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12 Must Have Pop Up Camper Accessories – Pop Up Camper Essentials

Pop up campers truly vindicate that the best things come in small packages. Although some RV owners might vehemently disagree, there’s little doubt that pop up campers are cozy, dependable, and especially useful for people entering the RV world as they offer both affordability and easy transportation.

Must Have Pop Up Camper Accessories

However, one of their most significant disadvantages is the limited amount of space provided. A big pop up camper could measure just 32 feet when opened. So this leads to the question: where are you supposed to fit all your camping stuff?

Fear no more, because we prepared a list of the must have pop up camper accessories designed to make the most of your limited space.

List of Pop Up Camper Essentials You should Have

1. Hanging Portable Luggage and Organizer

A staple for every pop up camper kit is the portable luggage, quick and secure it enables you to organize your belongings into zippered compartments. There’s little fuss here, simply roll your clothes and tuck them in. Furthermore, unpacking is not required making it among the best things to buy for a pop up camper. Simply place it on the floor or use the hooks attached to hang it in the closet.

2. Pop up Trash Can

Occasionally when packing a pop-up camper, many enthusiastic campers tend to overlook their build-up of trash. Naturally, it becomes a tedious chore to find a way to store it in a confined space. This lightweight pop-up trash is easy to carry and can even fold itself, conveniently helping to maintain a clean campsite. 

3. Stabilizing Jack Pads

Unlike an RV, which provides consistent stability, pop up campers often rock when parked on soft or unbalanced grounds. Stabilizing pads are a necessity among your pop-up camper accessories, offering an easy fix to this problem while consuming a relatively small amount of space. They even come with an interlocking design and storage strap for easy storage.

4. Wheel Dock

A good wheel dock will always be among the best accessories for pop up camper. When sitting on loose or muddy terrain, it works with the stabilizing pads to provide extra grip to your camper, maintaining its stability. This wheel dock is also easy to store and carry as it weighs less than four ounces but can bear more than 4,000 lbs.  

5. Camco T Level

If you require assistance when trying to level your trailer, a T Level is an excellent option as it helps check when your RV is balanced. Unlike other levels, you can simply attach it with a couple of screws to the side of your camper, making it convenient with no space occupied.

6. Water Filter

More often than not, when camping in remote areas, there won’t be a clean water source nearby. Campers usually come prepared with water tanks, but if yours doesn’t have a water filter attached, then this needs to be part of your pop up camper kit. These filters, which occupy minimal space, adapt to any standard hose and can last up to three months.

7. Folding Camping Table and Bench Set

For those who enjoy pop up camping with the family, this foldable table with a bench set will make life that much easier. In smaller campers offering less space, this will add extra outdoor space so you can enjoy your day with loved ones hassle-free. Easy for transportation this table and bench both fold into one item and is only about 42 inches long x 24 inches wide when closed.

8. Lumitronics Interior Reading Light and Fan

If your pop up camper is of the smaller variety and on the cheaper side, chances are it won’t come with an air conditioning unit. Although most campers enjoy feeling the fresh air at night, hot and dry weather can quickly transform your trip into a real nightmare. This easy-to-mount portable fan and reading light is among the ultimate pop up camper hacks, helping fresh air circulate throughout the day.

9. Small Heater

Winter months are a problematic season for pop up campers, especially at night. For those wishing not to freeze on a cold winter’s night, a small heater should be among your top priorities when constructing your pop up camper essentials. Measuring at approximately 6 x 6 inches, it can be placed on top of any table or desktop. Extremely efficient, the heaters ceramic coils can heat a camper in minutes and even includes tip-over protection for extra safety.

10. Fruit Hammock

Have you encountered an unexpected challenge in organizing the food inside your camper? This fruit hammock is a smart and stylish way to take advantage of your air space. Completely affordable it’s an excellent way to maintain freshness in your fruit by keeping it out in the open. Its solid 14-inch rod will conveniently mount under any kitchen cabinet and includes two brass plated hooks and extender rope for higher places.   

11. Portable Toilet

Since most trailers don’t include a toilet, a portable one is an excellent addition to your pop up camper accessories. Think of all those nights when you had to run to the campground bathroom inconveniently. A portable toilet will give you the privacy you deserve. Furthermore, it’s only 15.5 inches high and 14 inches wide, making it easily storable. 

12. Solar Charger

Most people go camping to get away from the technological world, making time to reconnect with nature. However, if you want to stay in touch with your loved ones, then a solar charger is your best bet. With this purchase, you can alternatively avoid buying big and loud powered generators which can affect your environment. This model comes with four solar panels that charge itself while conveniently charging your phone. It also folds itself for easy transportation.


Although these must have pop up camper accessories were specially designed for small pop-ups, most camping lovers will find their unique features highly useful. 

Remember that glamping a pop up camper should be a slow process. Ideally, you’d want to list the essentials first then gradually add in lesser important items, saving you money in the long run. Pop up camping should be a time of peace and adventure, not complaining about the things you should have. 

If you feel we’ve missed anything out feel free to continue digging and share them with us! 

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