10,000 to 14,000 pounds. Therefore, it is a fantastic selection for anyone who owns a travel trailer, camper to a class 5 trailer.

  • Robust Module

The system is coated with a carbide black powder which protects the parts from UV damage, rusting, scratches, chips and corrosion. Additionally, its complete steel construct for head, spring bars and other parts offers an incredible strength and stability to carry 14,000 pounds easily with up to 1,400 tongue weights.

  • Highly Compatible

It comes with an adjustable shank (2 inches), which will fit with most of the industry-grade trailers. Therefore, it is a highly flexible selection that will support even heavy-duty commercial trailers. All you might need is a little replacement of a 2-inch shank to a 2 ½ inches, which is possible in this system.

  • Highly Convenient

The system is easy to set up with its snap-up brackets that mount to the trailer frame. There are lift handles for better leverage, and it can fit any vehicle trailer. Its leveling capabilities makes it stand out for a smooth ride. You can also install sway control to get more adjustment options and control over the movement of the trailer. However, a trailer ball is required to be purchased separately.


  • Can support GTW up to 14,000
  • Highly-compatible with various trailer models
  • Leveling system offers a stable ride
  • Option to install sway control
  • Corrosion and damage resistant


  • Requires separate purchase for trailer ball
  • It does not come with built-in sway


If you are looking for a hitch that supports virtually any trailer up to the weight of 14,000 pounds without sway control, this one is for you. However, the optional sway system is also handy in scenarios where you would want to have more control. Overall, this system is an admirable choice for its flexibility and heavy-duty performance.

10. Camco Chem 48774 Wd Hitch Kit Recurve R3

Supporting up to 1,000 pounds on hitch weight (Tongue Weight), here is a Camco Chem highly adaptable hitch kit. If you’re looking for better ground clearance with a hold so strong that the tow vehicle and trailer look like one, Camco Chem is the top rated weight distribution hitch with adjustable sway control. The firm hold of the hitch on the trailer makes it highly suitable for difficult icy roads.

  • Adjustable Sway Control

You can easily adjust the level of tension the anti-sway control will exert on the trailer. Therefore, it can flexibly be used in any terrain with any speed, twists, and turns.

Moreover, you can completely get rid of from sway for a smoother ride. It comes with an adjustable clamp for adjustments.

  • Better Ground Clearance

This module offers loading spring bars that offer better ground clearance than any other model. Additionally, it has a sleek design that fits with the trailer without any gaps.  You can vertically adjust the trailer around 4.5 downwards or 6.5 upwards for added convenience.

  • Evenly Distributed Weight

The hitch system evenly distributes the weight across the axles of the trailer and the hitching vehicle. It can support a gross trailer weight of around 12,000 pounds, despite tongue weight rated at 1,000 pounds. It also comes with frame brackets of 2 inches offset, and hitch ball to further reinforce the distribution.


  • Adequate weight distribution across the system
  • Supports up to 12,000 pounds GTW
  • Highly-adjustable sway control
  • Better ground clearance
  • Sleek but robust design
  • Comes with hitch ball


  • Requires frequent lubrication


This hitch system offers heavy-duty performance and control over the trailer so good that it operates even on the icy-roads. More importantly, the ground clearance makes it appropriate for off-road camping. Overall, it is easy to install and offers value for money.

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Important Considerations Before Purchasing a Weight Distribution Hitch

Now there are a huge variety of weight distributing hitches available on the market. Each manufacturer has introduced its own unique design. Therefore, choosing the right type of weight distribution hitch for your trailer can become an eschewing task.

Therefore, we have developed this buying guide for your assistance so that you might look for certain traits before you finalize your purchase.

Make sure what your needs and requirements are and choose a product accordingly otherwise you will end up overspending and will have to buy another product later on.

Following are some of the important considerations before purchasing a WDH:

Do Weight Distribution Hitches Help With Sway?

The big question that comes to mind is how do weight distribution hitches work? First of all, we need to understand what sway control is. Your trailer will sway when it is more than the 50% weight of your driving vehicle’s weight. If too much weight is in the back or there is intense wind or improper tension in the spring bar, then the trailer will begin to sway. For reducing this, you need to have the anti-sway hitch.

These hitches will reduce the sway effectively and will keep your towing trailer in control regardless of the wind or road conditions. Sway control systems are integral parts of weight distributing hitches.

These devices have two types including the device that reduces sway and its counterpart that eliminates sway altogether.

The sway reducing device relies on friction to prevent your trailer from shifting and it will only begin to work once swaying begins. The sway eliminating device applies tension on your towing trailer to make it move in a straight line.

Do I Even Need a Weight Distribution Hitch?

You would enjoy the benefits of a WDH if the weight of your towing trailer is more than 50% of your driving vehicle. If the rear end of your tow vehicle sags and you are experiencing sway on the road, then you will definitely need the most suitable weight distribution hitch to get rid of these issues. Besides, It will also solve problems associated with the case where you experience troubles in steering or stopping your rig.

Now the next question is does weight distribution hitch reduces tongue weight?

Yes, it does and it does so by distributing the tongue weight of your trailer towards the front axle of your tow vehicle. It will keep your trailer in a proper balance.

Furthermore, you will also be able to tow more than the capacity of your vehicle. If you want the best, then go for Hensley hitch. For those of you who are thinking what is Hensley hitch; it is the only hitch on the market that is guaranteed to eliminate sway with zero tolerance.

Types of Weight Distribution Hitches on The market

There are different types of weight distributions hitches, however, three of them are the most popular and used by a variety of manufacturers around the world. These include:

  • Trunnion Bars Hitches
  • Round Bars Hitches
  • Andersen Hitches

Trunnion spring bars are linked with the ball mount in the center and are the best option for increasing the rating of load weight. These bars are excellent to use in windy weather or uneven terrains.

On the other hand, round spring bars are linked with the ball mount at the bottom. These bars stay in the position with the help of a few clips. With the round bar, you get more clearance to link your trailer with the tow vehicle.

It is an excellent option in case if your trailer weighs more than your tow vehicle. Both of these types have their advantages. You need to make sure that which types of weight distributing hitch you should opt for before going on your trip.

Andersen hitch is a fantastic selection that falls on the higher-end of pricing. Consecutively, Andersen hitches don’t have sway bars but chains and dampers that make them highly effective in providing impeccable sturdiness by reducing the bounce rate of the object.

Additionally, Anderson hitch comes with a self-adjustment button that eliminates the requirement to adjust it manually. Thus, reducing the chances of errors. The button enables you to control the tension of the chains and dampers and adjust the tightness according to your requirement. Overall, Andersen hitch delivers a premium-grade performance and stands on a different level compared to the other two selections. They can very well be worth their cost.

How Does Weight Distribution Work?

A system of weight distribution assists in providing a smooth and balanced ride and helps in correcting the sagging of tow vehicle along with improving the stopping, steering as well as sway control.

There are spring bars within the weight distribution systems that eradicate the issues that occur when you use regular hitches.

Adding spring bars leverages the towing system and distributes the weight to all the axles of your tow vehicle and trailer. The weight remains even and the ride becomes smooth and adequately balanced.

How Much Does a WDH Weigh?

Most of the weight distribution hitches are design to take care of the trailers that weigh from 4500 to 10,000 pounds. Therefore, these hitches need to weigh from 80 to 120 pounds. The hitches with more weight offer better control as well and they will durable too. However, you need to balance it out with your tow vehicle

What is Sway Control?

Crosswinds, improper tension on spring bar and inadequate trailer loading cause trailer sway. The use of these hitches can reduce this sway because they balance out the weight distribution. Nevertheless, the problem of crosswinds is still intact and you need some further enhancements.

To tackle the winds, a small sway control device also comes in these hitches. There are two different types of such devices. One of these devices looks to control and reduce sway while the other prevents it altogether.

Devices to Stop The Sway and Retain Stability

Two different choices are available in this department. Each one of them has a different method to control swaying. These types are:

  • Featuring Dependent Sway Control: These are implemented as a vital part of any hitch system and utilizes springs to operate. If the swaying begins, these springs will start to utilize the force of the swaying and will redirect it downwards. As a result, frictional resistance will be delivered to the brackets integrated at the frame side of the trailer. Then by utilizing the steel-on-steel resistance with the resistance of the material applied by the brake pads, you will receive appropriate force to act against swaying. Thereby, the swaying will come to a complete stop in linear motion.
  • Independent Friction Sway Control: This device uses the frame of your trailer and requires you to install (Bolt) the bars on it. These bars are connected in a way that enables them to fasten with the trailer’s frame and hitch system rigidly. Additionally, fiction pads are also introduced with the independent sway device that works against each other to establish a firm hold by producing resistance against the swaying. Overall, these bars will produce a force that will act against the swaying tension like permanent brakes. Furthermore, an interior bar is also introduced to help you observe the motion of the trailer during the towing process, enabling better control of the sway.

Both of these devices are exceptional in their performance. However, their application may differ at times. Investment on the device is also a factor that determines which ones will be used.

Devices for Additional Sturdiness to Prevent Sway

The primary benefit of weight distribution hitches is that they retain an exceptional sway control. Significantly, some of these hitches come with sliding devices to further augment their firm hold. These devices are utilized to either suspend or lock the spring bars. The common term for these devices is ‘cams.’ The cams are attached to the lift bracket through the chain and the trailer’s frame.

Most importantly, the placement of spring’s rounded ends inside the cams provides them the sturdiness. This is the prominent integration that enhances the entire structure and prevents swaying.

Alternatively, some hitches come with a four-points sway control system. They utilize the connection to the head unit to generate enough tension for stability. The other two points are used to reinforce the tension produced by the head unit of the hitch system. This results in a sturdy hold on the trailer. A four-point sway system is often considered to be one of the safest options available.

Other Important Factors to Look

Built-In vs. Add-On Sway Control

A WDH might come with an inbuilt sway control device or it might not. If you find a hitch that doesn’t come with such an inbuilt device then you will get the option of adding on the sway control device. Add-on and inbuilt control don’t seem to differ but they do. There is no doubt that inbuilt sway control works very well and is highly effective.

A hitch within inbuilt sway control utilizes the friction between brackets and spring arms. These arms are pressed down on the brackets during weight distribution to the axle on the front. The side movement produces even more friction between the brackets and arms and the overall sway stays in control.

But does add-on work the same way? In the add-on device, you have to add the arm by yourself later on. This arm attaches to the one side of the hitch in-between the hitch head and the trailer frame. You can make adjustments to the levels of friction by pressing down the handle.

Add-ons don’t work well because you must remove them in case of backing up or turning tightly. Furthermore, you don’t need an add-on in slippery road conditions either for instance, rain, gravel, sand, snow, ice, etc.

Spring Bars & Quality

The quality of the spring bars has a significant role to play in the efficacy of the weight distribution system. Before choosing the right quality of the spring bars you must determine the correct tongue weight.

The tongue includes everything that you have at the back of your tow vehicle including any backpacks places at the back of the trunk of your tow vehicle. You should pick the right quality of springs according to the tongue weight and your weight distribution system will work at its best.

WDH Ratings

The weight distribution hitches come with two different kinds of ratings including the rating for the maximum trailer weight that they can handle and the rating for the trailer tongue weight they can bear. Both these ratings should be above the weight of your trailer.

However, make sure that the margin between the two is not overwhelming. These ratings are not applicable to an Andersen weight distribution hitch because this hitch doesn’t come with spring bars. The weight rating of this hitch relies on the capability of hitch ball and size of the receiver hitch to fit multiple trailer weights.

Weight Capacity Ratings

In most of the cases, a 100-pound WDH can conveniently handle a trailer that weighs between 4,500 and 10,000 pounds. It is important that if you have loaded something at the back of your tow vehicle then you must also consider that before you finalize your purchase otherwise you will have trouble with the tongue weight of your hitch.

Accessories & Extras

There are two different types of accessories that can work well with the weight distributing hitches and enhance their performance. There is a pole-tongue adapter that is designed for use on the trailer that doesn’t come with an A-Frame tongue.

This adapter clamps around your trailer’s tongue and serves to be the attachment points for your weight distribution systems lift brackets.

In addition to that, you can also buy a tote bag for your hitch when you are not using it for towing purposes. You can disconnect your hitch when not using it and place it in your tote bag for safe storage.

Manufacturer & price

There are different models of weight distributing hitches available on the market, they all have their own designs and some of them are very popular among the users. All these designs come at varying prices.

However, the weight distribution hitches that offer exceptional quality also come at high prices. If you think that you travel a lot and take plenty of stuff in your trailer or you have to go through tough road or weather conditions, then make sure to invest in the good quality hitch to avoid any trouble on the way.

Low-quality hitches will only last for a few months and will also cause plenty of trouble during various applications. Therefore, it is important that you go through different reviews and brand ratings before you finalize your purchase. You must also go through different ratings and specifications of the hitch you are considering.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

What Weight Distribution Hitch Do I Need?

There are two factors that you need to consider before purchasing the Weight Distribution Hitch. These factors will determine the size and type of hitch you need.

GTW (Gross Trailer Weight)

You need to consider the maximum Gross Trailer Weight. Most of the hitches come with a GTW rating. So, just make sure that your hitch’s GTW is higher than trailers. Generally, 10-20% higher GTW for hitch works optimally, don’t pass the 50% mark.

TW (Tongue Weight)

Tongue weight is another unit, both hitch systems and trailers use. This one also follows the same principle. Make sure that your hitch’s TW is higher than trailer tongue weight. The ideal TW is around 10-12% of your GTW.

However, in both of these cases, you need to ensure that the GTW and TW of your hitch are not too high. Otherwise, the force will end up acting against the trailer, causing unstable towing and potential dangers. GTW and TW of a hitch should never be lower, either. Therefore, consulting a qualified professional is a wise decision to get your answers.

Can You Back Up With a Weight Distribution Hitch?

It primarily depends on the model and type of hitch that you have. Most of the hitches enable you to perform the backup, easily. However, the type of movement might be restricted. Some allow a linear backward, while others may allow a complete backup maneuver.

A general rule of thumb is not to make sharp moves. The hitches without sway control allow for easy backing-up while the hitches with sway control need a little extra work. With sway control, you need to disengage and release all the sway control system and spring bars to perform a backup.

However, conduct research or read the instruction of your hitch system. Some systems outright disable backup movements completely.

Do I Need a Weight Distribution Hitch for My Camper?

You will most likely always need a weight distribution hitch. If you’re unsure about it, then you definitely need hitch if:

  • The gross trailer weight is at least 5,000 pounds (5 tons)
  • The overall weight of the trailer is higher than 50% of your machine’s towing capacity.
  • You need to control the dangerous sways, especially in heavy winds with high weights.
  • The rear part of your towing machine sags. This results in the loss of controls on the brakes and steering. Weight Distribution Hitch equalizes it and offers more stability.

Should I Remove Weight Distribution Bars Before Backing Up?

Most of the time, backing up can potentially damage the system. However, most of the hitches allow you to perform a backup in a backward linear motion cautiously. If you are required to make turns, then you have to disengage the sway-controls completely. However, if your system does not come with sway-controls, there shouldn’t be any problem backing up.

How Do I Stop The Trailer From Swaying?

Follow these guidelines to prevent your trailer from swaying too much, or to stop swaying:

  • Avoid moving under strong winds.
  • Make sure that you’re following the 10-20% Tongue weight rule; it is a vital factor.
  • The air pressure in the tires of your vehicles should be optimal to provide sturdy grounds.
  • Ensure that your trailer is not too light or too heavy for your hitch system.
  • If you feel like there is a swaying, steadily reduce the movements, do not immediately use the brakes.
  • Do not make sharp turns if you feel a sway, and undoubtedly, do not speed up.
  • Use the weight distribution hitches that come either with dependent or independent sway system.

Additionally, it is a good idea if the hitch comes with clams or four-point-sway hold to further help with the sturdiness.

The Bottom Line

The best Weight distribution hitches have plenty of significance when it comes to smooth your ride and enabling you to tow beyond your vehicle’s capabilities. Therefore Blue Ox, Fastway, EAZ LIFT and Husky are one of the top competitors when it comes to weight distributing hitches.

These hitches are rated very highly by the customers and are excellent to use in various weather and road conditions. These products come with sway control and keep your ride balanced throughout your journey.

It is important that you must understand what you need from your hitch. Only purchase the products that meet all your needs and preferences or you will make a wrong investment.

Go through the weight capacity and tongue capacity ratings of the hitch that you are considering and then match it with your tow vehicle and trailer. Always look for sway control that is built-in and never go for an add-on if you prefer convenience.

We hope you found this article interesting and informative. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach out to us by dropping your comment in the sections provided below.

Bon Voyage!

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  1. This article was extremely helpful! I grew up around the WDH usage and value it’s importance.
    Now that I’m in the position to get involved with the RV craze, I wouldn’t think of towing without one.
    This helped give a lot of information without me having to go through all of the reviews.

    • Hi Kyle,

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  2. Blue Ox is not very good, lost my rv. Sway control, weight distribution combo not very good concept. The concept sounds good but doesn’t work. Sway control and weight distribution need to be independent of each other. No spring bars or 4 point friction, what if it rains. In order for the blue ox to control sway the spring bars need to be bowed the more bowed they are the better sway control and is there enough bow to distribute the weight for the bars that your using. Bars have a gap of 200lbs. I have the Blue Ox Sway pro and two sets of bars, 550lb and 750lb spring bars theres nothing in between. So if I want sway control I use the 550lb bars if I want weight distribution I use the 750lb bars. I was using the 750lb bars when I lost my camper, had weight distribution but no sway control why because there was not enough bow (spring tension) in the bars. Why did I use the 750lb bars my tongue weight was little over 550lbs. My suggestion would be get a weight distribution hitch with stiff bars and sway control slide bar and tighten it up and live with the noise and there cheaper. Remember they control sway not eliminate sway ever situation is different might work for some and might not. You won’t know until you pay $700. Or you could do what I did buy a Hensley Hitch and eliminate sway all together. Hensley Hitch is the world’s #1 hitch on the market pricey but worth it you won’t regret it.

    • Hi, Terry

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Feel bad to hear that you lost your camper due to lack of sway control. Actually different RVers have different experiences. We have known that so many people have very genuine experiences with using weight distribution hitches with sway control features. Though we found some mix opinions as well.

      Besides that, we are pretty much familiar with Hensley Hitch, it’s little bit heavier than other regular weight distribution hitches we found on the market. For certain it’s not a great fit for many trailers.

      Overall we also agreed with you this is one of the great weight distribution hitches on the market. We will definitely consider Hensley to review in our future updates.

      Best of luck. Happy RVing!

    • Spot on. I am partial to the Hensley myself. I always wonder why these people that write these articles always leave out the Hensley and Pro Pride.

      • Hello Rodney,

        Thanks for your opinion and concern. As we mention above that “If you want the best, then go for Hensley hitch”. But for certain it’s not a great fit for many trailers. And of course we will consider your recommendation in our forthcoming updates.

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  3. I definitely recommend these weight distribution hitches to anyone that’s looking for a WDH with sway combo. I use this  EAZ LIFT 48058 Elite Kit for my Durango RT and 5250 lbs dry-weight camper. These hitches are made with top-tier steel, and they have a sway control system as well. It comes pre-installed and it makes the install process much easier. And since I’m not the most technically savvy person, it’s always a nice touch when there’s a feature that’ll make the installation a more straightforward task.  


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